"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


13. The Big Proposal

It's Saturday.   I shower and slip on a floral skirt and a cream colored top.   I grad my phone and keys, heading out the door.   I haven't talked to Ezra in a while, I should call him. Just as I pull out my phone it beeps.   It is an address from A. Followed by this:   Don't come and  you lose your friends.   I start into a run to my car and get in without hesitation.   *********   I pull into the place that A had texted me to go.   It is a gas station. Why would A hold them captive in a busy gas station?   I start to walk around to see where they might be. The only place I could see A being is in the back. I walk around to the back and I see a door to enter the back off the small store that pairs with the gas station.   I open it and I see Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and...Alison all tied up on chairs.   The squirm around like worms trying to free themselves. I am in too much of shock to move. Alison is right there. Not dead, but very much alive, unless I work fast enough to get them out of here.   I get right to work. I start at Aria and untie the cloth on her mouth.   "Start talking Aria. Explain to me how you got here." I shout as I untie the rope around her hands and legs.   "I got a text from A saying that he or she had Hanna. And I assume that is what she did to the rest of them but gave us each a different person." She explains frantically   "And..."   "And I came to the address that A texted, which was here. We don't have time for this, hurry!" She yells at me as I finally finish picking at the knot on her legs, letting her free.   "I will get Spencer and Hanna, you get Emily and...Alison."   "Ok." She replies as she gets to work on Emily   I free Spencer's mouth first and she takes a deep breath.   "Talk Spencer as I get you free, talk!" I yell   "I got a text saying Aria was captured by A and I came here right away. When I walked in I saw Alison tied up and I tried to help her, but I was knocked out by something, I think it was a towel to my mouth or something. I guess they used Ali as bait." Spencer says as she breaths heavily.   I finally free her and work on Hanna.   "Spencer get Alison!" Aria says as she finally finishes Emily   "Stop!" A loud voice yells from across the small storage room. I can't tell if it is male or female because there is something changing the sound of the voice, leaving the voice unidentified.   We all turn around to find no one standing where the voice is coming from.   "Who's there?" Emily yells   Spencer finally finishes off Alison.   "Leave my friends alone! You can have me if you stop all of this!" Alison cries   "Ali, no!" Aria whispers   "Just...what do you want?" Alison yells breaking up in tears   "Listen, Dana, I know you are working with then to trick me," the voice says, "How stupid can you be?"   "Stupid about what exactly?" I ask   The voice laughs. "You know they have been in contact with Alison for awhile and know a lot more than you think. You are such a fool to trust Spencer and her friends."   I look at Spencer. She can't even look at me.    "They have lied to you constantly and you still trust them despite. And that little show you put on for me the other day was quite nice but not believe-able darling, but still entertaining."   I can't even look at them.   "But on to the reason I asked you here, I want you to be on my A team."   "What?" I laugh "You what?"   "I know you are wondering why I invited them here to ask you that question, and my answer to that is that I knew you wouldn't stay long enough or even come if they couldn't keep you. I wanted to convince you that my proposal is worth listening to."   "No, I'm wondering why you think I would ever join you when you have caused me all this trouble and pain."   "If I remember correctly, that was them that caused you the pain, darling"   They do have a point.   "I have a reason that I put you in this game, and a reason to take you out and put you in control. And you still don't know what happened that night do you? So I will let you think about my offer, and you give me an answer this time tomorrow. Goodbye." The voice finishes and I am left with a question-do I join the A team or stay with a group of people I do not trust?   I turn towards the door and Spencer stops me by grabbing my arm.   I turn to see Alison crying and Aria, Hanna, and Emily comforting her.   "What?" I scream   "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. If you do anything to us, do not join the A team. Please don't. That person us evil and wants to kill us." Spencer begs   "That's none of your concern. Oh, and this is serious this time, DON'T EVER, I MEAN EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE!" I yell in her face in rage   I don't feel bad for her because she has caused me endless pain that I will never forget. I need to talk to Ezra and decide whether I'm with the A team or against them, decide once and for all.
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