Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


5. Wait What?!?

Teagan POV
I didn't know what to do when we turned around and saw the boys standing there. I was shocked, worried for Hayley, happy. All I thought to do was run to Harry so thats what I did. I ran up and hugged all of them and then I got to Harry and just smiled! I didn't know what else to do. Liam had this nervous look on his face because of Hayley's parents being there. I think the other guys made him come. Hayley came over and said Hi to all of them and then hugged Liam. The next thing I know Hayley is fighting with her dad. We all just stood there in shock about what was going on. I never have seen her this mad unless some one gets her upset playing volleyball. I just stood there in Harry's arms not saying a word I wasn't getting in to this. 
That is until Hayley yelled: "WHY TEAGAN'S MOM IS FINE WITH HER DATING HARRY!!!!!"
I just stood there in shock that she said that I just turned and put my face into Harry's chest I didn't know what else to do.
Her parents had to leave for their vacation so I just said good bye and let them leave. We had 10 minutes before our plane left for California. Those 10 minutes I was going to spend with the boys cause who knew when I would see them again! 
"What are you doing here?!?! You guys could have gotten Hayley in so much more trouble I'm surprised her parents actually left her here with me and you guys! "- I asked
"Sorry I wanted to say good bye one last time cause who knows when I'll see you again! I can leave if you want." - Harry said with a frown. He started to turn and walk away! Great I mess everything! 
"NOOOOO!!!"- I yelled and I jumped into Harry's arms as he turned around. We both laughed. I don't know what was going on with Hayley and Liam but I hope everything is ok. We walked over and started talking to Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Then our plane got called great!! Me and Harry said good bye and he gave me a kiss and I left. Hayley must still be with Liam cause they were both smiling and she came up and apologized. I accepted I knew she didn't mean it. I was so upset we had to get on the plane and leave them. We got on and got settled. Hayley was one row behind me but I had the row to myself so I really shouldn't complain! " I put my head phones on and started to fall asleep for the long flight. I hate planes and so doesn't Hayley so this was just great! Hopefully sleep will help me relax about being on the plane. I started to fall asleep when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I thought it was Hayley so I just didn't bother waking up she'll be fine. I then felt someone kiss me I jumped and opened my eyes and saw Harry sitting next to me!!! I didn't know what to do I was so happy I just hugged him and looked at him.
"I couldn't let you leave me! We got 2 months off and figured we would surprise you. I hope that's ok?"- He said with a smile.
"Of course it is!" - I was so happy but tried to play it cool. "Does Hayley know yet?" We both stood up and looked over the seat. Yup she knew she just looked up and smiled at us. I knew that this was going to be a great 2 months. Both our parents were on vacation for 2 months starting today! My 17th birthday was less than a month away! I get to spend my birthday with them! 
"Are the other boys here?" -I asked. I guess to soon because before I knew it Louis was sitting next to me and Niall and Zayn across from us. This was going to be perfect. I just sat there talking to Harry and Louis but then I thought about one problem... Where are they staying? And no one can know they are with us! I immediately took my phone out and texted Hayley about these issues? She had no idea either all she said was "I don't know and yea no one can... Your older talk to Harry and find out!" Great I'm stuck doing all the hard work!
I just put my head on Harry shoulder because he was starting to fall asleep he woke up and just looked at me he could see I was worried about something.
"What's wrong I thought you said you were happy we were here?"
"I am but there's a little problem..."
"What's that?" - He asked confused.
"All you knew was we lived in California and what flight we were taking home... So how did you guys book hotel rooms it's impossible to get them now what are you going to do?"
"Yea we didn't think of that..."
"Well I guess our houses are big enough so you guys can stay at one of our houses with us..."
"Great!" - He had a huge smile on his face.
"One more thing..."
"What?" - He's even more confused now.
"No one can know you are with us... All it takes is one picture and Hayley's parents will flip and my mom would to this time."
" So no one will know that we are with you or even in the same area as you..."
"Ok so we'll get off and go different ways... I'll text you where the car is parked and you guys come find me and Hayley."
"Okay, I'll tell the guys that you tell Hayley."So we did and everyone agreed to to the plan. We got off the plane and went our separate ways with no one noticing a thing. We get our bags and go to find the car. We find it and I tell Harry where we are. They finally found us after what seemed like forever in waiting. Everyone got in the car quick except for me and Hayley we were arguing about who go to drive! I won of course! Hayley got in the car kind of upset she never gets to drive when I'm with her. She hasn't had her license long enough to drive people besides her parents HAHA! When we got in Liam asked Hayley what wrong because she wasn't smiling like she was before. I just started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Louis asked.
"She's just upset because I'm going to be 17 in less than a month so I can drive people but she can't!!" I just turned around and started to laugh I couldn't help it so didn't everyone else even Hayley. 
We live a block away from each other on the beach not far from the airport we agreed that we would stay at Hayley's tonight so I had to go home and get stuff to wear for tomorrow. When I pulled in the drive way everyone just stopped talking except for me and Hayley.
"Have you never seen a beach house before?" - Hayley questioned we both just laughed.
"Not one like this..."- They all said.
"Oh well wait until you see Hayley's then." They all just looked at me in disbelief. 
We walked into the house and I told them I'll be down in a minute I had to go to my room and get stuff for tonight. I was up there getting ready when I heard something... I turned around and Harry was right behind me.
"AHHHHHHH!" I yelled "Why would you do that I thought you were down stairs. 
"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I was but I wanted to see your room and that was totally worth coming up here just for that!" We both just laughed and then he pulled me in for a kiss. By then everyone ran up to my room because of my scream. I don't know how long they were standing there but I know it was a long time because I hear them laughing and then Hayley go: "God this is going to be a long night if this is what is going to happen!" 
Harry turned around and I started to blush and give a nasty look to Hayley. The rest of them just start laughing Louis said something put I didn't hear I was starting to pack again. I only knew because I heard someone get hit and Louis say "What was that for?!?! I didn't say anything much different then Hayley!" I finished packing I took volleyball stuff just in case we usually play on the weekends but who knows since they are here. 
I finish packing and then we all head over to Hayley's house they were all shocked by her house to.. haha I told them they would be. She had a 5 bedroom house so she slept in her parents I slept in hers and we let the boys fight over who gets the other 3 and who gets the couches.  HAHA that was funny to watch. It's going to be even funnier when we go to mine cause its a four bedroom. 
After we all got settled in we ordered pizza and started to watch scary movies. Not my choice I hate them but Hayley loves them... I spent most of the time looking at Harry so I didn't have to watch the movie that was fine with me though. When the movie finally ended and everyone finished making fun of how scared I was Louis had the great idea to play TRUTH OR DARE! Everyone agreed so we made Louis pick who had to go first... guess who he picked... that's right me! 
"Really me first can I pass!"
"Nope!!" -Everyone said it at the same time."TRUTH OR DARE!" 
"Ummm.... dare!"
"Okay I dare you to go and be with Harry for 10 minutes alone and this time no one will bother you to!!" - He said with a huge devilish look on his face. Hayley just started to laugh! I just looked at Hayley hoping she would stop laughing and say something but of course not before I knew it Harry picked me up and ran up the stairs with me. 
I could hear them all laughing and then Hayley yell "YOUR IN MY ROOM!!! IF YOUR NOT OUT IN 10 MINUTES I AM GOING TO COME AND GET YOU OUT OF THERE!!!!"
Everyone started to laugh even me and Harry. When we got to Hayley's room Harry put me down and shut the door. I just sat on the bed looking at him. He picked me back up and we kissed for a while and then he took his shirt off and I saw his perfect abs!!! He then took mine off but we stopped there... We just stared to kiss again and we kind of fell off of Hayley's bed... we both landed on the ground and started laughing he landed right on top of me! We heard someone run up the stairs so we tried to get back up and get our shirts on but it was to late Louis already opened the door.
"Umm okay we heard a bang they made me come up... It's been like 20 minutes." 
We both just started to laugh we put our shirts back on and started to walk back down stairs.
"That hurt when you landed on top of me!"
"Sorry." He said with a sad look on his face. I just started to laugh again and jumped is back. "Carry me down stairs! Please!!" He agreed. We got down the stairs and I guess was blushing because everyone was looking at us. I looked at Hayley and she just laughed which made me laugh. Everyone just looked at us like what is going on??? 
"So I get next pick for truth or dare right?"
"Yes." Harry said. He leaned down and whispered something in my ear I just laughed and looked at Hayley and Liam. "No matter what they say make them do a dare!"   
"Hayley TRUTH OR DARE!!"
"Okay!" I looked at Harry and he just shook his head yes. "I DARE you to go be with Liam for 10 minutes alone!" 
"I said truth!!"
"I'm sorry did I say truth or dare I meat Dare or Dare?" Everyone but Hayley and Liam laughed.
"Fine!" They both got up and Liam picked her up like Harry picked me up. 
"YOU"LL THANK US LATER!!!" Me and Harry both yelled. He turned and kissed me and we kissed for a while until Louis goes: "HARRY BREATHE!!" I just laughed and then looked away. It was getting really late and I was tired so I said good night to everyone. Hayley and Liam where still in her room so I just went to her parents. I went up and started to get changed when Harry waked in.
"What are you doing!" I had my shorts on but no shirt and I tried to cover myself up.
"Well I wanted to come say goodnight to you."- He said with a smirk.
"Well good night!" I said laughing
"Why are you trying to cover up I already saw you with out a shirt." - He had that devilish smirk still. "So goodnight I'll be sleeping on the couch is you need me." - He slowly turned and walk.
''Wait!" What the hell why did I just do that. He turned around with a smile."I guess you can stay up here with me..." SHIT why!!!
"Okay I guess." He smiled at me "Goodnight!" He leaned over and we kissed. He put his arm around me. I just laid there thinking about how I didn't make a mistake with him staying up here and I fell asleep. 
I woke up at 9 everyone was still sleeping so I got out of bed quietly so I didn't wake him up and put my volleyball tank top on and my spandex on. I walked in to Hayley's room and saw Liam sleeping with her. I wonder is they ever went back down stairs... whatever not important! I went over to her and poked her in the face she woke up that's how I always get her up. 
"What? Can't you see I'm sleeping here?"
"Yes and can't you see I'm ready for volleyball?" 
She got up quietly just like I did so she wouldn't wake Liam. We ran down the stairs and saw Louis was up... 
"Morning girls!"
"Morning Lou!" 
"Where are you two going so early in the morning without Harry and Liam?" 
"To go practice our volleyball skills!" -Me
"Oh where do you go for that?" 
"Lou we play beach volleyball we go right out back!"
" Yup bye Lou!"- Both
We have been practicing for about an hour and a half. Either their still sleeping or something isn't right! Whatever! We started to just mess around and hit the ball back and forth when some one picked me up. It was Harry and Liam picked Hayley up. 
"Morning guys now please put us down so we can practice..."- Hayley
They both looked at each other and laughed and threw us over there shoulders. Then I noticed that they had their bathing suits on. They started running towards the water. 
"PLEASE NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Me and Hayley were both yelling and laughing. It was to late the four of us were in the water... Great? We were in our tank tops and spandex the tank tops will get ruined so I was brave and took mine off and just wore my sports bra and spandex. I looked at Hayley and she the same idea no way were those shirts getting ruined. Harry and Liam just looked at each other in disbelief I don't think they thought we would do that haha whatever. We stayed in the water for about 10 more minutes and then went back to the house. We had to go in soaking wet with nothing but our sports bras and spandex because the two guys thought it would be funny to run off with our shirts. We walked in and everyone was up... I don't think the two of them thought that threw very well because when we walked in they were laughing until everyone stopped talking and just stared and us. Good try guys good try but that back fired didn't it!! HAHAHA! We just ran upstairs and got changed. We walked back down to hear them talking about us so we stopped. Harry and Liam weren't saying a thing except "Don't say our girlfriends looked good like that! Don't look at them like that please..."
We both started laughing and fell down the stair which made everyone else laugh. 
We got up and walked over to where everyone was sitting in the kitchen. 
"I guess maybe next time you try and pull a prank by taking part of our clothes you should think who will see us." -Me both of us started to laugh but Harry or Liam didn't.
"Yea probably a good idea to do that you heard everybody talking?"-Harry
"Yup I'm glad you all think we look good!!" -Hayley said we both couldn't stop laughing
"However we didn't hear what you two had to say??" Hayley looks from Liam to Harry. They both just come up to us an hug us. 
"Nice try... We'll find out what you said." I turned and looked at Louis, Niall,and Zayn. Louis was the only one to look at us. 
We had a lot of fun after that we watched movies and played games... not truth or dare!! Then we told the boys we still had school. 
"WHAT??? What are we suppose to do from the time we get up until 2 when you guys get out of school???"-Harry
"Actually I have tennis until 5 and Hayley has softball until 5:30." -Me
"Okay so even longer what do we do?"Liam
"I don't know but don't get seen in my house of near my house you know the deal we will be in so much trouble!"-Hayley
"So basically we have to sit in the house until you guys come home?"-Louis
"Yea but you guys don't get up until like 10:30 anyway... I have a ton of movies, there are video games, and just watch TV... relax maybe?"-Hayley
"I guess as long as you two promise to come back right after your practices!"- Harry
" Yea about that I won't be home until like 8 I have a date."-Me HAHA let's see how this goes.
"WHAT?!?!?!?! With who?"-Harry and Liam
"Our boyfriends..." The room went dead silent. Louis was the only other person who knows what was going on so if the over reacted he would help. He was almost dying trying not to laugh
"We're kidding!!!"Louis,Hayley, and me burst out laughing "We planned this earlier as revenge for our clothes." Harry and Liam looked like they wanted to kill us for that. We took off running and they started to chases us they finally caught us and just tickled us until we would breath...
"Louis knew the whole time!!!" I yelled hoping that would get Harry to stop. Harry and Liam both turned and looked at him he couldn't stop laughing.
"I thought you guys were serious I was getting up set." -Harry
"You really think we would do that to you???"-Me
"No!"-Harry said has he came in to kiss me.
"NOPE!! You still stole our clothes." Me and Hayley ran upstairs laughing. Both of them still looked like they were in shock. 
"NOPE NICE TRY!!"- I yelled back me and Hayley were dying of laughter.

The next morning we had to leave for school, but we were still acting mad at them so we locked them out of the rooms last night! That was funny listening to them try and figure out how to make us not upset! We had to leave really early and we took separate cars like always but left the boys a note:
    Yea school!! We wish we could stay but we have to leave :( and go to school. I'll be back by 5ish. ***REMEMBER DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!**** There is food that you can cook just please do not burn the house down!!! There are movies under the TV and in Hayley's room next to herTV, the video games are under the TV to. Have fun! DON'T LEAVE!!! And do not burn Hayley's house down! See you later!!
TEA & HAY XOXO <333 


Let's see how long they will believe us. We ran out and got into our cars. The whole ride there I just thought about what people would say if they saw the pictures. Well they did and the first thing when I walked into school stuff was being said I ran to the locker room and cried and then called Hayley and Harry. Hayley first she answered and came right to the locker room. Then I called Harry and he didn't know what to say except don't worry it'll be fine and he kept saying sorry. He felt bad and felt like it was his fault. It's not though, people just know we are dating I mean they can't say that much. Until I looked and I was on the cover of magazines with Harry and Liam and Hayley were there to! We were also trending on twitter... Great! I heard the first bell ring and looked at Hayley... I wasn't leaving this room not after all that! But then my tennis coach came in... Great I had to leave!!! 


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