Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


38. You what!?!

Teagan's POV 

We left the club and I was in shock. All I kept hearing was your gonna pay for this. I am so scared about what they will do to us. We got back to the house and I went right up to mine and Harry's room. I just started crying. Harry and Zayn came in Harry pulled me into his arms and I cried into his chest. 
"T-t-thank you..."-Me. 
"For what?"-Harry
"Being there for me and Hayley all the time."-Me.
"Teagan you know we always will be. And it was fun watching them beat the shut out of those two I wish I could of!"-Zayn. I started to laugh. 
"See there's the Teagan we love!"-Harry. I was still shaking a little. 
"What's wrong babe you know they won't hurt you anymore."-Harry.
"All I keep hearing is what Damien said. You'll pay for this! What are they gonna do to us. What if they kidnap us or try killing us or-"-Me
"Teagan stop you know that won't happen we won't let that happen."-Zayn.
"Thanks guys. I really don't know what I would do with out you but this isn't over with them... They will try to do something to me and Hayley."-Me I started to cry even harder. 
"Zayn can you give us a minute?"-Harry. Zayn nodded and left the room. 
"Baby trust me they won't touch or even look at you two. We won't let that happen."-Harry
"No buts! Nothing will happen. Now you girls are going dress shopping tomorrow and us boys are all going with you!"-Harry. I thought he was joking but he looked so serious. 
"Your kidding. You can't what if I want to try a wedding dress on?"-Me. 
"I'm not. We are not leaving you four girls alone... And if you want to try a dress on them I'll leave but we are going with you!"-Harry 
"Fine but one of you boys has to try a dress on otherwise I won't let you go!"-Me. I started to smile and he knew I wasn't kidding. 
"Fine who?"-Harry. I think he thought I would say him. He looked worried. 
"Louis but don't tell him I have a plan!"-Me. Harry smirked. 
"Uhh oh that's scary!"-Harry. He laughed. 
"Wow ok then."-Me. We both laughed and I cuddled up to Harry. He sang 'Something Great' to me and I fell asleep in his arms. 
I heard him whisper "I love you forever and always baby." Then he kissed my forehead and held me close. I love him so much! 
I woke up in the middle of the night and Harry wasn't there. Where am I. I kept thinking about Zack I started to cry all I could hear was Damien's voice saying you'll pay for this. I cried even harder then the door opened. I pulled the covers over my head. 
"Babe what's wrong!?"-Harry. Oh thank god! 
"I woke up and you weren't here I thought they took me..."-Me. Harry laid down next to me and pulled me close. 
"That will never happen babe. They would have to go through me first and I would never let anything happen to you and our baby."-Harry. He pulled me close and kissed me. 
"I love you babe."-Me. 
"I love you to. Now it's late and we have a big day today we have to go dress shopping!"-Harry 
"Wait today what time is it? And yes we do."-I laughed but was confused it can't be that late. 
"It's 2AM. And you need sleep it will help take your mind off of things."-Harry. He pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me with his hand on my stomach. 
"I would never let anything happen to either of you two."-Harry whispered in my ear. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms. 
****Next Morning****
I woke up still in Harry's arms. He was still asleep so I kissed him to wake him up. 
"Morning!"- I said really energetically. 
"Morning babe. What time is it? And why are you so energetic."-Harry said in his adorable morning voice. 
"It's like 10 and because we are going dress shopping today!"-Me. I was jumping on the bed. 
"You're like a little kid in Christmas morning!"-Harry 
"Come on babe get up!!"-Me. He sat up and pulled me back onto the bed next to him. 
"No. Stay here. We can stay and relax and forget about everything that's happened to us yesterday."-Harry 
"But dress shopping!"-Me. I jumped out of the bed and started to get ready. "Come on Harry time to get up!"
"Fine..."-Harry. He got out of bed and started to get ready. I finished and went downstairs to find everyone else down there ready to go. I was talking to the girls about the dress I want when Harry came up and put his hands on my waist. I jumped away from him. 
"What was that about?"-Harry 
"I don't really know I guess I'm still in shock from last night."-Me.
"I know it's fine now though."-Harry. He gave me a hug and I jumped a little. He looked kind of worried but just laughed it off. 
"Come on girls it's time to go shopping!"-Eleanor said jumping up and down. 
"Yea let's go!"-Louis yelled in a high pitch voice jumping up and down like El. 
"What do you mean your not going..."-El. 
"Yea all of us boys are. We aren't leaving you girls alone with those creeps being here."-Liam
"I already talked to Teagan and she said it was fine!"-Harry 
"No I said it was fine if one of the boys put a dress on so I could see four dresses at a time!"-Me. Everyone laughed and the boys just stood there. 
"So which boy will it be?"-Hayley. Everyone turned and looked at Lou. 
"No no no not happening!"-Louis
"Please Lou for me! It will take less time that way."-Me.
"Fine! But you owe me."-Lou
"No I don't come on let's go!"-Me. Harry went to put his arm on my shoulder and I jumped. 
"Babe we need to talk about this. This isn't good."-Harry whispered in my ear. I just nodded my head and we got into the car. 
 We were all in the car laughing and having good time then we got to the dress shop and saw a lot of paparazzi. 
"Really how did they know we were here."-Me. 
I just got out of the car. Harry put his arm around my shoulder to make sure no one would hit me. I jumped when he did that. He just gave me  a worried look and I just looked away. The paparazzi were yelling a lot of question about last night. We all tried to not answer them. I was starting to freak out a little because I don't like thinking about that. Harry noticed and we all hurried inside. We all got in and the paparazzi was nice enough not to bother us when we were shopping. All the girls and I plus Louis looked at dresses for both my wedding and Hayley's. I was looking at mint color and Hayley was looking at a light purple. We all picked out a mint dress and a purple dress we liked. They all tried the mint dresses on first I laughed so hard when Louis came out. He walked out like a model and struck a pose. I died. Harry took a picture of Louis but made sure he didn't know. That made me laugh even more. My favorite was surprisingly the one Louis had on. 
"I like the one Lou has on! Now that we found that one,  we can look at Hayley's.-Me. 
"Yes I'm done trying dresses on!!"-Louis
"No your not you still need to try some on for me."-Hayley. Then Liam's sisters walked in.
"Thank you! I don't have to try dresses on again."-Louis. 
"No you still do..."-Hayley 
"Uhhhh fine!!"-Louis Everyone laughed. We all tried dress on and Hayley found the one she wanted. Harry took another picture of Louis. When we all changed back into our normal clothes and Harry was showing everyone the pictures of Lou. Lou tried to delete them but Harry already put them on twitter. So he let him delete them then everyone's phone went off. Lou's face was hilarious when he saw them. We all walked out of the store laughing about Louis. Harry put his arm around my waist and I jump. 
"Harry..."-I said mocking him. 
"We defiantly talking about this later."-Harry
"Fine."-Me. We walked out and Hayley stopped and her face went pale. 
"What's wrong Hay?"-Liam 
"They are over there."-Hayley. All the guys looked and we all saw nothing. 
"There is no one there."-Liam. 
"No I see them. I swear. I can see them."-Hayley. 
"I think you are just tired and imagining things. You fell asleep pretty late."-Niall. 
"Let's just go now."-Liam. Hayley nodded. She looked creeped out and pretty scared. 
"Food time!!!"-Niall. We all got into the car and went to go get something to eat. We were all sitting at the table when Hayley's face went really pale. I looked up and I saw them. I grabbed on to Harry's hand and I could tell I was shaking. 
"Teagan what's wrong?"-Harry. He looked up and he started to look angry. 
"Harry please don't. Can we just go home?"-I said in a whisper. He nodded and we all got up. Me and Hayley both looked down at the ground hoping they wouldn't see us. We all made it out to the car and I don't think they saw us but I was still scared. We got home and I went right up to the bed room. I pet Princess for a while, she helped me relax a little. Harry came in about 20 minutes later. 
"Babe we need to talk about everything that's going on."-Harry 
"I told you I'm scared to death! What if they hurt me or the baby or any of us! It wouldn't surprise me if they did."-Me. 
"That won't happen. We won't let it happen. They didn't even notice us today at lunch. I think if they really wanted to they would have tried something."-Harry. He pulled me close to him. 
"I don't know. I just don't want any of us to get hurt because of my stupid mistake!"-Me. I covered my mouth as soon as I said it. Harry's eyes grew wide. 
"What do you mean your stupid mistake? Didn't he rape you?"-Harry 
"Yea. And then-"-Me 
"Then what?"-Harry 
"Well I tried avoiding him but he wouldn't leave me alone and then I kind of fell for him well I thought I did I was a sophomore so I didn't really understand love. And we kind of dated for like a month with out anyone knowing not even Hayley..."-Me 
"Well I-I don't know I thought I loved him. Now this is all my fault if someone gets hurt! I never should have done that! I regret doing it!"-Me. I started to cry in to Harry's chest. 
"Shhh it's ok baby. It was a mistake. Just please tell me you didn't do anything with him..."-Harry 
"Ummm not that I can remember. I do remember this one night after a party I woke up at his house but I don't remember if we did anything... I'm sorry Harry I just tried to forget all that. That's why I never told anyone!"-Me.
"Babe. Well it won't be your fault if they do anything. And it's fine I understand I just wish you would have told me. Now I think we need to tell everyone about you and Zack."-Harry 
"Yea I guess I should. But what if Hayley gets really mad and hates me because I didn't tell her?"-Me 
"That won't happen. And you need to tell them if you don't I will..."-Harry I nodded and he grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs. 
"Umm guys I need to tell you something."-Me 
"Teagan what's wrong it looks like you've been crying."-Louis
"Well...ummm. Do I have to do this?"-Me. I looked at Harry and he nodded. 
"Well you all know what happened to me and Hayley sophomore year. Well umm that's not all that happened."-Me. 
"What do you mean that's not all that happened?!?"-Hayley 
"Well umm Zack wouldn't leave me alone and we umm I kind of thought that I loved him... and well in my defense I was a sophomore and I didn't know what love was and we umm kid of umm dated for like a month."-Me. I looked at the floor quickly them looked up and saw shocked faces on everyone's face. 
"You dated him why didn't I know!"-Hayley. 
"Because I knew you would be upset and tell me that I shouldn't have which I now know I shouldn't have but I thought I loved him."-Me. 
"I wouldn't be mad if you told me!"-Hayley
"I wanted to but I was scared that you would be really mad at me!"-Me
"I'm more mad now than I would have been then!"-Hayley
"How do you know that?!"-Me
"Because you would have told me then not three years later!"-Hayley
"I'm sorry okay."-Me I said looking at the ground.
"Look I get it, you thought you loved him, but I don't get why you wouldn't tell me, I'm your best friend you know EVERYTHING about me and I didn't know that you thought you loved the guy that raped you?"-Hayley
"I'm sure you have your secrets too."-Me 
"No I don't. You know every little thing about me. You know more than Liam and my parents combined! But I didn't know you even had a boyfriend before Harry."-Hayley
"Are you mad?"-Me
"No, well a little but if I find out you are keeping anything else I will probably rip your head off."-Hayley 
"Good and there isn't."-Me. 
"Well there is the one other thing but that's it..."-Harry 
"What other thing?"-Hayley
"Well umm I may have been raped by him more than once. I remember waking up at his house after a party but that's all I remember. I don't know if he did it more than just those two time though."-Me 
"Teagan! Why would you do that? Please tell me you broke up with him after you woke up after that party."-Louis
"Well um he broke up with me that day... He was upset that I wouldn't do anything with him and I didn't want people to know about us. I wanted to keep dating him..."-Me
"What! Teagan you didn't tell me that!"-Harry 
"Well I only thought that for like another couple weeks... Then I got over it."-Me. Harry looked upset but when I said that he looked a little more relieved. 
"Teagan.... Is this when you were in like that weird mood for like a month?"-Hayley 
"It wasn't a month it was like a couple weeks like maybe 2."-Me I looked down at the floor. Harry put his arm around me and I jumped. 
"What was that about?"-Zayn
"She's been doing that since the club...she jumps when ever I put my arms around her. She thinks it one of them."-Harry explained pulling me closer to him on the couch. 
"Oh... So what do you want to do?"-Louis
"Let's watch movies!"-Me and Hayley said at the same time. 
"Okay what movie?"-Liam
"Anything but Toy Story!"-Niall 
"Bridesmaids!"-All the girls said at once.
"Ok and them we can watch Grown Ups 1&2."-Liam. Niall went to get snacks for everyone to have during the movies. I cuddled up next to Harry on the couch and I felt so safe and worry free when I was with him. All my thoughts about what happened to me are gone that's the past now I just have to concentrate on my future. And I couldn't imagine it any other way! 

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