"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


1. Ezra is A?

This was it, I was finally going to lose my virginity... And even better to Ezra the sexy English teacher. Regret played throught my mind... Should I really do it? He is a teacher after all... he could get in trouble.

I really thought Aria still had feelings for him but obviously not. She was with that Jake guy. Something was up with those girls... Ever since Alison died they have been a mystery.

I heard rumors about them getting blackmailed but I never if it was true.

He was late, Why hasn't he called? I began to worry.

I heard my phone vibrate from a text message. It was Ezra, he said something came up so he had to re-schedule.

"Damn..." I whispered

I was disappointed, I thought tonight was the night.

Why did he re-schedule? I grabed my keys and purse and ran to the car.

I drove to his apartment to see what was up.

I knocked and there was no answer.

The door was open so I let myself in.

He wasn't there.

I looked around and saw a nice little couch and cozy bed in the corner. I glanced at his desk and found an address to a place in Philly. I took the paper and went to my car.

I drove to the mysterious location and walked up to it. I slightly pushed the door to the apartment and the door slammed open. I looked around the whole room and it was filled with pictures of Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna. Basically their lives on walls. I circled the room and wondered what Ezra had to do with any of this, he couldn't have anything to do with this.


I ran outside in disbelief that Ezra could be a stalker. I ran into the girls- Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna. They asked what I was doing here. I replied window shopping. I couldn't hide this. After all it was pictures of them. I todo them everything and the quickly asked where it was and ran to it.

As we walked into the mystery apartment the girls looked curious but yet no shock.

I asked why they weren't shocked and Spencer said "Its a long story" as she scrambled through random papers.

I told them where I had found the address, and everyone told Aria and I to stay away from him, but we didn't listen.

"So, you and Ezra are dating huh?" Aria said jealously.

"Yeah" I replied.

We heard footsteps so we hurried out of the windows and climbed down the fire escape. When we finally touched the ground we saw Ezra. He asked what we were doing here. Everyone was quiet so I spoke up and said window shopping since there are lots of boutiques across the road.

Everyone started to walk off and I followed until Ezra caught me.

"Are we still on for tonight?" He asked.

The girls looked back and shook their heads.

I looked at Aria and said "Yeah, sure lets go."


When we arrived, we started to make-out passionately. We ripped each other's clothes as we continued to kiss. I laid down on his bed with only my bra and my jeans unzipped. He slid them off and hovered on top of me. Everything else was a dreamy haze...

I woke up lying on his chest. I looked over to get a drink of water and I saw a note on his night stand...

"Having Aria's sloppy seconds?

Kisses -A"

To be continued...

Authors Note: this is not really what happens in the book nor show. Just my twist to the plot ;)

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