To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


3. His name

The group followed him down the hall, still all in their formal wear though most the men had removed their jackets and undone their ties. 
They entered the room to see pepper holding a small blue bundle. Tony was in a chair next to her, stroking the boys head preciously as if he were made of the most breakable glass you can imagine. 
Harley wiggled his way up front and looked at the healthy boy in front of him. He seemed slightly small for a baby but other then that perfect. Small and perfect. 
"What's his name?" Harley asked quietly. 
Tony smiled at pepper, looking tired for the first time in his life. Pepper looked at the group of caring people in front of her. Even nick. 
"We decided on Bruce. Bruce Anthony Stark." Said pepper. 
Braces face lit up with his first real smile in a long time. 
Everyone had a look at little Bruce. He had light brown hair and dark green eyes. Almost a hazel green mix. Tony slowly nodded off on the side of the bed and had to be woken by Steve. 
The nurse walked in. "I'm sorry but I have to ask you all to leave. You can come pick her up tomorrow. I promise. A side from being small the boys a perfect picture of health. We won't keep it longer then needed." (AN: I know what your thinking but this is the son of tony stark, I'm sure between him and the other avengers they can watch a baby.)
"I'm sure if anything comes up we can handle it." Fury stated. He smiled and everyone left pepper and little Bruce to rest. 
"I'm camping out in the car. There's no way I'm leaving my son and wife in a old hospital building," tony stated. "Steve? You want the passenger seat?"
"Sure," accepted Steve. 
"Can I have the back seat?" Bruce asked timidly. 
"Be my guest," agreed tony. "More protection the better."
"We got to get Harley back and start ending the party," said Clint. Natasha nodded and Harley pouted. 
"I'm going to go back with them," said fury. "Colson will stay in the shield car and report back if anything happens."
"I will return with the sun my friends!" Said Thor who rose into the air. "Avengers mansion."
They parted with a wave and settled in for the rest of the night.

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