Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


31. What's Going On?

Hayley's POV
I woke up on the couch to someone poking my face. 
"Stooppppp!!"-Me. I heard someone come downstairs. I sat up and saw Liam. 
"What's going on?"-Liam. 
"Niall was poking my face!"-Me. 
"What?"-Liam. He looked at Niall. 
"I wanted food. -Niall. 
"Why are you asking me?"-Me. 
"Because I saw you first."-Niall. 
"Go ask Harry. He will make pancakes or something."-Me. Niall ran upstairs. Liam sat next to me. 
"Why were you down here?"-Liam. 
"I couldn't really sleep last night so I came down here."-Me. 
"Why didn't you tell me?"-Liam. 
"You were sleeping."-Me. 
"So what?"-Liam. 
"I wasn't going to wake you up, just because I couldn't sleep."-Me. 
"I want you too."-Liam. 
"Fine next time I will."-Me. 
"Good."-Liam. He gave me a kiss. Then he got up and started walking upstairs. I got up and went to the bedroom. I sat on the bed on my phone while he was in the shower. Teagan came in. 
"Hey Tea."-Me. 
"I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not even Liam. "-Teagan. 
"Oh god.. Okay I won't."-Me. 
"I'm pregnant."-Teagan. 
"What!? How could you be so dumb?"-Me. 
"So you can be happy and have a family but I can't!?"-Teagan. 
"No! That's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying that you saw what happened with me and now you're doing it to yourself."-Me. Liam walked in with his towel on his waist. 
"Whatever Hayley. Im sure that's what you meant."-Teagan. 
"It was!!"-Me. She walked out of the room and slammed my door. 
"What's that about?"-Liam. 
"Nothing. Teagan being Teagan I guess."-Me. He nodded. He was still in just his towel. He looked so amazing. I was looking at his abs. 
"My eyes are up here babe."-Liam. 
"Well, I wasn't looking at your eyes."-Me. He laughed. Once he got dressed he sat down next to me on the bed. 
"We have a photo shoot today. I don't want to leave you here alone again."-Liam. 
"Ill be fine."-Liam. Loki came in and jumped on Liam's lap. 
"That's what you said last time."-Liam. 
"Yeah, but this time I have Loki to protect me."-Me. 
"I don't think this little guy can protect anything."-Liam. Loki barked at Liam. And got off of his lap and went on the other side of me. 
"I think Loki disagrees with you."-Me. Liam just laughed. 
"Seriously though."-Liam. 
"Seriously, I'll be fine. I'll call you if anything happens."-Me. 
"You better."-Liam. Louis walked in. 
"Li, time to go."-Louis. Liam nodded and stood up. He gave me a kiss. 
"I love you."-Liam. 
"I love you too."-Me. He left the house. I walked downstairs and saw Teagan holding Princess. She put Princess down and Loki started playing with her. I sat on the couch. Teagan just ignored me. 
"Still mad at me? I didn't mean anything by what I said upstairs. I just wants you to know that it's not easy. But I'll be here for you. I'm not just going to leave you, mostly at a time like this."-Me. 
"Really?"-Teagan. I nodded. 
"Want to know the best part?"-Me. 
"We can go shopping together!"-Me. She laughed. 
"So what did Harry say when you told him? Was he happy?"-Me. 
"I... Haven't told him yet."-Teagan. 
"What!? Teagan you need to tell him."-Me. My phone started ringing. It was Niall. 
Me: Hello?
Niall: Hi, Liam wanted me to tell you that the photo shoot got cancelled so we will be back in like 15-20. 
Me: Okay. 
"The boys will be home in 15-20 minutes."-Me. 
"Why haven't you told him yet?"-Me. 
"I just don't know how."-Teagan. 
"When did you find out?"-Me. 
"Yesterday at the hospital."-Teagan.  
"And you haven't told him yet!?"-Me. 
"I don't know how!"-Teagan. 
"You are pregnant! You need to just tell harry that you are!"-Me. 
"Thanks a lot Hayley!"-Teagan. 
"What did I do? Like I knew they were here? Wait isn't this kind of like the time that you told my dad?"-Me. 
"Yeh the dad that tried killing you!"-Teagan. 
"At least my dad has been there for most of my life!"-Me. 
"Hayley. Stop."-Liam. 
"Why should I stop? She's being the bitch! I did nothing wrong!"-Me. 
"Hayley, calm down please."-Liam. 
"Hayley listen to your boyfriend. I'm so sorry for you Liam. Having a girlfriend that's such a bitch all the time it must be tiring!"-Teagan. 
"And harry I'm sorry your girlfriend is too pussy to actually tell you that she was pregnant. She should have told you yesterday when she found out!"-Me. 
"You knew yesterday? Why wouldn't you tell me?"-Harry. 
"Hayley come here."-Liam. He brought me into the kitchen. 
"Please stay here."-Liam. 
"Fine."-Me. He left the kitchen and Niall came in. 
"Am I a bitch?"-Me. He just laughed a little. 
"No. Plus if you are a bitch right now it's because you're pregnant."-Niall. 
"Good."-Me. He sat next to me and we were just talking until Teagan, Harry and Liam came in. 
"Hayley, Teagan has something to say to you."-Harry 
"I have nothing to say. I don't know what you're talking about."-Teagan. 
"Good, I don't want to talk to you anyways!"-Me.  
"See? Bitch!"-Teagan. 
"Okay, you need to stop. Both of you."-Liam. 
"What am I even doing!?! Niall and I were perfectly fine talking then you guys came in!"-Me. 
"Nothing is ever your fault right Hayley!"-Teagan. 
"Shut up. I don't like you. Don't talk to me."-Me. I got up and went into Liam and i's room. ?Liam walked in. 
"Are you okay?"-Liam. 
"Perfect."-Me. He came over to me and sat next to me. 
"Are you mad at me?"-Liam.
"No. You did nothing wrong."-Me. 
"Good."-Liam. I cuddled up to him and Loki came in and sat at the foot of the bed.  After a good half hour El and Perrie came in. 
"Hey, what's going on with you and Teagan?"-Perrie. 
"Nothing, just that she's pregnant and didn't tell Harry and then got mad at me because the boys walked in when I was talking about it."-Me. 
"And you guys both said many many things that shouldn't have been said."-Liam. 
"She's really upset."-El. 
"Good for her."-Me. Liam got up and left me el and Perrie to talk. 
"Come on you can't be that mad at her."-Perrie. 
"I am though. She's was horrible to me. She deserves it all."-Me. After we all talked I walked downstairs and didn't see Teagan or Harry. I went to the couch and was about to sit down next to Liam but he pulled me into his lap.  I laughed. We were all watching movies, then Teagan and Harry came down. Harry sat next to me and Liam and Teagan next to him. Luckily Teagan and I weren't next to each other. Liam and I started talking about the movie. We decided to go upstairs. We laid in bed and just talked about everything. We even talked about our wedding a little. 
"So, I was thinking instead of actually going to college I could do online classes. Since I'm pregnant and all that."-me. 
"That's a really good idea. Before you start school, I was wondering if you wants to come to Wolverhampton with me to meet my parents."-Liam. 
"Of course."-Me. 
"Yeah, why would I say no?"-me. 
"I don't know."-Liam. 
"I love you."-Me. 
"I love you too."-Liam. He gave me a passionate, lustful, and sweet kiss. We pulled away and just cuddled up more. Today was something but Liam can make anything better. 

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