Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


22. What!?!?!

Teagan's POV 

Last night was prom. It was amazing. Me and Hayley danced together for a little bit but me and Harry danced most of the time. They played a few slow songs but mostly music that you would hear in a club. That was fine with me. It was so fun. I loved being there with Harry. At the end of prom they played like 3 slow songs. After the first one they played a fast song and I went over to Hayley and we started to Danica then I saw the ring on her finger!  I freaked out (a happy freaked out) and looked at Liam and Harry. They were both laughing at me and her jumping up and down freaking out. They rest of the fast songs I danced with Hayley. The slow songs I danced with Harry obviously. After the last slow me and Hayley said goodbye to our friends and left for the hotel. I'm surprised her mom agreed but her mom really doesn't care as long as she's smart about what she does. Hayley and Liam made a comment about how I might be pregnant after how me and Harry were dancing... But they were doing that to and so weren't a lot of people so it didn't really bother me. Once we got to the hotel I said goodbye to Hayley and went with Harry to our room. I walked to the bathroom to start taking my makeup off. Then I felt my dress come undone I turned around and saw Harry smiling. He leaned in and kissed. I slipped my dress off and sat up on the counter. We continues to kiss as I undid his shirt. He pulled away and took it off. We started to kiss again and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. We kissed with so much passion. He picked me up and laid me on the bed our lips were still connected. I bet you can guess what happened next. That wasn't our first time "doing it" just to let you know. Once we were done I cuddled up to Harry and we fell asleep. 
***Morning After Prom***
I woke up in Harry's arms and he smiled and gave me a kiss. 
"I love you baby."-Harry 
"I love you to babe."-Me. Harry got up and made me breakfast. We were sitting on the couch when the was a knock on the door. It was Hayley she was crying and told Harry that she needed to talk me. I was so worried. The first thing I thought was that Liam and Hayley broke up but I didn't says that. She told me she was pregnant. 
"I know I just don't know how to tell Liam!"-Hayley 
"Tell me what?"- Liam asked. Hayley told him and she started to cry. I felt horrible for her. 
"Hay your not sure you are you might just be sick. I'll go get you some test so you can be positive... Well hopefully negative but positive your not."-Me
"Okay thanks Tea!"-Hayley 
"And you said I needed a pregnancy test after last night..."-Me. Harry laughed and Liam and Hayley just gave us a nasty look. 
I got back from the store and Hayley took the tests.... All three were positive. She couldn't look at them so I had to. 
"You're a mommy!"-Me
"What! Oh my god! I can't tell Liam. Can you?"-Hayley
"Sure Liam Harry come here!!!"-I yelled. They both walked in I could tell Liam was nervous.
"Liam your going to be a daddy!!! And I'm an Auntie!!!!!"-Me. Hayley got up and went over to Liam and just cried into his chest. Me and Harry just left to get ready. About an hour later we were on our way back trying to calm Hayley down. We got back to Hayley's house and everyone was in the living room. Hayley's dad asked if she was crying she said no she forgot about her makeup. They left and went up stairs her  mom saw the ring and smiled. Niall asked what was going on he knew she was crying Hayley told them and then I said a little to loudly I was going to be an Aunt. Her dad heard and started to yell and then I said it was time for me to leave. They boys came with me even Liam tried to leave but Hayley didn't let him. I just walked outside and cried into Harry's chest. 
"She hates me now!"-Me
"No she doesn't it was a mistake."-Harry. I guess he was right so I just nodded my head in agreement. Hayley and Liam came out and we talked and we are fine now. I guess Hayley's dad freaked out about everything said he didn't want anything to do with the baby. Hayley said that she wasn't going to be a part of his life anymore than. We left and went back to my house. Everyone still in shock about what was going on. 
"When someone is pregnant they don't get symptoms until like a month in.... You girls should know that."-Louis.
"That's right!!!"-I looked at Hayley and Liam. Both their faces where bright red. 
"Okay fine! Maybe I had an idea last week when I missed my you know what but didn't think anything of it. Then today I got sick and put it all together."-Hayley. We all just looked at her.
"Why didn't you tell me. We could have got the test sooner gone to a dr. something!"-Liam 
"I-I-I was scared. I didn't think that this would happen."-Hayley. Liam pulled her closer to him and hugged her. 
"We need to call a dr. so we can know exactly how far along you are."-Liam. They left to go call a dr. I was still in shock. Harry was holding me close and kissed me. 
"Soooooo what?"-Harry 
"Could we be expecting to have another little baby running around soon?"-Louis looked from me to Harry I hid my face in Harry chest. Everyone was laughing. 
"No you shouldn't be. We where careful."-Harry. I hit him and he looked at me. 
"Nobody needs to know that stuff..."-Me everyone laughed even me and Harry. 
Hayley and Liam came back down and said they had a dr. appointment on Monday. 
"So there might be another little baby!"-Niall 
"WHAT!!!!"- Hayley screamed.
"No no no there won't be!"-Me. They laughed and Harry leaned over and kissed me. 
"Well from how you to were dancing that night and how you are right now there might be!"-Liam laughed. My face turned bright red. Everyone looked at me and Harry. 
"What happened at the dance?"-Niall, Zayn, and Louis all asked at once. 
"Nothing..."- Me and Harry both said. 
"They grinding and making out all night."- Hayley said with a laugh. 
"Not all night just most of the time..."- I said with a laugh. 
"Whatever same difference!"-Niall. We all just laughed. 
The rest of the day we talked about the baby and watched movies. It was getting late so I decided to go to bed. Harry followed me.
"We don't need any more babies around here! You to better not have a baby before you to are married!"-Louis. 
"Okay I promise I won't get pregnant before I'm married!"-Me I laughed and went up stairs. Me and Harry laid in bed and talked for a while... Then we started to make out. Then the door opened! 
"My eyes!!!"-Niall 
"Niall close the door!"-Harry 
"Fine! Louis!!! Teagan is braking your promise!!!"-Niall 
"I am not I was sleeping!"-Me. Harry and Niall both just laughed. 
Niall left and we started to kiss again... Nothing happened we just made out for a while. I started to get really tired and cuddled up to Harry. 
"I love you forever and always baby."- Harry said kissing the top of my head.
"I love you to babe."-Me I leaned in and kissed his lips. I cuddled up closer to him and fell asleep. I couldn't imagine being any where with him. I want to marry hi and start a family. I really do just not until I'm out of college. I love him so much! 

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