what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


3. yay moving withmy brother and band mates

ali's P.O.V

we had just finished watching monte carlo and i can tell the boys wern't enjoying it. but awell there fault it was now 10:00pm,

"alright evryone bed time!" louis said "fine" comes from everyone we all get up and i go to my room. about a minute later ther is a knock on my door i go to it and see liam and zayn at the door

"yes?" i ask

"we are meant to sleep i here" says liam, i smile and open my door wider to let them through.

"i got the couch" says zayn and runs to the couch in my room, i laugh and walk to my bed

"well looks like your sharing the bed with me" i say to liam, "no, no its alright i'll just sleep on the ground" he says.

"no liam, have you seen this bed it is huge there will eb enough room without us touching, plus you cant sleep on the ground, that would make me feel awful" i say to him

"fine, i'll sleep on the bed" he says giving up, i smile and lay down on the bed, not long after liam joins me and i turn ot the bed side lamp.

"night, boys" i say to them

"night joyce" they say in usion, i fall asleep with a smile on my face so excited for tommorrow.


*******NEXT DAY*********

"what are you doing with my sister!" louis yells waking me up, i open my eyes to see why he was yelling, i am laying with my head on liams chest and his arms wrapped around me. i quickly sit up  so im not laying on liam anymore, he too sits up and i thought i heard a sigh come out of his mouth,

"im not doing anything lou, we must have done that in our sleep" liam says with anoyance in his voice.

"sure, whatever dont ever touch her, llok at her or smile at her" louis says to liam rigth in front of me, EXCUSE ME!!!!


"joyce cl down" liam said comming over to me and trying to clm me down, as im now standing infront of lou and about to punch him in the nose, i hate him bossing me around.

"fine!, but i wont help either of you if you get into trouble!" lou says and walks away, i satand there for a few minutes trying to calm myself fully. i then go over and grab some clothes to wear for the 3 hour car ride. yeah i know so long, its not really but hey it is to me.(what she is wearing)

i walk out of my bathroom and walk downstairs to see my suitcases and duffle bag down stairs already. i walk into the kitchen to see all the boys doing something Niall is eating like usaul, liam and harry are cooking and louis and zayn are just being stupid.

i walk over and sit next to Niall "hey Niall could i have a peice" i ask refering to the bacon he nods and i grab a peice

"WHAT THE!" i hear lou scream, oh no to again

"lou dont start!" i say "no not that Niall shared food with you? he never shares with us!" he sai refering to him and the boys i just laugh and walk into the lounge room.

***** 1 hour later*******

"come on, everyone" liam says, as he walks out the door, me following then the boys, my stuff is already in the car and we all get in.

(cant be bothered to write stuff that happened in the car)

when we arive we are at a huge house that i can tell is sot of split up into 3 different sections.

we all walk up to the door and liam unlcks it, we walk in and im surprise there is 4 different doors.

"whats with all the doors?" i ask

"well ther are 3 different apartment things in this house and one main livingroom and kitchen" liam says "oh" i say still looking around.

"so the only room left with an extra bedroom left in it is liam's but seriously stay away frommy siter okay!" lou said to liam, i smiled thinking to myself,yay i get to share a room with li my bestie!, not the truth is i really like him and i hope lou doesnt find out cause he would kill me than liam. but i cant help who i like plus im sure he doesn't like me like that only as a sister figure, that sucks

"earth to joyce!" lou shouted." oh sorry" i said."right liam will show you your room and you can get settled in" lou finished saying then walking away into a room with niall as zayn and harry walked into another room.

"come this way" liam said gesturing me to follow him, so i followed him into the other dorre which was in between the other's.

"your room is just in ther and mine is right here if you need anything:" he said pointing to the door next to his.

"thanks li" i say as i walk into my room leaving the door open. i unpack everything and when im done i walk out into mine and liam's little aprtment thing and into the lounge rrom of it. i find liam sitting on the couch watching something.

"what you watching?" i ask

"oh, nothing" he says.

"oh, okay.....um.....what are we gonna have for our late lunch?" i ask seeing as its now 2 in the afternoon

"i dont know i think there is somethi ng in the fridge" he says "k" I say back and walk into the little kitchen in your apartment. I look in the fridge and find some lettuce, ham cheese and mayo and I decide to make a sandwich, cause i dont want anything hot because surprisingly it is really hot for london weather.

"Hey liam do you want a lettuce, cheese,hame and mayo sandwich?" i ask liam

"yeah sure!" hey yells back

"okay!" i say  and make two sandwich's



hey  her is the next chapter hope you llke it i have had one of the most crziest day's seriously

1st i had to go to school which then i had an exam for childstudies

2nd i got home and had to get ready to go t a older friends house to look at some stuff for my formal and decide on how i was going to wear my makeup, which was really hard for me cause i dont usally ever wear makeup only like mascara, then i had to decide on hoe i wanted my hair and then i had my eyebrows waxed for the fist lime lol i thought i would have hert but it didnt at all lol!!!

i cant wait for my formal 2 weeks to go yay!!!

anyway enough about me hope you really like this please give me some feedback or i'll just delete this, so like comment and favourite!!!

bye my lovelies

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