what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


28. the end and sequal

hi so i found out the date my baby is going to be born its september 26th and i cant wait. me and tayla have decided to finish this book here and we might start a sequal, but it all depends on you guys so please if you want a sequal please say in the comments, and we will write one and put it up.

thanks lots of love Tayla x and DanielleXxXxXxXx

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