Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


2. The Doctor Ends Up Hitting Dean In The Head With A Fez

"I'm sorry did I offend you?" Castiel asked.

"Did you-did you-did you offend me?" The Doctor huffed. "You just said Bow-Ties aren't cool!"

"Exactly." Castiel had no idea what he'd done wrong. 

The Doctor shook his head and went back to fiddling around. He whizzed around the TARDIS trying to figure out what had just happened. "Where did you come from?" He poked his head around.

"We were hunting a demon when this wind came and tossed me in here with you," Castiel sniffed. "Dean and Sam should be arriving soon."

That's when the doors flew open again and a sleek black car came zooming into the TARDIS. Again the rush of air almost sent The Doctor flying. Out of the car stepped a massively tall man with shaggy brown/blonde hair and a shorter man with a grey jacket on.

"Oh my god," Dean said.

"It's bigger on the inside," Sam added.

The Doctor smiled smugly. "Hello. I'm the Doctor. Pleasure to meet you. Your names?"

"Sam," Sam said, his hand being shaken vigorously.

"Dean," Dean said.

"Right. And I assume you know this Castiel, Angel of the Lord guy then?" The Doctor indicated the annoying guy in the trench coat. 

"Yeah. He's our friend…sort of," Dean said.

"Well, Mr Castiel here just stated that bow-ties aren't cool. Do you know how annoy-"

"But they aren't are they?" Dean frowned.

The Doctor's eyes flashed and he reached into the TARDIS console, pulled out the biggest Fez he could find and chucked it with his might at Dean's head. It made contact with a satisfying THUMP!

Dean swore.

"And that," The Doctor said. "Is what I think of your opinion."

Then he pulled levers and pushed a few buttons before the core started bobbing up and down. The TARDIS jolted forward.

"What's happening?" Sam looked at The Doctor.

"We're going through time and space," The Doctor explained.

"What?" Dean said.

Castiel picked up the fez and placed it on his head, got a death-glare from the Doctor and put it back down again.

"We're going to 16th century England," The Doctor yelled. "Now hold on!"

And then when Dean's back was turned he got another fez to the head.

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