Rainy Day (Niall Horan F.F)

Jade Brooks was getting ready to go surfing on a sunny day, suddenly it got dark and it started poring, the waves started thrashing her around and it dragged her under water. She hit her head on a coral rock and the next day she woke up, she was lying on the cold sandy water,she coughed up water and stood up, holding her head in pain from the cut she got. Then it went away like it was never there. she looked and she was on an island far away from where her house was and from anywhere there was land. she looked around frantically and tried looking for a boat. A boat caught her eye and she started yelling and jumping up and down trying to get its attention. Someone on the boat saw her and went to help her on. What she didn't know was that there was a hurricane and it caused her to float away from the beach, thats why there were boats looking for anyone if they were stranded out in sea, luckly they found her or she would of been stranded on an unknown Island.
This will change her life


9. Chapter 8

Jade's POV:

He pulled me up, with all his strength and I tried to help, finally he pulled me out and he fell to the floor exhausted, his eyes looking at me then my tail

I used my powers to dry my self off, I can't let anyone else see me like this

I looked up at Liam and his eyes were wider and he looked even more shocked and confused

"How did....when did? How did you do that and... HOW!" He replied confused shaking his head

"Liam please, shhh lower your voice. Please don't say anything, I will tell you everything but you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone, especially Niall" I said sitting up

He nodded his head "I promise"


"So that's how it happened, no one knows about it, not my dad or my brother not Niall, no one, but you and that's how I want it to stay, until I'm ready to tell someone." I told him everything about what happened that day and the day I found out.

"So that's why you didn't come surfing yesterday and why you were so scared to come today and that explains why you've been acting weird." He said more to himself, it looked like he was still processing everything I told him so I nodded and just let him think.

A few minutes later I spoke up "I thought you handled this pretty well, not the way I expected. I thought you were going to freak out and call everyone to see or something" I told him honestly

He chuckled "I was freaking out on the inside, I didn't know what to do." he said

"I'm glad you didn't, do any of that. I don't know how I could of handled it. I just hope Niall reacts the same when... if I tell him" I said and looked up to the sky

The stars were starting to come out "wow I didn't realize we were out her for so long"

"I know, let's go inside before people start looking for us or before they think something was going on" he chuckles

I laughed "let's go" he helped me up off the ground

"Here let me walk on this side, we don't want you tripping again" Liam laughed and so did I

I stopped Liam before he opened the door "please don't think of me any different, it's still the same me, but with a weird gifts" I laughed

"I would never think of you any different and what do you mean weird gifts?" he asked

"Oh I forgot to tell you, beside the power to magically dry myself I can freeze things and move water, look watch" I said and looked around for a cup or something but there weren't any

So I walked up to the pool and started forming a ball of water and it started floating in the air, Liam watched in awe, then I froze it then I threw it on the ground and it fell into a snow pile

"Awesome, it looked like it was a snowball" he said "man I wish I had powers, they look so fun"

"They are, but sometimes they get out of control and I'm still learning how to use them" I replied and walked up to him and we went inside


Everyone left and Niall and I were helping Liam clean up the mess

"This was a pretty sick party" Niall said happily

"It was pretty fun" I said "I'm glad I decided to come"

"See it wasn't so bad" Niall replied and I just smiled at him and looked at Liam and he smiled back, he was thinking the same exact thing as I was.

Yeah it wasn't so bad, falling in the pool, getting caught, having to explain everything to Liam about what happened, worrying that he wound tell anyone

I know he wont, I trust him. I've known him for a while now.

"You guys don't have to stay and clean, go on home it's pretty late, I'm sure you guys are tired. I know I am, I'll clean this up in the morning" Liam said shooing us away

I pulled out my phone to look at the time and it was almost 1 in the morning, oh wow time went by so fast, I yawned which causes Niall to yawn and then Liam

"See we're all tired" he said and we all laughed

"Alright thanks" Niall said

"See ya later and thanks" I said referring to our secret

He nodded and we hugged each other bye and Niall drove us home

Once we got to my house I asked Niall to come in because it was really dark out and that he could sleep over

"are you sure" he asked

"Yeah I'm sure, even my dad wouldn't let you drive at this time." I said

I unlocked my door quietly and let Niall in and quietly shut the door

"Alright let's go" I said and he followed me up the steps

"You can stay in here" I said as I walked to the guest room, I'll bring you some of my sweat pants so you could wear

"Eww no I don't want to wear your girly sweat pants, they won't even fit me" he said cringing

I laughed "there not girly, and I bought them from the men side, I like there baggy swear pants and they will fit you perfectly"

He shook his head and laughed. I walked in my room and grabbed the grey sweats off my dresser and I took it to the room he was staying in "here you go, I'll be back"

I quickly changed into my black sweats, yes I have two different colored sweatpants. I just love them

I walked back to the room and knocked to make sure he was done changing, I was also carrying a water bottle in case Niall was thirsty

He didn't answer so I knocked again, still no answer so I opened the door and found him sprawled all weirdly on the bed, I chuckled as I walked in, man he really was tired

"Niall" I said poking him

"Niall wake up, get under the covers" I said and sniffles a yawn, man I really am tired

He mumbled incoherent words and turned over, ugh do I have to do everything, I got into the bed and tried flipping him do he could get comfortable but he was just so heavy

Three yawns later I gave up and plopped down next to him, I'll just close my eyes for a few seconds and then I will leave

I woke up to the strangest sound ever, is that my phone? why does my alarm clock sound different

I opened my eyes and saw that I wasn't in my room, then what am I hugging?

It was a body and who's body, Niall's 
I carefully untangled myself from him, hoping that he wouldn't wake up.

I must of fallen asleep here last night after trying to get him to sleep comfortably. Just as I untangled my self Niall pulled me closer to him and snuggled closer to me

I laughed quietly then tried to get him off of me but he just hugged me tighter "uhh Niall" I said poking at his chest

"Mmmhh" he mumbled

"Niall wake up" I said poking him again

He opened his eyes and he saw that he was hugging me and let go "uhh sorry"

"It's fine" I replied

"When did you get in here" he said confused

"I came after I gave you the sweatpants and I found you sleeping weirdly so I tried to wake you up so you could get comfier, I guess I ended up falling asleep here" I replied then got up and stretched

Niall sat up and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, he stood up and stretched and yawned, I didn't realize he didn't have a shirt on

I realized I was staring so I got up and turned around "right, well I'm going to go make breakfast, you can take a shower or what ever or come downstairs when your ready"

After fifteen minutes Niall was down and he finished showering and the food was ready

I made pancakes, a lot of pancakes. I just love pancakes. I also made eggs and bacon and coffee

My dad came down and them my brother and they sat down at the table with us "good morning" Niall and I said at the same time

"Morning" my dad said "you guys have fun at the party?" he asked

"Yeah it was fun" I said and Niall nodded


"Thanks for the breakfast and for letting me stay here" Niall told me

I nodded "no problem, see ya later" I said as he walked off towards his car

He waved a bye and then he drove off and I went to take a bath

As I was relaxing I got a text from Liam

How's my little mermaid doing XD ya see what I did there!?! 
-Liam =P

I laughed at his joke and replied

Im great, and yes I saw what you did there. Good one XD 
-Jade xoxo

A few seconds later I got a reply but it was on snapchat and it was a picture of Liam making a funny face and he wrote something on the screen

What ya up to?

So I replied by taking a picture of my dark blue tail 
Taking a bath xP

I got a reply and it was a video of Liam talking and he said "I still can't believe it, your tail is so awesome. you have to let me touch it some day"

Then he sent another one "eww that sounded so wrong and creepy, but still hahaha"

I laughed and sent him a video back of me laughing and telling him to come over and I would let him touch it  and see it, that does sound creepy

I got out the tub and dried myself then put on my clothes and went into my room to watch some tv while I waited for Liam to come over 


picture of her----->> 


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