what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


14. concert

liam's P.O.V.

I Wasn't expecting joyce to just come out with us being together like that to her brother, but i mean louis does really annoy her most of the time with his over protectiveness i mean i would too if i had an older brother and i was a girl i would get pissed off at them too and crack but never mind that now as long as joyce is in my arms and i can call hher mine im fine.

"joyce, babe its time to wake up" i say slightly shaking her

"what time is it" she asks still half asleep, i smile at her she is so inocent lookiing

"its 5:00pm, babe we gotta get up and get ready for the last concert" i say even though im not meant to be singing i am going up there and singing even if joyce doesnt want me to i have too.

"okay" she says sitting up and rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out off her eyes, i get up and walk over to her side and pull he up out of bed

"come on babe, get some clothes on and dont forget its going to be hot in the arena okay" i say

"yes liam" she says still tired, i laugh at her and end up getting a slap on the arm for it, she walks over to the door and walks out into her room to get changed, i walk over to my closet and get out a pair of trakies and a plaid shirt, i get changed and walk out of my room to joyce's room next to mine, i hear all the boys and girls in the lounge area talking and laughing, i knock on the door and dont hear a reply, so i open the door slightly to see joy laying on her bed with her eyes closed still in the same clothes as before. i laugh and walk in closing the door behind me.

"babe get up come on" i say walking over to her and sitting in the bed next to her

"no, i dont want to" she says like a little 2 year old, i laugh at her again

"do you want tme to help you?" i ask

"yes please" she says sitting up, i get up off the bed and walk over to her suitcase and pull out an outfit for her to wear

"here babe put these on" i say, as she grabs them and walks into her ensuit to get dress i sit on the bed and wait.

Joyce's P.O.V.

i walk into the bathroom with the clothes that liam had given me, i quickly get changed and wash my face then put on a little mascara and tying my hair up into a neat bun on my head

(her outfit)

i walk out of the bathroom to see liam still sitting on the edge of my bed where he was before i went to the bathroom, i walk over to my suitcase grabing a pair of ankle socks and walking over to get my white converse, i quickly put them on and stand up walking over to liam who is still sitting on the end of my bed

"im done li" i say standing infront of him, he lifts up his head that was resting on his hand, he smiles up at me and motions for me to sit on his lap.so i do

"whats wrong Li?" i ask as im sitting on his lap with each leg either side of his waist

"oh, its nothing" he says with a fake smile, i shake my head at him

"Li i know your lying now tell me" i say to him rubbing his arms as they sit on my waist holding me in place. he sighs

"you know me to well" he says "okay, why im a little out of it is cause i was thinking about what is going to happen t us now that you screamed to your brother that we are together" he says to me, i just shake my head agin slightly laughing

"Li, nothing is going to happen to us trust me, he isnt going to control me anymore im not little anymore okay!" i say reasuring him, properly smiles at me this time

"i love you, you know that" he says

"yeah, i love you too" i say giving him a peck on the lips "now lets get going, or we will be late" i finish getting up off his lap as we both stand up and walk out of my bedroom to the main living area where everyone is.

"hey love birds you ready now" el says as we walk into the living area

"yep" i say and walk with her and liam aout the door and to the elevator, once we are all down in the lobby we wait till Paul, Preston,Pete, and the guy the boys call baldy which really his name is andy, but ill call him baldy too. once they get here paul explains how they are going to get us out of her and into the van outside,

"okay louis, eleanor, perrie, zayn will go out first then the 2nd lot will be jesy, jade, harry  and liegh-anne will be next then liam,joyce,and niall will go after okay, any questions!? he asks at the end, we all shake ur heads no and and the 1st group leave with all the gaurds around them, we all just stand ther ewaiting for our turn to come. whilei wait i walk over to liam and stand next to him giving him a side hug which surprises him a little cause he was talking to harry and niall,

"hey babe, you alright?" i ask

"yeah im fine babe dont worry i can stil sing perfectly" he says back to me

"okay but pull your hood up before we go out there cause we dont want then seing your black eye" i say with him now facing me i touch it very gently and he winches

"luckly you have lou to do your make up and hair before you go on " i say

"yeah and dont forget i got you to do mine too" he says smiling

"okay liam, joyce and niall lets go" paul sasy from just inside the door, i hadn't realized that the other lot had left, i smile up at liam once more befor i start to walk over to paul, but instead get pulled back by liam entwining our hands together i smile at him and we quickly walk over to the door. just before we go out liam pulls his hood up over his head and looks down at the ground before walking out following preston and niall who are in front of us, i put my head down a keep walking hoping no one notices me but just as im think that a paparazie gets right up in our face.

"liam, liam is joyce your girlfriend?"

"liam, liam are you two a couple?"

"joyce what will your brother say about this situation"

"liam, joyce look this way"

and they just kept screaming out questions to us i felt liam's grip get a bit tighter on my hand so i squeezed it reasuringly and smiled at him, we finally made it to the van and got in, once we were in paul jumped in the front with pete and started driving towards the arena.

* half an hour later*

half an hour later we are here and walking into the dressing rooms to get the boys ready

"hey joy" lou greets me with a hug

"hey lou, so who's make up and hair am i doing today?" i ask

"um...." she says thinking"how about harry, niall and louis!" she says

"uh actually can i not do my brothers please?" i ask

"whay whats wrong, did you have a fight?" she ask, i nod my head yes "okay you can do liam then is that okay" she asks

"yeah" i return a smile to her

"okay lets get going then,i suggest you block your ears darling" she sasy to me but before i could ask why she starts yelling at the top of her voice

"BOYS GET YOUR ARSSES HERE NOW!!!!!!!" She screams, i see all the boys come piling in through the door at one and cant stop my self from laughing

"you can help me next time okay" she says laughing with me

"alright" i say going over to whafre harry is now sitting

*15 minutes later**

i have just finished harry's hair and makeup, which i didnt think would take that long but jees he doens't stop fidgiting, im now currently working on nialls which doesnt take as long.

after i have finished his i shoo him off to get his out fit on, where i had shooded harry off to about 10 minutes ago

"hey babe" he says i get to his chair

"hey sexy" i reply which makes him chuckle a little, i amile and strt getiing to work on covering his bruise that he had gotten from louis, after his makeup is done i f=do his hair thean shoo him off with the rest of them to get changed but liam being liam didn't want to go without a kiss so i just ended up giving him a peck on the lips and pushed him out the door.

"aww you two look so cute" lous says behind me making me jump a little

'thanks lou" i say

"so how long have you two been together?" she asks me

"its going to be 3 months in 2 days" i reply

"so im guessing this is what the fight was about then" she aks me

"yeah i sort of screamed at lou, cause he told liam to not touch me, and thats how he found out we are togehter, and now we arn't talking again" i say to her

"oh okay, it will turn how you want it in the end darling"

"i know, thanks lou"

"no problem, now lets go find the boys" she says taking my wrists and pulling me out the door and down the hall to a door with 'stylist' written on it. just as we get there the door comes flying open and the boys all scatter out and down the hall in the opposite direction we were going.

"where are they going now?" i ask lou who is standing next to me laughing at most likely my reaction to them bursting out that door and running down the hall.

"there going to get their mic's and getting in their places for show, now come on!" she says dragging me down the hall the way we came and out into the arena

"where are we sitting?" i ask lou

"where paul and preston are!" she replies dragging me over to just in front of the stage where i see all the girls, i give them hugs and turn back to the stage to watch the countdown for the boys.

"5.........4............3............2...........1" all the girls in the audience scream, the boys pop out from underneath the stage singing up all night, when that was done they sang i would, heart attack, more than this, loved you first, one thing, c'mon c'mon, change my mind, one way or another(teenage kicks), and when it got to last first kiss liam was looking me straight in the eyes the whole time.

then througout the whole time he kept stealing glances of me from wherver he was, they ended up having a water fight with liam and louis acting normal around each other and then as they were finishing 'what makes you beautiful' liam gestured to us to go back stage and wait for him, so all us girls went backstage just as  they were jumping into the hole in the stage.

as soon as we got backstage perrie ran up to zayn and el ran up to louis and i ran over to liam jumping up and wrapping my legs aroung his waist with him holding me tight

"you did great li" i say pulling away from the hug where my head us in his neck, him still holding me tight by the thighs

"thanks babe" he says, as he starts to lean in for a kiss i quickly pull him in and smash my lips to his, we pull away as someone clears there throat, i look over and see it was lou

"please dont start" i say sto him jumping down from around liam and standing infront of him now, as he wraps his arms around me and joining his hands at my stomach with his head resting on my shoulder

"im not going to, i just want to speak to you both in private please" he asks, i turn my head to look at liam and he nods so i say fine and we follow him to  a room which i didn't know about

"okay, what do you want?" i ask trying not to sound rude but i probably did

"i just want you to forgive me please" he says pleading me to actually forgive him.

"i cant louis, atleast not yet, i mean you punched your best mate and my boyfriend and you are to over protective of me all the time i cant just forgiv so easily" i say to him, now looking down at me feet

"well in that case, can i atleast know if you will ever forgive me, i cant loose you i really cant " he says to me i look up at him, he has tears slowly spilling out of his eyes

"one day lou, one day" is all i say to him before turning around and walking to the door

"liam mate, please keep her safe for me i trust you to atleast do that for me please" lou sasy to liam

"i will louis" Li says as him and i walk out of the room and down to the back door where everyone else is waiting

"you all ready to go?" paul asks

we all nodd our heads and walk to the 2 vans parked outside, once in i rest my head on liams shoulder and im instantly asleep but before i dose off i hear liam say something "i love you, sleep tight beautiful" he says, i smile to myself and fall into the darkness that sleep is.

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