To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


4. Back home

Steve woke at 8am. It was the latest he could ever sleep. Sadly. 
He groaned. The sun was just coming through the car window. He looked at tony. He was passed out beside him. Bruce would probably wake up soon. 
As if on que Bruce slowly sat up and yawned. Tony a woke at hearing the movement. 
He was rubbing his eyes when the memories of last night came back and he sat up smiling. 
He got out of the car and ran over to the door. He came back and got inside. "Visiting hours start at 9:30am. Do you want to go pick up some breakfast?"
"Sure," Bruce and Steve agreed. 
Tony started the car and asked Jarvis for directions to a Dunkin donuts. It was just down the road. Tony got a dozen donuts, three egg burgers, two coffees for him and Steve and a tea for Bruce. 
They went back to the hospital and ate while they waited. As soon as 9:30 hit tony was out of the car and knocking repeatedly on the hospital doors. 
Bruce and Steve joined him just as a sleepy looking nurse unlocked the door. They walked past and she wrinkled her nose but smiled politely. 
Steve got the notion that something was wrong from her. He looked at himself and scrunched up his nose too. His shirt half out of his pants which were cover in wrinkles. He could only imagined what his hair looked like. He started running his fingers through it then tucked his shirt in again but that looked bad with the wrinkles so he untucked it the rest of the way. Having to be satisfied with this he caught up with tony and Bruce. Tony looked at him then smirked. 
They stopped outside peppers room. Tony poked his head in to check if she was sleeping. She wasn't. She was holding little Bruce. He was asleep. Tony was about to walk out when pepper nodded for him to come in. 
They came in the room at sat by pepper. 
First thing said was by Bruce. "Think he will like super heroes?"
Pepper had to laugh. "I hope so. He only has one for a father and a godfather and is named after one. 
Tony smiled. Then seemed deep in thought. "What should his room look like? We only got normal baby stuff and I'm sure he will not be a normal baby."
Pepper smiled. She knew what tony wanted to say but he didn't want it to seem forced so she helped him along. "It could be avenger themed."
Steve smiled. And smiled. The more he thought about the little boy running around like a super hero the more he smiled. 
"Steve likes the idea." Bruce said chuckling. "And it sounds pretty great to me."
Tony brightened. "We'll, we will get back to the mansion and pick up the other avengers first. You guys ready to get your own plushie?"

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