Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


57. Welcome Home!

Teagan's POV 
It's been two days since everything has happened with me and Harry but everything is better now. Yesterday Perrie had to leave to do some stuff with Little Mix and Eleanor had to leave to do some photo shoots. Yes that means I'm here with the four boys and the babies and I'm going crazy. I love the boys to death but they are a little crazy, thank god Hayley and Liam come home today. I woke up this morning to hear the babies crying but Aaron wasn't in our room Harry must have gotten up and brought him downstairs. I walked downstairs to see all the guys up with the babies playing, it is so cute. 
"Morning guys!" I say walking into the living room.
"Morning!" They all say. I walk over and sit next to Harry on the couch. Louis, Niall, and Zayn are all on the floor playing with Taylor, Carson, and Aaron. They are all laughing at Louis who is playing peek a boo with them. I sit with my head on Harry's shoulder watching them laughing, he is to. 
"Guys guess what today is!" I yell scaring the babies oops. They all look they are about to cry. I walk over and pick Aaron up and he smiles at me. Niall picks Taylor up and Zayn gets Carson and they all start to smile. Louis started to laugh. 
"What?" I ask him really confused. 
"You tell me not to yell all the time but you just did!" He laughed and the others did to.
"Your right Lou. But guess what day it is?!" I said. 
"What day?" Niall asks. 
"The day Hayley comes home!!" I say trying not to yell. All the boys start to laugh. 
"Are you really that excited? Don't you love spending time with us?" Zayn asks acting hurt.
"I do I love you guys but Hayley's my best friend and you guys can get a little crazy..." I said they all acted hurt. 
"How do we get crazy?" Louis asked. I just looked at all of them. 
"Yesterday you were all arguing about who got to play with the teddy bear with one of the kids." I laughed they did to. 
"Okay I guess your right..." Niall said. 
"I'm always right!" I laugh. 
"Yea Teagan okay let me ask you some question in Spanish." Harry says. 
"Okay not fair you know I'm bad at Spanish." I say. All the boys start to laugh. I sit back down next to Harry and Aaron looked at him and smiled. 
"Hey Aaron." Harry said taking him out of my hands. Aaron smiled even more and laughed. I smiled at them. Harry is so good with kids even though Taylor still acts nervous around him haha. 
"I'm bored let's do something!" I said. All the guys laughed. 
"I have never seen you this energetic Tea not even when you are playing sports." Harry laughed. 
"I've been with out my best friend/sister for a week what to you expect? Can we watch movies?" I asked. 
"Sure what ones?" Zayn asked in a baby voice because he had Carson. Carson started to laugh at him. 
"Um Grown Ups one and two to start then Toy Story!" I said. 
"Really Toy Story... I thought we all agreed that movie was of limits for a while especially since Liam is gone." Louis whined. 
"For the babies!!!" I said. 
"They don't even watch it!" Niall said. 
"Actually I learned that babies do watch tv so you should watch good shows and stuff for them to learn like Mickey Mouse and stuff... So we should watch Toy Story." I said. 
"Fine since we won't win with you but after Grown Ups..." Harry agreed. I laughed and got the movies. We watched the movies and played with the babies. It was defiantly a lazy day. We watched the movies and we still had like 2 hours until Hayley and Liam's flight landed. We decided to watch tv so I put on Mickey Mouse just to see what the babies would do...
"Are you serious they won't even watch it!" Niall said while playing with Taylor. 
"Really look at Carson and Aaron." They were moth watching TV Taylor looked and started watching it. I started to laugh. 
"I told you they like it it's meant for little kids!" I laughed and the boys just shock their heads. We watched that episode and there was another hour of it. The boys decided to record it for the kids to since they like it. By the second episode the boys were singing the theme song and answering the question and everything. I was laughing. 
"I would hate to see you watch Dora!" I laughed. 
"Yes you would because you wouldn't understand her!" Zayn laughed. 
"If you didn't have Carson right now I would so hit you with this pillow." I said trying not to laugh. 
"Oh I'm so afraid of a pillow..." He said holding Carson close to him. I just rolled my eyes. We watched Disney Jr. until it was time to go get Hayley and Liam. That channel actually has some good shows. It's funny watching the boys with the babies watch it because they play with the babies while talking to the tv answering question. I looked at my phone and saw I was suppose to be at the airport in 30 minutes to get them it's 20 minutes away. 
"Guys I'm going to get Hay and Li I'll be back soon." I said. 
"Okay I'll come." Harry said. 
"No it's good and I would feel much better with four of you here with the three babies than three." I laughed.
"Ouch that hurt!" Louis joked still looking at the Disney show like Niall and Zayn. 
"Well look at them am I wrong they are interested in a pre school show stay here I'll be back." I laughed and so did Harry. I gave him a quick kiss and left for the airport. I got there 10 minutes before their plane landed, and of course there was fans and paparazzi. They were really nice so I took pictures with some fans and gave some autographs to the girls that asked, answered some questions about how Aaron was then went in to see Hayley and Liam. The plane still had like five minutes to land so I just sat near the terminal and waited for them. I was sitting playing in my phone when I heard someone. 
"OMG YOUR TEAGAN GREY HARRY STYLEYS FIANCÉ!!" I heard someone scream in a high pitch voice. I turned around quickly expecting to see a teenage girl running at me instead I see Hayley running towards me and Liam behind her laughing. 
"Hayley! Liam!" I saw getting up and running up to both of them giving them hugs. They were both still laughing. 
"You should have seen how fast you turned around!" Liam laughed. 
"For the record I hate both of you for that I thought some girl was going to attack me for a picture and autograph or something." They both just kept laughing. 
"Sorry I had to it was perfect!" Hayley laughed. 
"Very funny and by the way there are fans and paps by the car and no body guards so this should be fun!" I said.
"Tons!" Liam said. 
"It wasn't bad when I came they were pretty calm but one that Liam's here it might be worse.." I laughed.
"Well let's go before more fans get her then." Hayley said. We all walked out and there was the same amount as before surprisingly. They screamed when they saw the three of us. We all took more pictures with fans and stuff like that. We got in the car and drove home. 
"So how was your trip?" I asked them. 
"It's was really fun. Paris is amazing!" Hayley said. 
"Yea we went to Disney!!" Liam yelled. Me and Hayley both laughed.
"You boys are worse then little kids!" I laughed. 
"You boys?" Hayley asked. 
"I got the boys addicted to Disney Jr." I laughed. 
"OMG they are worse then little kids. How's Taylor and Carson?" Hayley asked. 
"Great the boys are so cute with them!" I said. 
"Good I miss them so much." Hayley said. 
"Same!" Liam said. We talked the rest of the way home when we got there we walked into the house and it was quiet. 
"Wow it's quiet..." I said. 
"A little two quiet." Liam said. Me and Hayley nodded and walked into the living room and saw they boys asleep with the babies sleep in there arms with Disney still on. Harry was in the couch laying down with Aaron laying on his chest his arms around Aaron so wouldn't fall. Niall was asleep on the other couch with Taylor in his arms while he was laying down, Zayn was sitting in the chair with Carson in his arms and Louis had a teddy bear that they play with all the time in his arms. Hayley went to go get Taylor out of Niall's arms and Liam said the same to bring them to their rooms.
"Wait perfect moment for a picture to post on twitter of them!" I said trying to not to wake them up. I got all of them on it with the tv still on Mickey Mouse. I showed hay and Liam and they agreed it was a good picture and to post it. I did it was so cute. 
@TeaganRose_Grey: 'look at the cute uncles and daddy with the babies. Uncle Ni and Tay, Uncle Zayn and Carson, Aaron and his daddy, and Uncle Louis and the very cute teddy bear! :) <33' I tagged the guys and Hayley in it then went and took Aaron out of Harry's arms and Hayley took Taylor while Liam took Carson. Everyone them woke up. Taylor and Carson both had a huge smile on their faces when they saw their parents it was so cute. They brought Taylor and Carson up to bed. I put Aaron in the pack and play that we ended up putting in Carson's room for now since we decided we would stay here tonight again. All the guys were downstairs looking at the picture and comments on twitter. There were so many comments and favorites and retweets. 
"I love that picture Teagan!" Niall said. 
"Same!" Harry, Louis, and Zayn said. Louis still had the teddy bear. 
"Louis you love that teddy bear more than the kids and why is Disney still on?" I laughed and asked.
"Yes I do love this teddy bear and because Mickey Mouse is a good show have you seen it! It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..." Louis started to sing soon Niall, Zayn, and Harry joined in and finished the theme song. I just laughed with Hayley and Liam.
"I never should have told you about Disney Jr." I laughed so did everyone else. I sat next to Harry on the couch and cuddled up to him. We watched movies and talked about how Hayley and Liam honeymoon was. We all fell asleep in the living room talking about random stuff and watching movies. I love our odd little family! 


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