Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


52. Wedding Day <3

Hayley's POV

Today is my wedding day. I've never been so happy. I woke up and the girls weren't there. I heard talking downstairs. I came down and saw the boys. Umm.. I ran upstairs and yelled at them from the top of the stairs. Once I got the okay to come down we picked up Taylor. It was now 10. The wedding is at 4. 6 hours to get ready. We drove to the church. I put Taylor in her little pink dress with a tutu skirt at the bottom. It was adorable. By 2 all the bridesmaids were in their dresses. My hair was getting done by Lou. She already did the boys' hair. Once my hair was finished the girls all started doing my make up. My mom, Teagan's Mom, Liam's mom, and his sisters all walked in 
"You look beautiful!" Liam's mom said. 
"Thank you." I said. Once we finished my make up it was 3:45.
"DRESS TIME!" Perrie yelled we all laughed. I got in my dress. The girls put my shoes on, then my veil on. 
"Liam won't know what hit him!" El said. I laughed. I'm starting to get nervous. Then there was a knock on the door. Perrie opened it and it was Harry. 
"Did Liam send you?" Teagan asked. He shook his head no. 
"But Liam is freaking out, someone needs to talk to him. He won't listen to any of us." Karen, Ruth, and Nicola went. I started getting worried. 
"What if he doesn't want to marry me then!" I said. 
"Hayley, I've never seen Liam this happy and this in love before. I'm sure everything will be fine." Lou said. I hugged her. Then Lux walked in. 
"You look like a princess!" She hugged me. 
"Thanks Lux, but I'm pretty sure you're the princess!" She laughed and Lou picked her daughter up. Karen, Ruth and Nicola came in. 
"Everything is fine. Just nerves. Liam and the boys are out on the alter. It's 5 minutes until 4. You ready?" Nicola told me. I nodded. My mom is walking me down the aisle since my dad is.. Well yeah. All the girls walked down. Then it was my turn. My mom looked me in the eyes. 
"I love you so much. I'm so proud of you Hayley." I smiled and gave her a hug. My stomach was filled with butterflies. I was probably shaking. 
"Don't be nervous. Just look straight at Liam and everything will be fine." I nodded. The music started and my mom and I started walking. I looked up at Liam. I saw him smile. I smiled. My mom whispered in my ear. 
"He's nervous too look at him shaking." I looked up at him and started laughing a little. We got to the alter and he took my hand. We got up and the ceremony was going amazing. I wasn't crying or anything! We got the rings. The rings he picked out were beautiful. 
" Liam do you take Hayley to be your wife, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor her, laugh with her and cry with her? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" The Priest said. 
"I do." He put the ring on my finger.
"Hayley, do you take Liam to be your husband, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" 
"I do." I said as I slid the ring on his finger.  
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Liam kissed me we both smiled into the kiss. 
"I love you." Liam whispered in my ear. 
"I love you too." The wedding finished and we went to the reception hall.

Liam's POV

She was beautiful. Breathtaking to be honest. I can finally call her mine and its 100% true. Just two words, 3 letters and it makes me smile. I do. Once the ceremony was over we went to the reception. We got into the car. 
"I love you so much Mrs.Payne." I said she laughed. 
"I love you too." She said. We got into the reception and her 5 year old cousin Isabelle ran over to her. She jumped into Hayley's arms. 
"You look beautiful!" Isabelle said. 
"Thank you Belle, but I think you look even better!" Hayley said. Isabelle kissed Hayley's cheek and jumped down. Now it's time for our first dance as a married couple. We got to the dance floor and 'Amazed' by lonestar came on. We started dancing, and talking. I gave her a kiss and then the song ended. We went to our table and started eating. When Teagan got up and started to make a toast. Oh lord. 
"So, since I'm the maid of honor I have to make a speech. I'm definitely killing you for this one Hay. Hayley and I have been best friends since kindergarten. I know everything about her. Everything." She started. Hayley looked at me. 
"Oh no." She said. I just laughed. 
"I remember the day we first met, we were sitting next to each other in kindergarten and we just became friends. Then one day we were playing with Legos, and this one kid wasn't doing what Hayley wanted him to do, so her way of handling it was throwing a Lego at him and hitting him right square in the face with it. She got put in timeout for that one and the kid had imprints on his forehead of where she hit him." Everyone laughed. Hayley just looked at my plate. 
"As we go older she became less violent. But obsessed with one direction. She was OBSESSED!" 
"Who told me every little detail? You!" Hayley said. 
"Hey don't interrupt!" Teagan said. 
"Anyways, then she met Liam. To be honest she hasn't been this happy in a loooonng time. Now Liam, if anything happens to her I think I might have to kill you. You guys are totally in love I can just see it by the way you look at each other. Now to make this end quicker. I love you both and wish you a lifetime full of happiness. To Liam and Hayley." She took a sip of her champagne along with everyone else. She came over to Hayley. Hayley gave her a hug and said to her,
"Wait until your speech." Teagan just laughed. The boys all did their speeches telling embarrassing stories about me and how much they love us and blah blah blah. The boys and I went up in front of everyone. We had the band start playing Through The Dark. After that one Better Than Words and then One Thing. Once we finished I went back to Hayley. She gave me a kiss. They started playing music. Teagan grabbed Hayley and made her dance. I laughed. Then Taylor crawled over to her. Hayley picked her up and started dancing with her. Carson crawled over obviously getting jealous. She picked him up too. I walked over Taylor reached out for me. She smiled and I saw a little tooth growing in the middle bottom of her mouth. 
"Hayley look." I said. Hayley looked at her mouth and smiled. She looked at Carson and saw one of his front teeth starting. We both laughed. Once we left the reception they boys and our parents took the babies. Hayley got changed out of her dress and veil. We got into the car and headed off to our honeymoon. We got to the airport. I wouldn't let Hayley see where we were going. We got on the plane. Hayley was in the middle I had the window. She laid her head on my shoulder and grabbed my hand. 
"So you threw a Lego at someone?" I asked her. 
"He was annoying me! He kept messing up my tower!" She said. I laughed. 
"We're married." I said. 
"I know. That's so weird to say." She said. I nodded. We talked for a little longer until she drifted off to sleep. Today has been perfect. I woke her up when we were landing in 5. We got off the plane and she looked at me. 
"Paris? How romantic." She said. 
"Oh I know. I'm so romantic. I asked you out at my own concert, asked you to marry me at prom during my own song, and then take you to Paris for our honeymoon." I said. 
"You've definitely improved on the whole romance thing." She laughed. We got our bags and got to our hotel. You could see the Eiffel Tower and the whole city from the window. I knew she'd love it. That night we got in bed and laid down and fell asleep all cuddled up for the first time as Mr. And Mrs.Payne. I love the ring to that. I'm so happy. Today was the best day of my life, nothing will ever compare to today.

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