what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


24. chapter 22

liam's P.O.V.

I wake up to my phone going off and banging on the door of the hotel

"liam, joyce get up were leaving in 20 minutes" Dave my body guard says.

"okay" i yell back, as joyce has now gotten up and is sitting next to me rubbing her eyes

"morning beautiful" i say to her giving her a kiss on the forehead

"morning babe" she says yawning, i smile at her and get up walking to her side of the bed.

"come on we both need a shower" i say to her

"what together?" she asks me, i smiel at her

"yeah together" i say back to her, we hadn't had a shower together yet and  think she's a little self consious about herself still, from what has happend in the past.

"okay" she says walking into the bathroom with me following her, i close the door behing us and lock it just in case the boys or guards somehow get into our hotel. we strip down and run the water for the shower before getting in and washing each others bodies, i grab the bottle of body wash and put some in my hands, i rub them together and run my hands down joyce's sides and over her stomach, she lets a tear fall.

"hey, listen its not our fault okay, its his alright, we did nothing wrong okay!" i say to her "i love you so much joyce, and im so greatful that your still with me, i wished you both could have been but it didnt happen,its all okay now" i finish saying to her an dgive her a very passionate kiss on the lips.

"yeah i know but i was ready to be a mum, i didnt thnk i was until he actually killed our baby" she says still crying

"hey if your ready to be a mum then if and when we try next you will be so much happier" i say to her hugging her close, resting my hands on the back of her head. i pull her into my chest, she's so much smaller than me, im 5 ft 11 (A/N or 180cm) and joyce is 5 ft 3 (A/N or about 162 cm) tall. so she is small for her age sort of, we finishe washing ourselves and get out and quickly get changed into comfy clothes casue we are now going on a flight from here in california to Australia. which will be about 20 hours or so. i see joyce walk out of the bathroom wearing my plaid red and black plaid top tuccked into er high waisted blue jeans with her low red converse on, i smile a her and walk over to her as she grabs her bag off the floor,

"you love weaaring my clothes dont you" i say to her

"yep" she simply states before walking off out of the room to meet the boys at the eleavator.

(her outfit)

i lock the door of the hotel and run to the elavator where the boys and joyce are waiting an holding the elavator open, i get in and zayn pushes the lobby button.once down in the lobby i return all the keys i had just gotten of the boys, at the front desk, the man thanks me and i walk off seeing the group walking to the back door, we get into the cars and head to the airport.

once we get there there are thousands of fans, we all take some pictures and sign some things before we have to get inside, once we do get inside i take joyce's hand and walk to the gate for our own plane, we get on the plane everyone choosing where there sitting and me and joyce go to sit down, near the front of the plane, she falls asleep on my shoulder within an hour, i decise to join her and fall asleep. soon we will arrive in australia i cant't wait for the hot weather and that means i can go surfing again, yeah, i think to myself as i fall asleep with my head resting on joyce's.


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