Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


5. Back or not?

I don't know how Lilly succeeded, but Niall fell for her, and she wrapped him around the little finger. He was totally charmed by her and it was just me who did know why.
"Niall accompany us home!" she said firmly, and I could just argue. She took his hand tightly and pulled him toward the car. Niall just laughed and followed her.
"Shouldn't mom say yes?"
Lilly shook directly on the head,
"She doesn't like guys so she still says no. I decide now!"
Niall searched my eyes and I nodded. He went with us, but not because I wanted to, it was because Lilly wanted. I understood she looked up to Niall and I convinced myself that it wasn't damaged. They would still only be friends and none of them would know that they were related.


When Lilly was asleep, I came out to the couch and looked long at Niall. He sat down and looked through a photo album that Lilly had lent him. It was from her birth and throughout her first year. I gulped and closed my eyes. "Please don't see that she is like you!" I thought and prayed almost to Good. I then went over to him and sat down beside him. Niall smiled at me.
"She's beautiful?"
I nodded and looked down at the photographs.
"Yes, and she's wonderful."
Niall seemed to have lots of questions and he looked at me for a long time.
"Why will not you tell me about her dad?"
I took the album from him and beat it together.
"It have with the past to do!" I said. "Everyone makes mistakes and I took a lessons from that time!"
"Was he bad?"
I turned my face away from him.
"I no longer trust guys and I've realized that I can do better on your own!"


It happened!


Niall took my face between his hands and he steered me toward his lips. I couldn't resist and I felt how he kissed me. So many times I had fantasized about this moment and so many times I had wanted to see him again. Now I was just scared and I didn't know if I could trust him. His lips were so soft and when he took me against him harder I let him do it all. I took my arms around his shoulders and felt him landed on top of me in the sofa. He parted the lips and I met his tongue. I pushed him against me and I groaned lightly. I felt he started pushing himself between my legs and I spread my legs. He moved so perfect and I stopped to think.
"I've missed you!" I suddenly heard Niall say and he looked into my eyes. "I still love you and I didn't think I had those feelings for you. I came here to apologize, but I want more!"
I eased the hold around him and I didn't know what to say. What did I want?
Niall smiled and ran his hand through my hair. He lay on top of me and I wondered if he would force me to lie there all night. He looked dreamily at me and he stared into my eyes.
"I never stopped loving you!" he whispered. "Every time I try to give a girl a chance I see you., I can't go on!"
I swallowed.
"Neither do I!" I got out of me and directly face lit up.
"Is that why your ex left you?"

I felt the tears came. I felt I started to feel again and immediately he looked anxiously at me.
"Okay, we're not talking about him. Sorry!"
I nodded and wiped away tears. We sat up again and I tried to collect myself.
"Give me a chance!" he got out of it. "Just one chance and I promise I will prove that I have matured and I want nothing more than to have you with me!"
I swallowed and looked into his eyes.
"And Lilly?"
He smiled big.
"I can take care of her and be her stepfather? I have nothing against children and you know it!"
That was what the problem was. What could I say? When I would tell the truth and how would I say it?


Lilly and I went to mom. She understood that I wanted to talk about something and we sat in her kitchen. Lilly went to the TV and watched a movie. I swallowed and looked down at the table.
"Mom, I need help!"
She looked worried.
I shook directly on the head.
"No, it's more, I have lied to you and for so many others, and now I don't know what to do. Niall wants me back and I don't know if I want that to happen."
She seemed to understand that it was love problems.
"But what's wrong with him? He love you after all, and he told me that on the phone!"
I sighed. Now or never!
"Mom, it's more that I have to tell!"

She looked serious and took my hands in hers.
"Come and tell me. I'm your mom and you can tell me everything!"
I swallowed
"Niall is Lilly's daddy!"


Okay! Mom didn't get angry and I was not scolded, And she was relieved. To my great surprise, she supported me and seemed almost glad about the truth.
"So it was a lie that you met a guy just for one night?"
I nodded
"It's only been Niall and no one else, but how can I get back together with him again? I've been lying ever since I got pregnant!"
Mom thought
"Tell him like it is, that you were scared and you didn't dare talk about it and you didn't know?"
I started to cry
"I'm afraid he will not want me then. I'm afraid that he will take her away from me and leave me again. I'm so scared!"
Mom went around the table and hugged me tightly. She sighed, and seemed to want to help me in every way.
"Don't you dare to be honest, the lies grow and get bigger!"


She promised to be quiet, at least up until I knew what I would say to him. There was much to think about and I was scared. I felt relieved and I was glad that she finally knew the truth.

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