Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


4. Introducing Deanophobia, the Fear of Tuesdays

Sam wished he and Dean hadn't jumped into the blue box. For one it was Tuesday and that meant bad news. Sam was SERIOUSLY scared of Tuesdays, ever since he'd been forced to relive the same one over and over again, with Dean dying a different way each time. He wriggled around uncomfortably. Suddenly there was a sound like 'SVOOSH' and a blonde-headed girl appeared in front of him.


"Bluh?" Sam's tounge was twisted and his brain not functioning properly, so 'bluh' was about the only sound he could form.

"Sophella, and you are?" Sam remained silent, but luckily the Doctor came in and was able to answer Sophella's question.

"His name's Sam. And my name's the Doctor."

"Doctor? Doctor-" But the Doctor had pushed her to the ground before she could finish.

"No, don't you dare say it, don't you dare!"

"Doctor Who?"




"Expand please..."

"Every time someone says that, I end up with a new companion, so now, sooner or later, you'll be my new companion and I don't want you to be!"

"Erm, rude!" Sophella picked herself up, stuck her tounge out at the Doctor and turning back to Sam."Don't worry, I'm afraid of Tuesdays too! I find apple crumble really helps with it! 

"Bluh?" Said Sam as Sophella conjured a bowl of fresh apple crumble out of thin air. 

"Eat it."


"Now! And by the way, Doctor, if you're looking for 16th Century England, yes you are, you're going the wrong way, the vortexes have been reversed."

"You mean there's more than one?"

"Duh! Anyway lets get moving!" Sophella started to navigate the TARDIS and it made a happy noise, as if it liked Sophella better and they were off!

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