what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


10. may 1st "surprise!!!" part 2

joyce's P.O.V.

i wake up the following morning to the boys and eleanor singing me happy birthday to me form beside my bed, i sit up straight and look at everyone still sinigng


"HORAY" everyone yells, i smile at them all and then take a quick glance at liam, and asi do he gives me a quick wink to make sure no one else sees, my smile gets bigger.

"here sis" lou says and hands me my birthday present off him

"thanks" i say back, i mean i have to be nice to him it is my birthday and i think i have held a grudge for long enough, i give him a hugg as he passes the box to me. i sit criss cross and start to open the pretty big box, which then reveals some really cute clothes, that he must of gotten some help choosing (these are the clothes:)

and there was more but i really like these ones, after lou el gave me hers which was a whole range of makeup, but nt alot cause she knows i dont wear heaps. zayn,harry and niall all got me a pair of converse each 1 black and white, 1 red and white and one white which i love, then for liam's he had already gotten me me something which the boys know nothing about but he had gotten me another present which was a white/cream colour One Direction hoodie (this is it)

"i love it li, thank you" i say while giving him a hug

"okay come on birthday girl lets have breakfast" lou says and comes to stand infront of my bed facing towards the wall waiting for me to jump on his back, instead i quickly get out of bed and run and jump on harry's pack

"downstairs peasant!" i yell as he starts to take off running

"sorry lou maybe another time!" i yell as harry runs out to the kitchen and puts me down on the chair infront of a big plate of eggs, bacon, sausages, and toast, i smile and dig in as everyone else does, as they had joined not long after me.


after  breakfast is done i went to sit on the couch with el as the rest of the boys washed up and dryed,

"hey, there's something different with you" el says, i look at her confused as to what she mean

"what do you mean?" i ask

"i mean its like somethi- OH MY GOD!" She states wispering the last part a bit loud "you've done it, and properly" she wisperes so the boys dont hear, my eyes widen at the words she says

"how did you know?" i ask her

"cause that is exactly the way i looked when i had done it for the first time" she wispered back, "so who did you do it with?" she asks

"um...." i say

"come on you can tell me, i wont tell anyone" she says quietly

"okay but promise you wont tell anyone and if you do i get to really hurt you bad" i state

"yes i promise" she says

"um.... with my boyfriend" i say

"what!, i didnt know you had one and who is he" she says

" 'he' is L-Liam" i say quietly, she just sits ther for a minute with a surprised expression on her face, untill she squeals and wraps her arms around my shoulders giving me a bone crushing hug, i start laughing and she joins in letting me go in the prosses

"OMG, youse to are the cutest" she finally says

"thanks" i start "but dont tell anyone especially lou, im not allowed a boyfriend, yoou know how he is" i say, looking down at my lap a little upset over that.

"hey dont get upset, and for you i will keep it from anyone, ill even help u in destracting the boys when you too want to be alone" she says

"thanks el, but dont worry about zayn and niall they already know cause they are the two other that im closest to and can trust" i say

"okay sure thing, whenever you need me to distract any of the bos text me k" she says

"yep sure thing" i say as the boys walk out of the kitchen and come sit down on the couch,m me and liam oviously on different couches.

"so what does the birthday girl want to do now?" asks niall

"i wan to watch smokey and the bandit 1 and 2" i say

"okay, boys get the DVD's and ill get the food" says niall running off to the kitchen, not long after returning with 5 packets of chips 3 bags of lollies, before running back into the kitchen to get whatever else he needs.

the movie is just about to start when niall comes back into the living room with a bowel of popcorn and on the other hand a basket with different varieties of fizzy drinks in it. he puts the bowel down and picks up the bags of lollie and walks over to me

"the birthday girl gets her own lollie bag and gets to choose the first drink" niall say satnding right infron tof me, i smile at him and pick out a fanta and a bag of snakes, that are really big. i put it inbetween el and me as im sharing with her and everyone else chooses there drinks and gets some food, before i press play on the movie.


**** 4 hours later****** (2:30pm)

the movies had just finished and they were great, i had a good laugh and so did everyone else

"now what do you want to do" zayn asks me

"um i dont know really" i say

"how about another movie?" el suggest, not long after you hear an groan come from all the boys, i smile to myself

"why dont we, how about..."i start looking at el we know exactly what movie

"monte carlo" we both say asd we start laughing, laim gets up and puts in the DVD and sits back on the couch where he was before

***** another 2 hours later********* (4:30pm)

the movie finishe about 1o minutes ago and now everyone is cleaning up but im not allowed when frankly i would love to, i love cleaning its fun. but no cause its my birthday im not allowed which sucks.

"oaky sis go get ready for dinner and get out of those p'js" lou sasy to me , and yes we all ahve been sitting in our pj's this whole time.  i get up and grab els hand

"your coming with me to help me pick out what i should where, seeing as you know wher lou is taking me and i dont!" i say while pulling her into my room, she closes the door and walks over to me.

"okay you go shower and i will pick your outfit out, and dont forget wash your hair too" she says pushing me into my ensuite and throwing a towel at me straight afterwards, i sigh and jump in the showwer washing my body and hair and shaving my legs, i then get out of the shower and wrap a towel aroung my hair and another around my body, i walk out of the bathroom to see el sitting on my bed really bore with a really nice outfit sitting next to her.

"about time!" she starts "you've been in ther for an hour" she says laughing slightly, i smile at her and walk over to the outfit she picked out for me.

"so this is the outfit" i say with a smile on my face turning around with it in my hands, she nods

"now hurry up you have an hour, now go!" she yells the last part, i quickly run off into the bathroom changing into the outfit  and drying my hair slightly with the towel before i open the door for el to come in so she can do my hair and makeup.

**** 1 hour later********

i stand in fonnt of the mirror looking at myself and how i look different, because of the makre up which i dont ever wear. i smile at myself and hear el call em from down the hall saying its time to go to dinner with lou. i taake on emore look in the mirror fixing my hair a little then walking oout of my room to where the boys and el are  waiting in the living room.

(this is her outfit)

"wow you look great joy, you ready to go?" lou says

"yeah" i reply smiling "bye evryone" i say and walk over to the door where  lou is waiting for me already

"lets go" he says, we walk out the door and go to the elavator to the lobby, once there we walk ove rtowards the door to be met by Paul and pete

"happy birthday joyce" they say in usion

"thanks" i say

"well lets go then" pete says, ifi haven't already told you pete is my driver/bodygaurd for the time im with the boys, and trus me  he is the most sweetest guy ever!

we walk out of the hotel to be bombarede with papartzi pushing cameras in our face asking au all different questions, i just keep my head down like lou had wispere to me a couple seconds ago as paul clears a way through the crowd for us, once in the car me and lou start talking about a few thing and sort out all our problems apart from one, he still wont let loose on the protectiveness on me and its bugging me. we soon arrive to our destination and i get out to reveal a really nice expensive looking resturant in front of us. (dont have a name sorry!)


"i know, now come on lets go eat" he says as wee walk to the door and walk in.

******* 1 hour later******

"so how was it" lou asked me as we sit in the car on the way back to the hotel

"it was great, im so full but i could go for a few fizzy drinks right now though" i reply

"well you might get some" lou says, he then turns on the radio as littl mix's new song little me comes on and i start singing to it, im so caught up in singing that i dont knotice lou get his phine out and text someone.


stacey's P.O.V.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE PLACES THEY ARE 5 MINUTES AWAY QUICK!!!!" I Yell throughout the large hotel room. evryone gets in to there hiding places, by everyon i mean:


all little mix

ed sheeran

the boys







5SOS boys

Yeah i know alot of people, not really ha but anyway we are having a surprise masquerade party for joyse's 16th yay my sister is finally 16.

sorry i haven't introduced myself im stacey, and im almost 18 in about 3 weeks and i cant wait, im also the middle child in our family and its cool.


"alright they are coming turn the lights off quick and hide!" i yell to evryone as harry runs and turns the light off and hide's behind the door


louis' P.O.V.

i had just texted stacey again as we are getting out of the elavator on our floor.

"it sucks that the boys had to do that meeting" joyce says with a little frown on her face

"hey it okay they should be back soon i promise" i say trying to lighten her spirit a little, joyce gets the key card out of her purse and putting itinto its place in the door, the grren light flashes showing it now unlocked, as he opens the door i quickly pull my mask out of my pocket and mut it on just in time for the lights to switch on and everyone jump's up yelling

"surprise!!!!!!!!" everyone yells, joyce gets a little shocked and stubbles back abit cause harry jumped out right nex to her screaming surprise, i laugh and she turns aroung to see a mask on my face too.

"OMG you remembered i always wanted a masquerade party for my birthday" she yells giving me a hugg back

"well it was more all the girls idea" i state the truth

"what, the girls!" she asks confused

"turn around love i say






- Tayla x

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