To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


8. It's his

They sat and talked while eating sweets. Getting to know Peggy and Peggy getting to know the avengers. 
Many laughs were shared throughout the night and some drinks were brought out after Brucey went to bed upstairs.  Nick, Colson and Marie left early to get back to shield. Pepper went to bed early. 
We can safely say that the ones picking up the pieces ended up be Steve and Peggy. 


Steve and Peggy were seeing each other. One month later Steve and her had been keeping something. Everyone could tell. Then, two more months later in mid August, the couple announced that Peggy was pregnant and they were going to get married. 
"Three months!"  Peggy smiled. She had gotten used to her new family and her, pepper and Natasha had become great friends. 
It was a great day. Brucey could tell. He had still been refusing to talk but he realized that his godfather was having a baby he made up his mind on what to say. 
He waited till everyone was in the living room then went over to Peggy. He crawled up on the couch and before she could pick him up he rapped his arms around her expanding stomach and shouted for everyone to hear. 
Everyone instantly went quiet. He said it again. More confident this time. "Mine!"
Pepper gasped. 
Tony smiled. "My boy is a true stark. Your having a daughter spangles!"
Steve stared in shock "How do you know?"
"A stark can see a beautiful women miles away."
Thor laughed. "It's his, whatever it is."
Peggy pulled Brucey off her. "If you want her you'll have to ask her dad."
Brucey turned to his godfather. He pointed at Peggy's belly. "Mine?" He asked. 
Steve gulped. "Let's wait a little longer ok buddy?" 
Steve looked at Tony. He shrugged and smiled. "A fitting first word."
"I can picture him now," pictured Bruce. "They will go to preschool and if anyone comes near her he will ball up his fists and say "MINE!"
"We know what we want," said tony. Steve seemed speechless. "Lighten up Steve! She'll be that much more protected!"
Steve tried to relax but he couldn't help feeling protective. It was his little girl and Tony's son said it was his. 
A stark. There reputation with women sort of betrays them in his eyes. But maybe he would be raised differently? Tony had changed, so who's to say his son will do what he did?
But that was still a time off. 'One thing at a time.' He thought. 'One thing at a time.'

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