"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


5. All I Need💕

But Spencer was really cool now.

Of course she ditched me but she was sorry now.

Like Spencer said I shouldn't trust A.

Why should I trust A?

I will not trust A.

I caught up to Spencer.

"Oh hey Dana, how did it go with Ezra?" Spencer muttered.

"Good I guess. But I can't tell my parents he's the father." I murmured awkwardly.

"Oh so do you wanna eat with me at lunch?" Spencer mumbled fakely.

"Sure." I nodded.

We both walked away awkwardly.


During lunch...

"Hey Spence." I called out to her.

She was whispering with the girls again.

"Hey Dana!" Spencer sputtered.

Aria gave me a look.

I snapped.

"That's it! I'm tired of you giving me crap just because I have him. You broke up with him. It's not my fault you didn't know what you wanted then, ok. I'm done." I shouted.

"You know what it's time for us to put all the dirt on the table. First the basics. I don't like you and you don't like me. It's that simple. All you do is rub him in my face like a dish rag. Ok, yeah I wasn't sure about him. And I did give him up but so. Who cares. All I know is I had him first and it will always be just that. So you stay away from me and I stay away from you. Don't even bother trying to be our friends cause we're done with you." Aria yelled as Emily, Hanna, and her gathered they're things and walked away.

"Spence I can't do this." I complained to her as a ran out of the cafeteria.


Back at home...

I went straight home and layed on my bed and just thought about the whole day.

I decided to check Instagram and calm myself down.

I dropped my iPhone on the floor.

I couldn't believe it.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion.

Aria had posted a photo-shopped pic of me with a big pregnant belly.

How could she be so evil.

My phone vibrated.

Those who don't listen to A

Have a bad day.


Tears started streaming down my face and dripped on my jeans.

I laid on my bed and cried myself to sleep.


The next morning...

"Hey honey why aren't you getting ready for school?" My mom questioned me.

"I don't fell good... I'm sick... I'm not going mom ok?" I stuttered.

"Abousoulty not. You have finals coming up." She insisted.

"Mom, I'm begging you please, you don't understand." I complained.

"Well please explain" She said with a smile.

"Not now ok"I moaned.

"Well get up and get ready. You have 15 minutes." She said walking out of my room.

I groaned and put my pillow on my head.

I finally got up.

I slid on some high wasted jeans and a cropped sweater.

I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, grabed my bag, and rushed out the door.


In the front of the school, everyone stared and laughed.

I didn't understand. Everyone bullies you about being a virgin but yet does the same when you accidentally get pregnant.

What did they want from me?

Everyone cleared the hallways when they saw me.

Then a group of boys came up to me.

One boy with a round pillow in his shirt.

"What to expect when your expecting." He mocked me with a laughter.

Aria and Hanna stood by some lockers laughing and pointing.

I ran to the restroom where I saw Spencer.

"Hey what's wrong?" She asked in shocked reaching for a hug.

"Don't touch me! This is all your fault! You little friends ruined my life! I should have never trusted you!" I yelled while running into a stall.

"I'm sorry Dana, I am truly sorry!" She said rushing out the restroom tearing up.

I waited till the bell rang to walk out of the bathroom.

I walked home. Crying.


At home...

I walk in and dropped my bag.

My mom is gonna find out.

The school will call her and tell her I skipped and tell her about the prank.

"Oh well" I thought.

My life can't get any worst.

I took of my clothes and put on my onzie.

I got ice cream out the freezer and plopped on the couch.

The door bell rang.

I answered it.

It was Ezra.

"Hey what are you doing here?" I asked happily.

"I went to the school to let them know I had I doctors appointment and I wouldn't be there today and I saw you walk out of the school." He explained.

"Oh." I replied.

"I wanted to see what's wrong." He told me.

"Come in, don't worry no ones here." I told him

I sat on the couch and he sat right next to me.

"So what's up?" Ezra asked as up I layed on his shoulder.

I explained everything to him.

He kissed my head and we just sat there.

At that time I realized he was all I needed.

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