Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


48. Visiting.

Hayley's POV

When the clock struck twelve Liam pulled me in and gave me a kiss. We all said happy New Years and then Teagan went into labor!? Liam called his mom so he could tell them. What was going on. I sat on the couch freaked out Niall came over to me. He was rubbing my back. Once Liam got off the phone he sat next to me. He held my hand. Zayn was talking to Perrie trying to calm her down and El was just calm I guess. But I knew she really wasn't. I drifted off into a sleep for only a few hours until my phone was going off. I jumped off the couch and answered. 
Me: Hello?
Louis: Hey, you guys can come to the hospital now, everything is fine. Teagan is all set, she had a C-Section, and Aaron is fine. He's doing really good the doctors say. Teagan should be able to leave with him in about 3 days. 
Me: Thank god. Thanks Lou, we will be there soon. 
Louis: Yeah, see you soon. 
I walked into the living room and everyone was up. 
"We can go to the hospital, Teagan is fine and awake, and Aaron is doing really good I guess." I told them. We all got dressed and went to the hospital. We walked in and saw Louis standing there. He gave me a hug and same with everyone else. He led us all into the room. I walked in and saw Harry holding Aaron. Aaron was smiling so big at him. It was adorable. I walked to Teagan and gave her a hug. I walked over to Harry. 
"Let me hold my godson now." I laughed. He nodded and handed him to me. Aaron was so tiny. 
"Man he's small." Teagan nodded. I was playing with his little fingers. Once everyone held him the doctors came in and said they needed to take him to make sure he's doing well. We all were talking. 
"Wow, you guys really must be best friends, your baby was born a week after Hayley's." Zayn said. 
"Well duh!" Teagan. They all looked at me. 
"What!? I didn't do anything!" I put my head in Liam's shoulder. They all laughed. I lifted my head up and the doctor walked in with Aaron again. The doctor handed Teagan Aaron. He was adorable, he had blonde hair like Teagan and green eyes with curly hair to show that Harry was definitely the father. He was so tiny. I can already tell Carson and him will be great friends. Maybe even Taylor. Watching Harry and him was great. Harry was definitely going to be an amazing father. Liam's parents brought Taylor and Carson to us. Then Anne, Gemma and Robin came. Anne was in tears looking at him. Gemma was in love and Robin was so happy. Once they left Harry's actual father Des came. Harry was a little surprised but shortly embraces it. Once all the parents left. We were all left in there. Niall was holding Taylor and playing with his goddaughter and Harry was holding Aaron while Perrie was holding Carson. Zayn looked at her full with love and passion. Liam kissed my cheek. Louis started playing peek-a-boo with Taylor and Niall was laughing holding her. I looked at Taylor's face and she was smiling like crazy. Carson started crying and Perrie tried to hush him but nothing would work. Taylor looked at Carson and stopped smiling. Aww that's adorable! I handed Perrie his little buzz Lightyear stuffed animal and he stopped Liam laughed. 
"Wow he really is Liam's kid." Louis joked. 
"Who else's would he be?" Liam asked. 
"Nobody's." I laughed. After a little longer Liam and I decided to leave when the babies were getting fussy. I gave Teagan and Harry a hug and said bye to the boys. We got home and they were screaming. I made them both a bottle and saw Liam trying to stop them both I couldn't help but laugh. I handed him a bottle and he grabbed Carson and fed him and I fed Taylor. They fell asleep eating. I brought Taylor up to her room I put her in her little footy pajamas and in her crib with a blanket pulled over her. I kissed her forehead and then turned her light off except for her little princess lights. I walked out and went into Carson's room. Liam just out him on his crib. I walked behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. I moved over to the side a little and he looked at me smiling. He gave me a kiss and then turned off the lights except for the batman light Liam bought Carson. We walked out of the room and Liam went into our room. I went to the bathroom and took a shower once I got out I smelt food downstairs. I got dressed into shorts and a tank top and walked into the kitchen to see Liam making spaghetti. I walked over to him and jumped onto the counter next to him. He came over and stood in between my legs. I started playing with his hair. I made it look terrible and started laughing. He laughed at me. He finished making dinner and came back. He gave me a kiss and then rubbed his hands over my legs. I hopped down and we went to the table we ate and talked. Once we finished and cleaned up we went to the couches. He laid down and I sat on his stomach. I grabbed his hands.  I started looking at his hands. He just looked at me amused. 
"Having fun?" Liam asked me. 
"Not really. I was just looking at your hands. Nothin interesting." He laughed. He pushed his hands towards me. Then I pushed them back but he was too strong. I used all my weight and finally pushed them away. He laughed. 
"I am so much stronger than you." He told me while laughing. 
"No! I wasn't even trying." I lied. 
"Sure. You were using all your weight!" Liam was laughing even more now. I shook my head no like a little kid and started smiling.
"Really? Then let's try this again." 
"Fine." He did it again but using more power. I let go of his hands and gave up. I put my head on his chest. 
"I give up!" I felt his chest move up and down from laughing. 
"It's not funny!" 
"Yes it babe." He tried sitting up but couldn't. 
"Haha you can't sit up because of me!" He sat up. 
"Really!? You can't make me feel good for a minute!?" He laughed. 
"Liam. I'm tired."
"Then go to bed." 
"I don't want to get up. Carry me? Since you are Sooo much stronger than me." He laughed and nodded. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him like a baby and put my head on his shoulder. We got in the bedroom. He laid me down. He was about to go somewhere. 
"Don't leave." I told him. He smiled and laid down with me. 
" I love you baby." 
"I love you too Liam." He gave me a kiss and then I drifted off into a nice sleep. Until Taylor started crying which woke up Carson. I grunted and got up. Liam stood up and we walked into the nurseries. I grabbed Carson and he grabbed Tay. I walked into our room and laid Carson on the bed. I changed his diaper and then Liam came in with 2 bottles. He laid Taylor down and changed her. I sat on the bed with my legs Indian style. Carson laying in front on me. I put the bottle in his mouth and he started chugging it basically. I laughed. Liam looked over.
"Wow he must have been starving." Liam said with a laugh. I nodded. I looked at the time and it was 3AM. I was basically, falling asleep holding the bottle. I checked how much he drank and burped him. Then let him finish the bottle. I rocked him back to sleep and then put him in his nursery. Liam finished with Taylor about five minutes later and brought her to her room. He came back and got under the covers. 
"Taylor is going to be a daddy's girl." I told him. 
"How do you know that?" Liam asked me. 
"Because, I can just tell. And if she isn't a daddy's girl then a Niall's girl." He laughed. 
"Hopefully the first one." Liam answered. I gave him a kiss before drifting back into a peaceful sleep. In 4 months I'll be married to the love of my life and I cannot wait. He's such an amazing father. I love him so much. To infinity and beyond. 

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