Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


3. Fish Fingers and Custard Go Flying

The Doctor disappeared for a short while into the infinite corridors of the TARDIS. When he emerged he was carrying a bowl with what seemed to be crumbed fish and was that…custard? Dean grimaced as the Doctor took a bite off one of the fish fingers. Sam took a step back in disgust. Castiel frowned and wondered what it would taste like.

"What?" The Doctor said.

"Nothing," Sam said quickly. "Nothing at all."

Dean placed a protective arm over his head awaiting another fez. None came and he slowly relaxed.

"Anyway, the 16th of England. Awesome time except no custard. Pity," The Doctor placed the bowl on the control panel and turned his back.

Castiel edged cautiously over and snatched a fish finger before the Doctor noticed. He ate the whole thing in a bite and started wrenching horribly. The Doctor spun around. 

"You have to eat them slowly." The Doctor rolled his eyes.

Castiel was doubled over and making a deafening noise. Dean slammed his hand against the angel's back and a slimy fish finger came flying out. Quickly Sam ducked as it almost got caught in his hair. 

"Anyone else want some?" The Doctor held out the bowl.

Everyone shook their heads.

"Right. Well, you'd better get changed then."

"Get changed?" Sam asked.

"Well, I don't imagine people in the 16th century England have invented a Parka now have they?" The Doctor raised his eyes smugly and tossed a few suits and top-hats in the three men's direction. In the process his elbow accidentally hit the bowl and the contents splashed all over the TARDIS. "Whoops."

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