Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


7. Why me???

Teagan's POV 

I woke up in the hospital with all these machines hooked up to me and then I see Hayley sitting next to me crying. 


"OMG YOU'RE AWAKE!" - She jumped up and ran out into the hallway to get the doctors. They came in and told me that I had a concussion and a broken arm!! What I didn't feel any pain... 

"How long will her arm be in a cast..." -Hayley.

"For about 2 months." -Dr.

"Are you kidding that's the rest of tennis and the start of preseason volleyball!!" -Me

"Her concussion is pretty surious... she shouldn't sleep for about a week without being woken up every hour." -Dr.

"Ok... When can she come home?" -Hayley 

"Tonight... as long as she stays concious and you take care of her at home."

"I will!" -Hayley

The doctor left and we both just cried. Then I looked up and saw Harry and the boys standing in the door. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"We were worried... you just got into a car crash! You could have died we had to come see you."-Harry

"Well what if you get seen we will be in so much trouble!"-Me. Shit I didn't mean it like that. I saw Harry's face change completely. SHIT SHIT SHIT what did I do know!

"You know what fine I'll leave!" -Harry left all upset and so didn't the other guys... Even Liam. He told Hayley to call when we could leave. 

"Shit Hayley I mess everything up! Alexa was right it would never have lasted I'm so stupid for thinking it would."-Me

"No your not! He was just really scared that he was going to lose you! And he was just shocked that you said that...."-Hayley

"Just call Liam I want to go home." 

***Phone Call***

Hayley: Hey can you come get us Teagan wants to leave. 

Liam: Yea I'll be there in 10.

Hayley: Ok how's Harry?

Liam: He's really upset about what he said. He is crying right now and keeps saying that she will never take him back.

Hayley: Trust me she will she is saying the same thing.

Liam: We know that but he won't listen to us he just keeps saying" It's my fault. She will never take me back." I feel bad for him. 

Hayley: Me to I'll see you when you get here bye. 

Liam: Bye 

***End of Call***

Liam came and got us and I just wanted to go home and sleep my head hurt! I was upset I'm done with my sports for now! I don't know what to do! We walked in the house and I went to go to my room but Hayley won't let me she said I had to stay down here and talk to them about what happend. I went over to Harry and hugged him. He just looked at me.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean what I said earlier I was just scared." -Harry

"It's fine I didn't mean what I said either." -Me. He kissed me and then I went to lay down and fall asleep.

"NOOO!!!" Everyone yelled.

"Why! I'm tired I want to sleep!!"

"The dr. said you can't sleep without someone waking you up every hour... and you need to tell us what happened." -Harry

"Fine. I was at tennis when all the girls started to talk about me and then they were saying all the things the wicked witch of the west was saying about me... So I left. I didn't want to come home cause it was still only 4:30 so I just drove around. I was driving home when I got hit head on by someone on the wrong side of the road. I don't remember anything after that until you came..."-I started to cry. "Where's Niall?" 

"Oh and he went to go get food."-Louis. Then the door opened and Niall walked in with a huge smile. Then Alexa walked in... I just got up out of Harry's arms and ran upstairs. I just cried.

"How's she feeling?"-Niall

"Fine. Now what the hell is she doing in my house. Get the hell out of my house Alexa! No one wants you here!" 

"Don't talk to my girlfriend like that!"-Niall

"What the hell Niall your dating her!!!"-Hayley

"Hi Hayley how's the bruise!"-Alexa

"She's the girl that gave you the bruise!! Niall get her the hell out of here!!-Liam 

"No she's my girlfriend she's staying!"-Niall I just closed the door and stopped listening and texted Harry. I told him to say this to them: "If she doesn't leave I am!" Everyone stopped talking when he said that. But she was still there. I walked down stairs looked at everone and headed for the door. 

" Niall she leaves or I do!"-Me


"What the fuck is your problem!" -Hayley

"She has a fucking concussion and a broken arm!"-Harry 

"It's fine I'll leave..." -Alexa

"You don't have to."- Niall 

"YES SHE DOES!!!"-Both me and Hayley

"Niall what the hell you were willing to let Teagan leave so that thing could be here!"-Hayley

"That GIRL is my girlfriend now!!!"-Niall

"You barely know here and you don't want to know her."-Hayley

" What is you issue with her! She's so nice!!"-Niall 

"Beacause she is one of the reasons Teagan is like this!! And why I'm bruised."-Hayley 

"Guys stop yelling my head hurts!"-Me. The room then went dark and I was on the couch. Hayley was crying again. 

"What happened?" I went to sit up but Louis made me lay back down.

"Teagan you just passed out!"-Harry. He turned to Niall and said "Thisi is all your fucking fault. You brought that girl here." 

"Harry stop it's not like he knew."-Me

"Well we told her to leave and she wouldn't and he said she didn't have to so it kinda is. You should have made her leave and then not yelled."-Liam 

"Hayley was yelling to so it's her fault to!"-Niall

"Don't blame this on her she told her to leave for Teagan's sake but no!-Liam. Niall looked like he wanted to cry, Hayley and Harry were scared to death about what just happend to me.

I told them I was going to sleep and they took turns on who was waking me up. It was only 8 so everyone was still up and Harry woke me up and asked how I was. I said fine and then heard Niall say "Can I talk to Teagan?" I said yea but Harry said he wasn't leaving so we went up to my room. 

"Teagan I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done all that I should have made her leave."-Niall

"It's ok.."-Me. Harry just kept giving Niall a nasty look. 

"So what's the issue with you three anyway?"-Niall

"I really don't talk about it go talk to Hayley... Everyone needs to know what happend between us." We went down stairs and Niall asked Hayley to talk about what happened because I won't tell him. I told her to and then she started to tell everyone about her. 

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