Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


12. Welcome Home?

Hayley's POV

Waking up in Liam's arms, I could get used to this. Since I didn't have my phone I had to use my laptop for an alarm.. Stupid Alexa.. 
"Hayley turn off the alarm it's annoying."-Liam. 
"It's annoying me too."-Me. I turned it off and got up to get ready for school. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top with a pair of ugg boots. I left my hair down natural. I put on foundation and mascara. Today was most definitely a lazy day. I grabbed my bags and looked at Liam. He looked so cute sleeping. I kissed his cheek and got ready to walk out of my room, until Liam said something,
"I love you."-Liam. I smiled. 
"I love you too."-Me. I left the room and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I saw Teagan standing there getting something to eat. 
"Tea, I'm leaving now, I'm going to stop at Starbucks or dunkin before I come to school."-Me. She nodded. I grabbed my keys and all my bags and headed to school. I stopped at Starbucks and got a caramel mocha frappe. I got to school and went to first class. Before the bell rang Alexa was in there. I walked over to her.
"Give me my phone."-Me. 
"What phone? Why would I have your phone?"-Alexa. 
"Alexa you aren't fooling anyone. Just give it back."-Me. The bell rang and the teacher walked in. Alexa and I were still arguing back and forth about my phone. 
"Ms. Scott, Ms. Thompson is there a problem?"-Mr.Daniels, my math teacher. 
"Yes, Hayley is accusing me of stealing her cell phone."-Alexa. 
"Because you have it! You answered it last night when i called my phone! Why are you lying about it!? Are you just mad because your plan to break me and Liam up didn't work!?"-Me. 
"Ladies stop. Since you both won't work this out you have detention for as long as it takes to get this settled."-Mr.Daniels. 
"Mr. Daniels!! We have softball and we are co-captains!!"-Alexa.
"You have detention no ifs ands or buts about it."-Mr. Daniels. Alexa glared at me. Class ended and I stayed behind to talk to the teacher. 
"Yeah Hayley?"-Mr.Daniels.
"I really cant miss practice today.. I'm a captain how bad is it that the captain won't show up."-Me. 
"I'm sorry Hayley, you have detention. Just until 4:30."-Mr.Daniels. 
"Then I only have a half hour left of practice!"-Me. 
"I'm sorry, but if you don't show up ill have to write you up."-Mr.Daniels. I nodded and left. Once I got out of his class Alexa was waiting for me. 
"What do you want Alexa.."-Me
"Here's your phone.."-Alexa. 
"I hope you know that I miss being your friend. We used to be so close now look at us. What happened to us?"Alexa. 
"What happened to us is that you and my first boyfriend ever decided to do stuff behind my back while I was still dating him!? Then you decide to text my boyfriend off my phone and tell him I cheated on him just so he will go out with you. -Me.
"It's just because I'm jealous, you get the hot guys, captain of the softball and volleyball team, and have everything!"-Alexa. 
"For the past 2 almost 3 years you've made my life a living hell. Why should I forgive you? Plus you don't even like Teagan."-Me. 
"Well think about it.. Remember all the good times me and you had? The makeovers and the selfies, and all that.. Just think about it please.."-Alexa.. What!? I mean yeah I do miss being close with her but why should I trust her after everything she's done!? I'll talk to Liam about it later. I looked at my phone and she changed my lock screen to a picture of us, that we took a long time ago.. She made a collage of pictures.. all the memories started coming back, all the times we hung out talked about boys, and boy problems, and just everything best friends do.. I can't even remember the last time Teagan and I had a girls day, did each other's hair or make up or even just talked about boys.. What am I thinking right now!? I texted Liam.
To Liam James <3: I'm going to be home later than usual today.. Sorry..
From Liam James <3: Why? Everything okay?
To: Liam James <3: Yeah.. Alexa wouldn't give me my phone back so my teacher gave us both detention.. :/
From Liam James <3: Aww I'm sorry baby. 
Me: Eh, it's okay.. 
I was walking to my next class. When I got there I was texting Liam. All my classes went by and then it's lunch time.. Thank god.. I was still talking to Liam. We were starting to plan a surprise party for Teagan. We joined Harry into the conversation on group chat. Teagan came up to me.
"You got detention!?"-Tea.
"Yup..  Thanks to Alexa.."-Me. I ended up changing my background to a picture Teagan took of Liam and I on the beach it was my favorite. His arms were wrapped around my waist from behind, and I was looking up to the side at him smiling and he was smiling back at me, and the ocean was behind us. Lunch went by pretty fast. The rest of the day was just like the beginning  except for Alexa.. Anyways last class ended and I headed to Mr. Daniels room. He told us the rules, so I got out my homework. Alexa sat next to me.
"Did you think about what I said?"-Alexa.
"How do I know that us becoming friends isn't just a way for you to get close to Liam and the boys?"-Me. 
"It's not. I swear I honestly miss you. Ryan was a mistake, I never should have gone out with him mostly when you were. I wasn't thinking straight."-Alexa.
"I can't just ditch Teagan for you Alexa, she's been there for me when you weren't because you were too busy with my ex boyfriend. You can't be trusted. As much as I want to be your friend again I don't think we can be."-Me. 
"Please, can we just try it out for a little? I'll be nice to Teagan and this weekend we can hangout no come to my house, so you know it's just not for them.. Let me know soon."-Alexa.. Was she being serious!? It doesn't hurt to try I mean less drama for me the better right?
"I'll do it this weekend, if it doesn't work out then it doesn't okay?"-Me. She nodded and smiled. Detention went by pretty fast after that. Alexa and I both left to go to softball. When we got there coach was pissed off. I've never seen her so mad before.. Mostly at me. 
"How could you just abandon your team like that!? Your one of the captains! I thought you were better than that."-Coach. 
"It was all a mix up the teacher thought Alexa and I were fighting when we weren't so he gave us both detention. I'm really sorry."-Me. 
"Well practice is almost over now. Just leave and make sure you are here on time tomorrow."-Coach. I nodded and left.. I lied to coach because if I told her that Alexa and I got detention for fighting she would be even more pissed. I got in my car and got a text from Liam. 
From: Liam James <3: GET. HERE. SOON! 
Me:I'm leaving softball soon.. Why? Is everything okay?
Liam: You'll see when you get here. 
I drove home, I pulled into my driveway and saw my parents car..CRAP!! I'm going to die! I grabbed my bags and walked inside. I saw all the guys sitting there awkward with my parents standing by the door. My dad looked more pissed than at the airport.. My mom was just standing there. 
"Welcome home! How was your trip?"-Me. 
"Hayley Elizabeth Scott you are in so much trouble!"-Dad. My mom came over and hugged me. 
"SIT. NOW. -Dad. I walked to the couch and sat next to Liam. 
"Boys, Teagan can you give us a minute please Liam you can stay if you'd like."-Mom. The boys and Teagan went up to my room I hoped. Liam stayed. Everyone was silent. Liam grabbed my hand. 
"I thought you didn't know they were here? I thought you haven't talked to Liam, I thought that you didn't lie to us? How could you Hayley? We trusted you enough to leave you home alone for 2 months, but we came home early to surprise you so you weren't alone.. But it seems like you haven't been alone."-Dad. 
"Dad, it's not like I wanted to lie to you.. But if I didn't what would you have done? Probably come home ground me, tell me that Liam and I can't be together and all that.. No matter what you are going to do it anyways.. I don't get why you can't just let me be with anyone without you telling me that I'm making a mistake!? Every time I date someone you yell at me because I'm ruining don't know him you can't judge him.. And you obviously don't know me either."-Me. 
"And how did the last guy you date turn out? Oh yeah he cheated on you with your best friend!!"-Dad. Liam is just sitting there as quiet as ever. 
"Did you really have to say that? You were the one that helped saw how upset I was yet you still use it against me? Father of the year over here!"-Me. 
"I'm trying to keep you safe, I don't want you too get hurt Hayley."-Dad. 
"You've told me I was making a mistake I wasn't listening.. You've done everything you could, if I get heartbroken then it's my fault I should've listened to you but didn't. I'm not a little girl anymore. -Me. 
"You'll always be my little girl."-Dad.
"But I'm not. You can't keep treating me like one. Look, I'm sorry for lying but I'm a teenage girl i make mistakes everyone does."-Me
"Mr.Scott, I know this isn't really my place to talk, but I really love your daughter, she makes me happy and I make her happy. I will never hurt her."-Liam. I smiled. 
"Hayley your grounded. You can't do anything but school and softball until the beginning of June."-Dad. 
"DAD! Junior prom is in 2 weeks!! I need to go! Please. I have my dress already! Please."-Me. 
"Hayley, you should have thought about that before you lied."-Dad. I stood up. 
"MOM! DO SOMETHING! I can't miss prom! I've been looking forward to this since 8th grade if not before! Please mom!"-Me. 
"Kurt, maybe we could just let her go to prom and she will still be grounded just not for that night. She's in high school, it's prom it's supposed to be one of the most memorable moments of her life we can't keep her from that."-Mom. 
"Fine only prom thats it!"-Dad.
"And.. Teagan's birthday is coming up., I've kinda been setting up a surprise party.. Soo.. -Me. 
"As long as it's here and we are here to supervise."-Dad. I nodded.
"You guys can go up to your room now Hayley."-Mom. Liam and I got up and walked to the stairs.
"That was awkward.."-Me. He nodded. We got up to my room and Teagan looked at me with a pissed off face. 
"Really Alexa?"-Teagan. Everyone looked at me. Liam had a shocked look on his face. 
"It's not what you think Teagan. Alexa came up to me and told me that she missed being my friend and all this stuff I didn't believe.. But if I'm being honest I do miss being her friend, she was my best friend.. Maybe not yours but she was mine I did everything with her.. She came up to me in detention and asked me if we could be friends I told her I couldn't trust her and she said that just to try me go over her house this weekend and just see,and I'd be going over her house so no boys or anything.. Okay? I'm sorry I didn't think you were in control of who I hung out with? You have your own friends and I have mine, if Alexa is one of them, then so be it.. There is nothing you can do about it. I don't want to spend all 4 years of high school hating someone and have all this shitty drama that can be avoided yeah she hasn't been the best but everyone makes mistakes okay? It's my life you can't control me..since when are you my mother? Anyways I can't hangout with her because I'm grounded oh and my parents are calling your mom to tell her that you've been here with the boys since you lied to her."-Me. 
"Do you not remember what she did like yesterday!? She tries breaking you and Liam up. She stole your ex, and tried breaking me and Harry up! How could you!?"-Teagan. 
"ITS MY LIFE! YES I FUCKING REMEMBER! AND OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO BRING UP MY EX, AND SORRY SHE TRIED BREAKING UP YOUR PERFECT RELATIONSHIP!? Don't you want to fix something that happened 3 years ago? I do! It's called forgiveness."-Me. 
"Who are you right now!?"-Teagan. 
"Obviously not your best friend. Since you don't recognize me why are you even here?"-Me. 
"Hayley calm down."-Liam.
"No. I can't. I'm sorry Teagan but I don't want my high school career filled with Alexa drama, obviously you do.. Okay?"-Me. Teagan rolled her eyes and walked out of my room. My mom walked in. 
"What was that all about?"-Mom. 
"Nothing, just a fight."-Me. She nodded and left. All 5 guys slept on my floor except for Liam, I was surprised Harry didn't go with Teagan.. But I don't care Harry shouldn't be spending 24/7 with her anyways he needs to spend time with his other friends. Obviously Teagan doesn't know how to have both a boyfriend and friends.. I got in bed and cuddled up to Liam.
"Hayley, goodnight I love you, I don't care if you are friends with her as long as nothing happens  between us because of her."-Liam.
"Thank you, I love you too and trust me nothing will."-Me. I gave him a kiss and then fell asleep. 

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