"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


2. The old dAys

A?... For Alison?

No it's not possible, she's dead. Is there anyone else at our school that name starts with a A?

No only Alison.

I felt Ezra move, He was up.

I quickly stuffed the note in my bag sitting by the nightstand.

"Good morning" He said kissing my head

"Hey..." I replied like I had just woken up

He walked over to the restroom in his boxers.

I quickly got up, put on my pants, and snatched my things up quickly.

I told him that I had to get home or my parents would be wondering where I was, He said ok.

I rushed out of his apartment. I couldn't tell him I got a note from a mysterious person who could be a dead girl, he would freak.

The next best thing was to call Spencer.

Ok sure we're not best friends any more. After she had became friends with Alison she abandoned me.

We had been best friends since kindergarden to sixth grade where she left me for the popular girl.

We never spoke since then, but she was always crazy smart and had those lawyer instincts that her parents built in her.

We would always play dolls when our parents would work at the police station. My dad is a detective and her mom and dad are lawyers, obviously.

I scrolled to her number in my contacts and I tapped on her name.


I couldn't believe it that she hadn't changed her number since sixth grade.

"Oh hey Spencer! It's me Dana!"

"What's up Dana, Long time no talk"

"Haha yeah, I was wondering if I could come over, I have something important to talk to you about"

"Oh... Yeah sure"

I grabed my keys and drove to her house.


I rang the doorbell and she opened the door with shock that I actually came.

"Hey can I come in?" I said shyly

"Yeah of course"

I walked in to her house remembering the good times in it.

"So what did you want me to see?" She asked

I handed her the note and her face slowly turned to shock.

"You too?"

"Wait what? You too? Huh?" I mumbled.

"I thought A meant Alison, but that's impossible, so who do you think it is Spence... Um, I mean Spencer"

Oops that was my old nickname for her...

"Umm let me make a call..." She answered and went to her room. I followed her up the stairs quietly. Peeking in her room as she talked.

"Hey guys" She whispered

I'm guessing it was Aria, Emily, and Hanna.

"Hey Spencer, What's up?" Aria asked

"Dana is getting A messages too..."

"What? How?" They said in shock

"Should I tell her about us?"

"No" Hanna said

"Whatever" Aria said

"Totally" Emily finished

"Ok I'll tell her. Gotta go bye!"

I ran back downstairs and sat on the couch acting like I had been sitting there ever since she left.

"I have something to tell you..." She said walking down the stairs.

"Aria, Hanna, Emily and I have also been getting A letters, texts, and notes.

"Why are we getting these?" I asked

"We don't know, but of course I can't rest till I know, so I'm like the 'detective' of the group" She said sarcastically

I laughed.

"Remember the old days when we were best friends? When we would act as a detective and lawyers like our parents?"

"Yeah, the old days... Life was so simple back then" She said with a smile.

"I miss you"

"I miss you too"

We hugged.

"Well I have to go to my parents are gonna kill me. I was supposed to be home an hour ago"

"Ok stay out of trouble..."


I drove to my house and my parents weren't even home. They where probaly at Den, my twin brothers big hockey game that could get him into college.

I sat on the couch and took a deep breath. I turned the TV on and heard my phone vibrate from a text.

Snitchy Bitches get Stitches


Was A mad that I told Spencer? But why? What could she do to A?

I couldn't handle the possibilities. I decided to turn in early.


The next morning I felt better. The long night sleep reguvanated me. For one second I forgot my problems, but then my phone vibrates and I remembered all over again.

I got my phone off the nightstand and read my message. It was Ezra.

"Hey you ran out on me yesterday. I miss you and I'm glad I could be your first."

Aww he was so sweet. My mind wasn't on him right now, it was on A.

I texted Spencer good morning and that I had heard from A again.

All of sudden I felt sick. My stomach churned.

I was gonna throw-up. I ran to the restroom and bended over in front of the toilet.

Did I eat something bad? Food poisoning? Stomach virus?

Oh wait, did Ezra use a condom? Oh crap! No no no! It can't be!

I ran back to my room and texted Ezra if he had used a condom and he gave me the worst answer ever. A simple 'no' could change your life.

I grabed my purse and keys and sprinted out the door.

"Dana where are you going?" My mom yelled

"To Spencer's!" I yelled back.

I drove to the nearest store and bought a pregnancy test.

I speeded to Spencer's house and asked if I could use her restroom.

"Yeah, sure" she said sleepily

I ran to her restroom and took out the test. I peed on it and let it sit.

It was positive.

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