Rainy Day (Niall Horan F.F)

Jade Brooks was getting ready to go surfing on a sunny day, suddenly it got dark and it started poring, the waves started thrashing her around and it dragged her under water. She hit her head on a coral rock and the next day she woke up, she was lying on the cold sandy water,she coughed up water and stood up, holding her head in pain from the cut she got. Then it went away like it was never there. she looked and she was on an island far away from where her house was and from anywhere there was land. she looked around frantically and tried looking for a boat. A boat caught her eye and she started yelling and jumping up and down trying to get its attention. Someone on the boat saw her and went to help her on. What she didn't know was that there was a hurricane and it caused her to float away from the beach, thats why there were boats looking for anyone if they were stranded out in sea, luckly they found her or she would of been stranded on an unknown Island.
This will change her life


3. Chapter 2


 Jades POV: 

The waves were getting stronger, the current was pulling me under and I held my breath, the force of this wave pushed me deep into the water I hit my head on a coral rock and after that everything went dark

** Next Day **

I woke up coughing up some water, slowly getting up from the sandy floor I looked around, Where am I and how did I get here. Oh yeah the big storm last night. Oh no I spent the whole day here. My dad must be worried sick, Well I hope he is.

That's when I realized I was on an island, Alone with no one around. I looked out into the sea, I don't see land. Well besides this island. All I see are trees everywhere maybe I am back home just lost.

Maybe If I keep walking into the forest I'll find my way home. Unless I really am stuck in an unknown island. Well there is only one way to find out. And that is by looking around. I patted my self down getting sand off of myself and I walked and walked until I found something that looked like a small river and rocks surrounding it.

I walked on the rocks careful not to slip and fall. I made it to one side of the rock and it stopped, there was another rock but I had to jump to get to it. So I backed up and took a running jump and I made it over and I didn't even sli- I screamed as I tripped over a rock and I fell into a hole in the rock. I landed with a thump, I got up and dusted myself off.

I looked around and continued walking, there has to be another way out. I don't feel like climbing back up. Yeah I'm a lazy girl when it comes to this. I saw light, thinking it was the way out I kept going but I wasn't ready to see what was coming next

Jades fathers POV:

Jade didn't come home last night, I'm worried sick about her. She went to go surfing for an hour but she never came back. There was a hurricane last night and I'm scared something happened to her. The hurricane was unexpected, If I knew there was going to be one I wouldn't have let jade leave.

I called the police and told them about how jade didn't come home and they said they will send boats to look for her out in the sea. They think that the storm dragged her out into the sea, I hope she is ok. She can swim since she surfs but she isn't that good. I turned the tv on to the news and they were showing all the damage that happened.

*knock knock*

I went to see who was knocking at the door, oh how I hope it's jade "Niall, please come in" I said stepping to the side "where is Jade. Is she ok?" he asked worried "I don't know, Niall I'm so worried, I sent a search team to go and find her. Hopefully they find her." I said as we walked into the living room 

-Ring- Ring- The house phone rang. I jogged over to it and answered "Jason brooks speaking" "hello Mr.Brooks, we found your daughter. We're on our way." someone on the line said, I looked at Niall and he instantly knew what it was about "oh thank god, where was she?" I asked worried I looked at Niall and he releases a breath, he looked relieved

"She was on an island far away from here. The current must of dragged her out there." they said "shes lucky she didn't drown." Oh thank goodness she's ok, I don't know what I would of done.

Jade's POV: 

It was beautiful. It was a cave and there was some kind of pool. Well not really a pool but it looked like one and there was one way out unless I got in the 'pool' The water was so beautiful, it was like calling my name so I decided to go in, it would hurt to have a quick swim I got in and suddenly the water started to bubble and a ray of light came through the roof of the cave

Umm ok that was weird, what If there is something wrong with it. What If it was going to explode, ok im exaggerating a bit. I decided to get out and go back to the beach incase there was a boat or anything. I made it back to the beach and I started to look around hoping to see a boat.

Then I saw one I started jumping up and down, waving yelling trying to get there attention and I think someone did because the boat was coming towards me. They helped me on the boat and then they started driving back to shore.


Someone let my dad know that they found me and once I got home my dad opened the door and when I saw him I hugged him "are you ok, did you get hurt?" my dad said asking me all these questions

"I'm ok dad, I'm fine" I said reassuring him. But then I remembered when I hit my head on the coral rock. My head wasn't hurting anymore, I wonder if I had a scratch or anything. I looked to see Niall standing a few feet away from me.

He ran up to me and hugged me "Jade! Oh thank god your ok. I was worried sick something happened to you" I giggle "Niall I'm ok. Like I told my dad in fine."

incase your wondering, no he isn't my boyfriend, he's my best friend

"jade" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and found Scott he looked worried as well, I smiled at him then I gave him a hug "I'm ok, nothing happened to me, see I'm fine" I said


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