what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


17. meeting liam's family

liam's P.O.V.

"you ready?" i ask joyce

" yep!" she says, i nodd and knock on the front door beacuse i forgot my key, second later the door opens and mum's standing there wit a massive smile on her face

"liam, my baby boy your home!" she says pulling me into a massive hug

"hey mum, how's it been?" i ask

"not the same without you" she says pulling away, "oh who's this lovely young lady?" mum asks me

"mum this is my girlfiend joyce, joyce this is my mum karen" i say introducing them

"oh its lovely to meet you, come in it must be cold standing out there" mum says to joyce and me, i gesture with my hands for joyce to go in first, she walks in with me following and i close the door behind me.

"geoff, Ruth Nicola come here now liam's home!" mum screams througout the house, not even 5 seconds later and Ruth and Nicola are tackling me into a hug, after they have finished suffercating me dad comes up and gives me a man hug patting me on the back.

"liam you didnt introduce us to this lovely girl!" Ruth says, I slightly laugh and walk over to where joyce is an put my arm aroung her waist adnshe leans her head on my chest, she's so small, and thats one of the reasons i love her.

"well everyone this is joyce tomlinson my girlfriend!" i say to my family standing before me

"wait are you louis' sister?" Nicola asks

"yeah" she says looking down to her feet, like there the most interesting thing in the world.

"yeah she is but, there are some family issue's at the moment" i say to nicola and ruth who are standing infront of us, mum and dad had gone to the kitchen to fix breakfast for me and joyce.

"oh we're so sorry, i hope you sort it out!" ruth says

"thanks" i hear joyce say, now looking up at my sister's

"okay well im sorry to do this, especially since you just got here but i gotta leave to go to work for 3 weeks, but i'll call okay!" nicola says, walking over to me and giving me a hug, then giving joyce a hug and walking outside to the taxi waiting for her.

"liam, joyce breakfast's ready" my mum calls from the kitchen

"okay" i yell back to her and me and joyce start walking towards the kitchen, while Ruth takes our bags up to my room.


Joyce's P.O.V.

After we had finished breakfast me and liam went to his room to unpack our stuff.

"babe you go in the shower first" liam says to me

"okay, but can you pick out an outfit for me?" i ask

"sure babe" he says walking over to the closet where i put my clothes with his, i walk into teh ensuit and close the door behind me, i start the shower before i get undressed and jump into the shower i wash myself shave my legs and get out wrapping a towel around my body, i walk out into liams room to see a cute little outfit left out for me i smile at it and then see he had also gotten me some hot pink undergarments out for me too, the cheeky bastard!

i get dressed and walk into the bathroom again picking up my brush and brushing my hair, i ended up putting it in a side braid.

(her outfit)

i put the necklace that liam had gotten me back on. and walked out of his room down the stairs to see him sitting in the lounge room ith his sister Ruth, i walk over and sit down on liam's lap, cuddling him as he wraps his arms around me

"aww you too are so cute!" Ruth exclaims, i start to blush

"thanks" i sy burring my head in liam's chest

"dont hide your face babe" he says to me, i laugh and pull my head away from his chest, i give him a peck on te lips, and turn to watch the TV.

*******6 hours later******(5:00pm)

i quckly tie up my nike joggers and walk downstairs seeing liam there waiting

"ready?" he asks, i nod my head puling out my i phone 4 and putting my ear plugs in, me and liam walk out t he door closing it behind us

"lets go!" he sasy starting to jogg off in front off me

"hey wait up!" i say to him, starting to run to catch up with him.

we are currently going for a run, in the evening, because its my favourite time to go and i always go for a run anyway, so liam said he will come with me becasue i dont know his place, but what he doesnt know is that i know this place very well my Aunti live about 2 blocks from liam and i haven't seen her for about a year so im going to drop in ther on the run.

"where are you gpoing babe?" liam asks quickly turning where i had

"somewhere" i say giggling, as i round the last corner i start to slow down as i see her house

"why are we in this street?" liam asked me

"really lou never told you about Genny?" i ask

"no, who is she?" he asks

"our Aunt!" i simply stae as i walk up her drive way, liam nods his head and i knock on the door, about a minute later Genny opens the door and lets a little shriek out

"Oh My God joyce is that really you?" she asks

"yep, i missed you so much Gen!" i say

"i missed you too, come in please" she says opening the door more for me and liam to walk in

"oh, why's the liam payne with you?" Aunt Gen asks

"he's kinda my boyfriend, so yeah, and im staying with him for two weeks!" i say

"oh how has lou taken it, or haven't you told him" hse say looking at me and liam, she knows what louis is like with this kinda stuff

"well thats the thing, i sort of screamed at him for always telling liam not to touch me and then he found out we had done more than he thought and yeah we kinda arn't talking much at the moment." i say

"oh i understand, im happy for you joy, by the looks of it you've found someone who is gonna treat you right, am i right?" she asks the last bit to liam

"yes Genny i will definetly treat her right, plus i hate seeing her cry or get hurt, i promise you" liam says to Aunt Gen, we talk a little more before i hear some little feet coming down the stairs

(this is her)

"Mommy, Mommy!" little Lilly says running into the lounge room only to stop in her tracks and look at me then liam, she look at me one more time before yelling

"joy-joy" and running over to me jumping on my lap and hugging me, i laugh and give her a little hugg back

"i missed you" she says in a cute voice

"i missed you too" i say giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"wow you've gotten so big, how old are you now?" i ask her

"3" she says holding up 4 fingers, i laugh at her and put one of them down

"thats 3 baby girl" i say to her and she starts laughing

"oh, oops" she says.

"hey joy, wanna do me a favour please?" Aunt Gen asks

"yeah sure what is ist?" i ask

"could you look after her tonight, if its alright with liam, if not you can stay here?" Gen asks, i look at liam and he nods

"yeah its alright but can i ask why?" i ask her why

"yeah i gotta go to work tonight and i was gonna leave her with the next door neighbours but you know how they are" Gen says

"yeah, its fine" i start " bub go pack some clothes quick" i say to lilly, she nods and runs upstairs, we wait a minute or two and she comes down with her cute dora the explorer bag full of clothes.

"thanks for this joy, i owe you one" aunt Gen says kissiing me on the cheek and giving me a hugg

"no you dont you have done too much for me throughout the years im just paying you back for it all" i say stepping out of the hug Gen hugs liam and we say bye and walk out the door and home to liam's

"you sure your mum and dad wont mind?" i ask liam, pointing to lilly on my hip

"no they wont plus i think they are going somewhere for about 3 days." he says

"oh okay" i say to him, we walk up to the door and he unlocks it, we walk inside and i put Lilly down and walk upstairs to the guest room and put her bag down,

as im walking downstairs i hear lilly laughing really hard, i start laughing when i see why. liam is pinning her down and tickiling her, i smile at how good he is with kids

"help me Joy-Joy" lilly says in her adorable little voice, i smile and walk over pulling liam off her

"thats enough for now" i say to him, he pouts sticking his bottem lip out i just laugh at him and sit down with lilly on my lap

"okay, first thing first, what movie do you wanna watch Lilly" i ask her

"lion king" she yells, laugh at how excited she is

"okay then" i say looking over at liam knowing he has it. he nods and walks over putting it on

"okay what do we want for dinner?" i ask

"pizza!" liam and lilly scream out, i laugh again at them, they are so alike. i walk over to get the phone and the number i walk back into the lounge room to see them both staring at the TV i walk over and sit between them

"so what pizza?" i ask

"peperoni please babe" liam says, i smile at him and look at lilly for an answer

"cheese please" she says, i smile and order the two pizza's, making sure the cheese one is small and getting a bottle of coke for me and liam. once im done i put the phone down and whatch the movie till the door bell rings.

i get up and walk over to the door paying the pizza dude and taking the pizza's and drink into the kitchen.

"come and get it!" i shout liam and lilly come running in and grab a plate putting the amount of pizza they wan ton their plates. i poor mine and liam's drinks then pour some orange juice for lilly.

i grab a slice of cheese pizza and a slice of peperoni. i walk into the lounge room giving Li his drink and lilly hers i walk back to get mine and my plate of food too.


after we had finished dinner i grabed all teh plates and cups and went to wash them up while the two watched the movie.


when i had finished the washing up, i walked in to see lilly asleep on liam's lap

"she just passed out, she must be worn out" he wisper's, i laugh at him

"you know you dont have to wisper she is a really deep sleeper, always has been" i say talking normal

"oh" he says laughing, i pick her up in my arms and walk up the stairs to the guest bedroom with liam following. i lay her down and tuck her in, giving her a kiss on the cheek and walking to the door where liam stood.

"your great with kids, you know that!" liam says to me as we are walking to liams room at the other side of the hallway

"i do know, and so are you" i say to him slightly bumping into him playfully

"no im not" he says, i just shake my head

"you are, now stop saying your not" i say pushing him in his room and closing the door

"im getting changed" i say walking over to the closet and getting my favourite PJ's out, the top is white and the bottoms are blue with 'HOT MESS' Written on the top with ice creams melting all over the top and pants.

i dont bother to get changed in the bathroom and just strip to my underwear and pull my pants up and just as m about to put my top on liam wraps his arms roung my waist from the back kissing my neck, i could tell he didn't have his top on anymore and only his pants.

I let out a quiet moan, i quickly turn around, which makes liam's lips disconnect from my neck, i quickly crash my lips onto his, he turns us around and walk me back towards the bed hey lays me down, and i think we all know what happens next!

************Next morning!**********************

i wake up to see liam not in bed, i rubb my eyes one more time and sit up in bed holding the sheet to my naked chest, i smile at the memeories of last night, 2 rounds and i was worn out i fell straight to sleep afterwards.

I get pulled out of my memories when liam walks through the door with a tray of food, o smile at him as he sets it down on my lap

"how'd you sleep last night?" liam asked

"perfectly" i reply, he nods his head and kisses me on the fore head before walking out of the room. i eat my breakfast and get up and find some new undergarments and clothes, i dont need a shower i had one last night with liam so yeah. i quickly put some warm clothes on, seeing as its raining outside and walk downstairs with the tray, to the kitchen..................





-Tayla x

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