Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


53. Zach...

Teagan's POV

Yesterday was Hayley and Liam's wedding it was amazing. I had to give my speech and I think I did an amazing job! Liam's parents and me and Hayley's moms have to leave today which means we have to watch Taylor and Carson, this will be fun three babies. I know you are probably thinking well there are all of you yeah but we decided its best if all of us watch all three... this is going to be a long week. We are all staying at Hayley and Liam's since it had two nurseries. I woke up this morning to a screaming Aaron he is in the same room as me and Harry which means it scared me because how loud he was. In turn this means I jumped and then scared Harry waking him up to even though I told him to go back to sleep. Now since Aaron screams Taylor and Carson started screaming, Harry got up to go get one of them I heard him banging on someone's door. 
"Get up and get Taylor! She likes you the best!" He said I'm guessing it was Niall's door. 
"Uhh! Why does she have to like me the most!" He said walking past the room I was in into Taylor's I just laughed. It was like 630 it has been like this all morning. Luckily the others help but still it wakes everyone up. I finally calmed Aaron down and brought hi. Down stairs to feed him. Everyone was up even Zayn but he looked like a zombie so I started to die laughing. Harry and Niall walked down and did the same thing. 
"What's so funny?" Louis asked sitting on the couch, how has no one noticed what Zayn looks like.
"Zayn looks like a zombie look at his hair!" I said laughing. Everyone started to laugh now and Zayn just got up and looked in the mirror we all waited for him to run up the stairs to go fix his hair but he just went and sat back down next to Perrie. 
"You feeling okay you usually freak put when you look like this?" She said laughing. 
"No I'm tired I could careless right now..." He said half asleep. 
"OMG Zayn doesn't care about his hair! Something is wrong!!" I said laughing walking into the kitchen getting three bottles for the babies. I gave Aaron to Louis and all I could hear was him laughing. I cam back in and gave Louis, Niall, and Harry the bottles and sat in the couch. I walked by Zayn and messed with his hair. 
"Not cool." He said.
"He's back!" Louis said. Zayn rolled his eyes. 
"Guys let's go to the mall later!!" El said. 
"YES!!" Me and Perrie both said. The boys all just laughed. We all made breakfast and by all I mean us girls. The boys played with the babies. Once we ate we watched tv for a little while and then left for the mall. 
We got to the mall and shopped for a while we went to all the cute kid stores and got a whole bunch of clothes. 
"Remind me again why they need these many clothes when they will just grow out of them?" Harry asked us.
"Because why not they are cute!" El squealed. All the boys just shook their heads then we heard.
"OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!" We all looked at each other and gave up they already ran up to all of us. 
"We are going over there..." Perrie said. All of the girls walked over to the bench. I sat down and remembered Harry had Aaron and the other boys had Taylor and Carson. 
"Umm girls the boys have the kids." I said. We all looked at each other.
"They will be fine. They won't let anything happen to them." El said. I just nodded on agreement. We heard all the girls yelling about the babies. 
"They are so cute!" 
"Harry he looks like you!!!!" 
"What are there names!!" We all just laughed while the boys got surrounded. I was worried at first but the fans realized the kids were there and calmed down and didn't surround them like usual. 
"My son is Aaron. Then those are Hayley and Liam's twins. Zayn is holding Carson and Niall is holding Taylor. " Harry said we saw him smile. So cute! 
We were talking to each other about random while the boys talked to the fans. All of a sudden someone came in front of us. It was Zack and Damien... What no!
"So you had your kid?" Zack asked. I froze and so didn't the other girls we just looked at the boys. 
"You forget how to talk?" Damien said smirking. "We won't hurt you guys we aren't like that." 
We were still on shock but we got up to walk away to go to the boys and then Zack grabbed my arm and pulled me back. 
"Don't touch me!" I yelled.
 We saw Niall look over then hit Harry and point to us. They all were smiling until they saw them. They all got away from the fans and came over to us.  
"What did you do to them? And why are you even near them do you remember what happened at the club would you like that to happen again??" Harry asked. 
"I didn't do anything and you wouldn't do that in front of your fans and your kid." Zack smirked. 
"I would if you touched one of them again." Harry said. Handing Aaron to me. 
"Harry don't!" I said looking right at him. He just put his arm around me realizing he shouldn't do anything. 
"Yea Harry don't!" Zack said. 
"I think it's time for us to go." Louis said. I think he realized if he didn't Harry night kill Zack. 
"Yea.." Harry said not moving his eyes off of Zack. He had that dumb smirk still on his face. We all started to walk away.
"Oh by the way tell Hayley she looked amazing in her wedding dress yesterday!" Damien yelled.
"What?" I yelled turning around.
"You didn't see the pictures online. She looking amazing..." He said smiling. 
"Pictures online?" I said. 
"Yea they are all over the place check!" He smiled and they walked away. Oh no this wasn't good. We all left the mall without saying a word to each other Harry still look pissed. We had to call and tell Hayley and Liam. We got back to the house and all walked into the living room. The kids had to be fed so El went and made bottles while I went to get my laptop. We all went into the living room and surrounded the computer. We went on twitter and there were pictures of the wedding. The pictures were also on every magazine website, everyone of those tv shows websites. 
"How could they get the pictures the date was a secret to the public?" I asked. 
"I have no idea." El said. 
"We need to tell Hayley and Liam..." I said. Everyone nodded in agreement. I picked up my phone and called Hayley. 
****PHONE CALL****
Liam- hello
Me-hey Liam is um Hayley near you?
Liam-yea...what's wrong is everything okay?!
Me-yes everything is okay...well kinda. Have you seen the papers or anything?
Liam-no why
Me-well um some how the paps got pictures of your wedding...
Liam- THEY WHAT!!!
Me-they got pictures it's all over the place.
Hayley-how it was a secret date...
Hayley-Liam calm down it's not that big of a's just pictures
Me-it's just the ceremony none of the reception... I thought we should tell you.
Hayley-yea thanks. We've got to go. Tell Tay and Carson we love them! Bye guys!!
"Well Hayley took that better than I thought." I said.
"Yea. And Liam's right it was probably management." Harry said.
"Whatever at least they were good pictures!" El laughed. We all nodded in agreement. The kids started to get fussy so we put them upstairs to nap and we all watched movies. We ended up watching movies all night and we all took turns with the three little ones. It was almost midnight when we all went up to bed. We were all tired from the night before still. I changed and got in bed and cuddled up to Harry. We were both just about to fall asleep when Taylor started to cry which made Aaron and Carson cry.
"Hey babe. You can you get Aaron..." I asked. 
"Yea I guess..." He rolled out of bed and got Aaron. I heard the other guys complaining about the other babies so I just laughed and rolled back over and tried to fall asleep. 
"Love you Harry!" I said before I fell asleep. This is going to be a looonnnnnggggg week!

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