what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


25. Australia, melbourne

liam's P.O.V.

"Babe wake up were here" i say to joy shaking her a little, she opens her eyes and looks around before smiling at me.

"what time is it?" she asks me

"8:30pm, come on were getting off" i say standing up and grabbing her bag for her, i step back and let her infront of me and we walk out of the plane only to get stopped by paul and the rest of security.

"okay boys and joyce we will get your luggage and send it to the hotel but i need you all to get out of this airport and straight into the van outside okay!" paul says to us, we all nodd and start walking,

Joyce's P.O.V.

i already miss El and Perrie, but they are going to join us soon, cause Perrie's band will be in Australia in 2 days and el will be here in 3 so im fine for now i think.

we walk out of  the air port to see heaps of fans outside being held back by the fences, we quickly make our way to the car as quick as we can, i hear people yelling out rude things to me but i just tune them out for now, i mean i can tune them out most of the time but if its on twitter or anything like that than yeah it effects me heaps.


once we get to the hotel we get out of the car and go inside to see paul and the rest of the bodyguards there already, we walk up to them and stand in a line infront of them, dont ask me why we always do it for some reason!

"okay harry and zayn your room is 224, louis and niall your room is 227, and  liam and joyce your room is 220, and i expect you to behave, while you share the room okay,and lou you have your own room if needed when El gets here otherwise there is enough room in the one with niall." paul says handing us our keys, we all nodd and liam gives me a nudge with his arm to look at him, i do and he has a cheeky smile on his face, i just give him a normal smile back.

"come on babe lets go to our room and relax" liam says to me, i smile and take his hand as we go in the eleavator to out room.


thanks hope you like it and yeah i know its short but it doesn't really matter i'll update as soon as possible

- tayla x

p.s - danielle will probably update next so she will sign her name so you know who is writting the chapter.

thanks again tayla x

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