Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


29. Why Are You Here?!

Liam's POV

I woke up at 8 today, Hayley is really happy here and that makes me feel so good. Hayley was still asleep so I left her a note telling her that the boys and I had to go to a photo shoot today. We've been talking about what is going to happen after the babies are born. We decided that we would get a house 3 months before the babies were due, so we could get everything set up and make their rooms. I got everything I needed and left with the boys. The photo shoot took forever. We needed pictures of me, of Louis, of Harry, of Zayn and of Niall, then us all together and then change our outfits and then the rest of the time I was on my phone. I wasn't going to text Hayley just incase she was still asleep. But El, Perrie and Teagan were all awake before I left. When we got home the police were there.. I saw Hayley's dad get taken away. What is going on? We all rushed inside Hayley was crying into El and Teagan was bleeding. I ran to Hayley. 
"What happened?"-Liam. 
"Her dad came in drunk and freaked out. He hit both Hayley and Teagan and I guess he started kicking Hayley in the stomach. Then he must have kicked her in the head and cut Teagan.We need to take them to the hospital."-Eleanor. 

Hayley's POV 
I woke up and saw a note from Liam. He had to leave for an interview. The girls were already up when I woke up. I walked downstairs and ate breakfast that I'm guessing Harry made. When I finished I sat on the couch. 
"So how do you like London so far?"-Eleanor. 
"I love it. It's really pretty, it just takes time to get used to, mostly after being in California where it was 85 degrees on a cool day."-Me. 
"Yeah, it is really cold."-Perrie. 
"So have you thought about baby names yet?"-Eleanor. 
"Well since we are having twins we need 4 names, but right now we only have two. If we have a girl and boy the boy will be Carson James Payne, and the girl will be Taylor Elizabeth Payne. We just need two more names just incase we have 2 girls or two boys."-Me. 
"I love those names!"-Perrie. I laughed. 
"Have you guys thought about the wedding yet? Like when it will be, and stuff?"-Eleanor. 
"Nope.. But I do know that you girls will be a couple of my bridesmaids."-Me. 
"Well obviously!"-Perrie. We just talked more and more but then the door burst open. 
"Are the guys home already?"-Me. 
"  no, they usually get home in like 30 minutes to an hour."-El. We all kind of stared at the doorway until we saw my dad walk in. 
"Dad. What are you doing here?"-Me. 
"You know, you should have listened to me Hayley. You shouldn't have started dating Liam, but you did and now look at you, your pregnant with twins. But it's not a problem, because i can take care of those mistakes now. I can kill them for you."-Dad. 
"Dad you're drunk. Stop it."-Me. I stood up and he started walking towards me. I was backing up. Teagan got up. 
"You need to leave. Now."-Teagan. 
"Oh shut up!"-Dad. He pushed her to the ground and slapped her in the face. Then he kicked her. El and Perrie left the room to call the police and the boys. He came over to me. 
"Dad please stop."-Me. He slapped me and I fell to the ground. He started kicking my stomach and wouldn't stop. I tried covering it a little but he kicked my hands. He kicked my head trying to knock me out. I started seeing dots and then saw him take a knife out. I heard Teagan tell him to stop and then I heard her scream in pain. El and Perrie got him away. Then the police walked in. They took him out. El and Perrie helped me up and brought me to the couch. I let the darkness take over. I woke up and I think I was in the hospital. 
"Where am I?"-Me. 
"Oh my god Hayley! You're in the hospital."-Liam. He gave me a kiss. 
"My head hurts."-Me. 
"I know baby. It will get better."-Liam. 
"Are the babies okay?!"-Me. 
"Yeah they are great."-Liam. 
"Thank god."-Me. The doctor came in. 
"Good you're awake. So both your babies are fine. How long have you been pregnant?"-Doctor.
"17 weeks I think."-Me. 
"So if you would like I could do an ultrasound and you can find out the genders of them both, unless you want it to be a surprise."-Doctor. I looked at Liam. 
"It's up to you."-Liam. 
"Why is it up to me? You pick."-Me. 
"Fine, we would like to find out the genders."-Liam. The doctor nodded and left. 
"How's Teagan?"-Me. 
"Good she can leave tonight."-Liam. I nodded then everyone came in. Including the doctor. He put the gel stuff on my stomach and started moving the thing around. 
"Okay, so you are having a....girl and a...boy."-Doctor. I smiled and looked at Liam. He gave me a kiss and I could tell he was really happy. All the boys were excited and the girls were too. 
"Thank you but when can I leave?"-Me. 
"Whenever you want just make sure you check out."-Doctor. I nodded and got up. I got changed and met Liam at the counter he already signed me out. Teagan came home with us. When we got back I got changed into pajamas and just laid on the couch with Liam. The doorbell rang. I jumped a little. Liam moved me over and got the door. Two girls with blonde hair walked in and one of them had a dog. I recognized the girls as his sisters, and the dog. It was Loki, Liam's dog. They put the dog down and he started jumping all over Liam. It was so cute. I sat up Liam came over to me and sat next to me. He wrapped his arm around me. His sisters came over and sat next to us. 
"So I'm guessing you're Hayley that Liam talks about all the time."-Ruth. I nodded.
"I guess so."-Me. Liam just shook his head. 
"I'm Ruth and that's Nicola. I'm obviously Liam's favorite older sister."-Ruth. 
"She's crazy I am."-Nicola. 
"Guys stop you have this argument all the time."-Liam. I laughed. After a couple of hours they left but Liam said we are keeping Loki. We decided to go to bed. We went up to our room and laid in bed. We were all cuddled up until Loki decided to lay right in between us. 
"Really Loki?"-Liam. I laughed and gave Liam a kiss. I drifted off into a deep sleep. I kept seeing my dad's face and it woke me up. I left Liam to sleep and just went downstairs to watch TV. Loki came down and laid right on my lap. I was petting him until I finally fell asleep and didn't have any nightmares. 

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