"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


4. A knows best

Drop her?


Spencer is harmless.

"Hey, who's that?" Spencer asked while still laughing

"Oh, no one" I said while putting my phone away

"So I still haven't asked you yet... Do you wanna keep the baby? Not what Ezra wants or any one, just what you want."

"Ahhh, I don't know. I mean I'm against abortion. I might give it up for adoption but I don't want any regrets, you know."

"Yeah I know, I think you should keep it. I think it will be good for you and Ezra."

"Aww, thanks but you know my parents they are so strict."



The next day...

"Hey guys" I said shyly too Spencer and her friends.

"Oh hey can Dana hang with us? She really needs friends now."

"What why? What's up Dana?" Emily asked me

"Do you wanna tell them?" Spencer looked at me

"Ok, but you have to promise not to tell or be upset."

"Yeah sure" They all nodded

I lead them to the girls restroom and made sure no one was there.

I looked at them for a while.

"Ok then! Tell us!" Aria hurried me

"I'm pregnant."

There was a silence.

Then all of a sudden Aria busts out of the restroom angrily

We followed her out the restroom running.

"Aria, please stop!" Spencer yelled down the school hall

"Really?!?" Aria said out loud while Ezra was infront of his class, luckily no one was there but him.

"Umm I don't understand." Ezra said.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

"Actually I don't."

"You got Dana pregnant." She said lowering her voice.

"What? Wait? Huh?" He said while trying to process everything.

"Wait, you didn't know?"

We finally caught up to her and Ezra.

"Umm Dana can you explain." Ezra said looking at me confused.

"Ok guys I got it." I told them.

I closed the door to his classroom.

"I'm pregnant Ezra."

He stopped and processed and made the cute face he makes when he's thinking.

"It will be ok though. We can figure it out." I reassured him

"No, it won't. What happens when your parents find out and then find out it was me?"

"They won't. They don't have to know who it was." I said reaching for his hands

"Ok, ok"

"I love you, ok. And that's all that matters. I have to go but I will be fine."

"Ok love you bye" He while I closed the door.

As I walked out I saw Spencer and the girls talking.

I hid behind the lockers and listened.

"I'm sorry Spence but I don't see how you expect me to be friends with her" Aria stated

"Yeah, I see what you mean Aria. It's not cool" Hanna added

"I like Dana, but if it's not cool to Aria it's not cool to me" Emily added

"Fine guys put a pregnant girl out alone. She has no one else... Please guys please! She needs us!" Spencer begged them.

"She doesn't need us Spence, she needs you! It's fine... Hang out with her until she's back on her feet, ok?" Aria whispered

"Ok" Spencer agreed.

They walked away.

My phone vibrated.

See why I said drop her?


Was Spencer a real friend?

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