Rainy Day (Niall Horan F.F)

Jade Brooks was getting ready to go surfing on a sunny day, suddenly it got dark and it started poring, the waves started thrashing her around and it dragged her under water. She hit her head on a coral rock and the next day she woke up, she was lying on the cold sandy water,she coughed up water and stood up, holding her head in pain from the cut she got. Then it went away like it was never there. she looked and she was on an island far away from where her house was and from anywhere there was land. she looked around frantically and tried looking for a boat. A boat caught her eye and she started yelling and jumping up and down trying to get its attention. Someone on the boat saw her and went to help her on. What she didn't know was that there was a hurricane and it caused her to float away from the beach, thats why there were boats looking for anyone if they were stranded out in sea, luckly they found her or she would of been stranded on an unknown Island.
This will change her life


5. Chapter 4




   Jade's POV:

 So just to be on the safe side I'll avoid water today. 

 Then I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. 


  As I walked along the sidewalk I jumped over puddles from the hurricane.

When i walked past some homes they had there water sprinklers on and I ran by so fast. 

I was almost at school when a truck was coming towards me, I looked at the ground there was a big puddle I quickly ran behind a tree hoping not to get hit by the water, thank goodness I didn't 

I avoided wet grass, wet sand, puddles...well you get it, anything with water. I'm not trying to turn into a fish in the middle of school. 

I finally arrived and I started walking towards the school doors when I heard Niall's voice calling my name. I walk towards him and hugged him.

"Hey jade, how have you been since the hurricane?" he asked 

I can't tell him about me being a mermaid or that I have a power, I tell him everything but this is one thing (haha get it XD sorry just had toI can't.

I don't know how long I will be able to keep this secret from him or from anyone, He's going to find out somehow but I hope he doesn't. 

"Hello jade you there?" Niall says waving a hand in front of my face, bringing me back from my thinking

"Oh sorry I dozed off for a second but, umm.... I've been good. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the same old me" I scoffed at my self, way to make it obvious that something is wrong. 

He raises an eyebrow, he goes to say something but I interrupt him "let's get going shall we" and I hook my arm with his 

We walk to the school steps and I see a big puddle of water surrounding the steps and my eyes widen, I stop before I reach it and Niall is pulled back, remembering that I'm holding onto him. He looks at me confused 

"Are you ok? why did you stop?" he asks

"Errr.... there is a puddle" I say pointing to the ground 

Why is it that when I'm trying to avoid water, it's everywhere?

"So...? it's not like your going to melt" he says laughing 

I laugh a bit, oh If only you knew "I just don't want to get my shoes wet, it'll go through and wet my feet" I said making up an excuse 

He playfully rolls his eyes and chuckles "here I'll pick you up" 

"Really!?!" I said surprised he even said that. I was going to make him anyway if he didn't offer haha 

"Yeah, come on, hop onto my back" he says and he turns and I jump into his back 

"Thank you" I said and smile 
"Sorry if I'm heavy" 

"Psshh.. your not heavy at all and you welcome" he steps into the puddle and then walks up the steps and puts me down 

I thank him again and we walk into the school towards our lockers.


Two more periods (blocks) until school ends. And right now I'm in chemistry class

"Alright students pick a partner and go to the back of the class and start your lab" our teacher Mrs. Rose said 

Once she said that Niall and I looked at each other and smiled. 

We got up and headed towards the back. The class room is really big, it's like two classrooms put together. 

Mrs. Rose explained the instructions to us and we started working. 

Niall got a beaker and poured the chemical into it. I was suppose to turn on the burner but it wasn't working to well. Niall put the beaker above the burner since we had to heat it up. 

(A/N: I'm making this up, I don't know anything about chemistry, even though I took it last year haha.) 

"The burner isn't working, the flame keeps going out" I tell him 

He try's to see if he can get it to work but it doesn't. Then I got an idea

"I'm going to get Mrs. Rose" he says at the same time as I clench my fist and point it towards the beaker and the chemicals inside start to boil 

He comes back with the teacher "nevermind, I got it to work" I said and smile. This will come in handy.

She was impressed with our lab and we got an A.

The ball rang and it was time for next period. 

Math.. yappie! not 


Soon it was 2pm and it was time to leave school. 

We get out at 2:05, I don't see why we have to wait five minutes for the bell to ring we should just leave at exactly two.

Oh well

I read the time 2:03, my teacher lets us leave a little early so I grabbed my bag and I left the room and walk towards the doors so I could get a head start to home. 

The bell rings once I reach the doors and I hear student voices fill the hallways. 

The puddle dried on some places so I step in the dry parts and I continue to walk 

I hear a honk behind me and I turn to see Niall in his car, he smiles "hop in" 

I return the smile and open the door and sat in the passenger seat. Then Niall drove off



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