Rainy Day (Niall Horan F.F)

Jade Brooks was getting ready to go surfing on a sunny day, suddenly it got dark and it started poring, the waves started thrashing her around and it dragged her under water. She hit her head on a coral rock and the next day she woke up, she was lying on the cold sandy water,she coughed up water and stood up, holding her head in pain from the cut she got. Then it went away like it was never there. she looked and she was on an island far away from where her house was and from anywhere there was land. she looked around frantically and tried looking for a boat. A boat caught her eye and she started yelling and jumping up and down trying to get its attention. Someone on the boat saw her and went to help her on. What she didn't know was that there was a hurricane and it caused her to float away from the beach, thats why there were boats looking for anyone if they were stranded out in sea, luckly they found her or she would of been stranded on an unknown Island.
This will change her life


4. Chapter 3

Jades POV: 

I woke up early to get really for school. I walked into my bathroom. I love my bathroom it is big and I have my own big tub I can relax in

I plugged in the bottom of the tub then I turned the water to warm 

As it filled up I took of my clothes and tossed them in the laundry basket. I grabbed my phone and turned on my music 

I took one step in the tub and then the other and laid down, I closed my eyes and relaxed for a bit before school started.

All of a sudden I felt really weird. I opened my eyes and seconds later something weird happened. Something that I never knew was possible, something that never happened before 

I had a long blue tail hanging out the tub where my feet use to be. It finally processed in my head and I screamed 

"jade" I heard my dads voice and a knock. "Are you ok?" he sounds worried 

Oh gosh I can't... I cant tell anyone about this, I took a deep breath "yeah dad I'm fine.. Umm... I just- I saw a spider" I said making up an excuse, I really am scared of spiders though 

I heard a groan knowing that he was annoyed, haha he always says why am I scared of them, they don't do anything, always made him kill them because i was to chicken to.

I know it's true but they still scare me to death. Then I heard his footsteps disappear into the hallway. 

Ok so how do I get out of here and most importantly how do I change back, I hope I'm not stuck like this forever. 

I turned the water off and waited for the water to drain. School starts in an hour. I have a few minutes to get dried and then change and eat. 

The water finally drained and I lift my tail and tossed it over the tub, then I gripped the sides of the tub and I use all my strength to lift myself. This tail weighs a ton.

After a while of struggling, I finally got out and landed on the ground with a thump. Ouch! 

"Jade are you ok in there?" I heard my dad shout from behind the door

"Uuhh.... yeah I'm fine dad. I just- I slipped" I lied 

"Alright, well breakfast is ready come down when your done." He said then walked away. 

Alright how am I going to get this thing off of me, hmmm.... I grabbed a towel and started drying myself. This is going to take forever, ugh! 

I looked around to see what else I could use to dry myself with and I spotted my hair dryer.

I stretched and stretched trying to reach for it. I rolled over and dragged myself towards it, another while of struggling I finally grabbed it, then I rolled over to the outlet and plugged it in.

I started drying my tail.... eww i sound weird saying 'My Tail'. Slowly it started drying but I still had my tail. 

Suddenly the outlet blew out and smoke started coming out of it, I dropped my hairdryer and scooted away from it. 

Ugh no! now how am I going to get dried, I closed my hands forming it into a fist, getting angry. when all of a sudden I felt heat on my tail and smoke came off of it. 

I opened my hand and it stopped. What the..... that was weird, I closed my hand forming it into a fist and testing it out again.... this is so stupid of course it isn't going to wor- 

Steam started coming off and I felt my tail stinging from the heat. I continued, moving my fist over my tail and all of a sudden my tail was transformed into feet. 

Holy mother of god

It actually worked. I had the power of heat, well heating or drying, I don't know. 

Ok, all of this started when I came back from that island. This never happened to me before. Unless my dad is some kind of secret merman and he's never told me about it. 

Nahh... that's not it, but just to be safe I'll ask him about it. And no I won't tell him about this. I'll just give him clues or hints, ill practice my "Powers" i mean my "Power" ,since i have one, later.

I changed into my clothes and i brushed my hair and put on a little bit of makeup. Then i went downstairs where my dad was.

"Good morning sweet heart" my dad said as i walked into the kitchen where he was setting up the table

"Good morning dad" i said smiling at him, then i sat down and my dad brought me a plate of chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and bacon at the side. "Thank you" i said smiling at him

then he walked over to the coffee maker and poured 2 mugs of coffee and walked over to the table and set it down

"Scott! get down here, breakfast is ready, your going to be late for school" my dad shouted 

seconds later i heard footsteps coming down the stairs and scott came in and dropped his bag on the floor and started to dig into his pancakes

As we were eating I was thinking about ways to bring out the whole mermaid thing. 

"hey dad," I said swallowing my food, my dad, my dad looked up from his food and mumbled a 'hmm' since he had food in his mouth

" last night I was watching a show on mermaids" I said looking to see if I could get a reaction out of him but I didn't he just nodded for me to go on. 

"well they showed someone video taping and they showed a mermaid on some rocks, then it swam away because it saw that it was being watched." I said I looked at my dad and he was shocked 

"wow really, you gotta show me that video later" he said as he continued eating 

I nodded "so dad, do you believe in mermaids?" I said looking at him waiting for an answer. 

He swallowed his food " well I don't know. I gotta see it to believe it actually. Although I heard about mermaid sightings, but I don't think they are real" he said. Well.. he's definitely not a undercover mermaid. Then how am I one? 

I was still eating my pancakes when Scott got up and put his plate in the sink, "jade I'm taking Scott to school, do you want a ride?" my dad asked 

"nah I'm fine, I want to walk today" I said eating my last piece. He nodded an followed Scott out the door to the car. 

I got up an put my plate in the sink, I was going to turn on the water when I remembered, when I touch water I grow a tail

So just to be on the safe side I'll avoid water today. 

Then I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. 


I hope you guys liked it. 
Sorry If it was short


Tell me what you thought :) 

~Fatima <3

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