Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


59. Three Years

Teagan's POV

I woke up this morning to both mine and Harry's phones going off. I looked at it and saw it was a group message with all the guys. 
Louis: What time are we going to see Liam??? 
I then continued to get with a bunch of different times. 
Me:Guys it's like 730 in the morning Liam won't be up yet...why don't we go around 1030?
There was then more texts says good idea and ok. We decided we would meet at the guys house instead of all going separately. After that I looked at the phone and realized the date. It was May 4th! Mine and Harry's anniversary, today would be three years!!! Harry went to get Aaron since he started to cry. He came back in the room and smiled. 
"Morning babe! Morning Aaron!" I said as Harry laid back down on the bed with Aaron. I gave Harry a kiss and tickled Aaron's tummy making him laugh. 
"Morning baby. Why so energetic and happy this morning?" He questioned. I was kind of hurt that he didn't remember but maybe he did but just has something planed for later and wants to act like he forgot right now.
"No reason. Just in a good mood!" I said playing with Aaron who was laying in between me and Harry. He just laughed and smiled at Aaron. After a little while we went downstairs and had breakfast. We ate and played with Aaron for a while since we still had like 2 hours until we were going to see Liam. 
"So what are we doing today?" I asked trying to figure out if he remembered and if he would tell me. 
"Um going to see Liam then probably hanging out with everyone unless you have any ideas or plans?" He said still playing with Aaron. Okay either he really did forget or he is just really good at not telling me this! 
"Okay and I don't have any ideas or plans so that sounds good!" I said smiling. We played for Aaron for another hour then decided to get ready. We got ready and went over to the guys house. We got there and they were playing with Taylor and Carson. I'm glad the kids are so young because it would be horrible if they were older and this was happening. We all left for the hospital. Once we got there we went and found Liam's room he was still asleep,  Hayley wasn't so she grabbed Carson from Zayn. 
"It's good thing we came now and not at 730 like we wanted to." Louis said looking at Liam. Hayley rolled her eyes. 
"You do realize even if you wanted to they wouldn't let you visitors can't come until 9." She laughed. Liam started to wake up. 
"When did you guys get here?" He asked confused.
"Like two minutes ago." Niall said holding Taylor who started to smile when she saw Liam wake up. Liam smiled. 
"Hi baby girl!" He said smiling at her. Niall walked over and gave Liam Taylor, she started to smile when Liam held her. He looked over at Carson and Hayley. 
"Hi buddy. Hi baby." He said smiling at the two of them. Carson smiled so did Hayley. 
"DADA!" Carson said. Liam smiled again and waved to him. 
"Now we just need this little one to say something." He laughed and tickled Taylor who started to giggle. We all talked for a while and then the doctor came in.
"How are you feeling today?" He asked. 
"Um a lot less pain then yesterday." Liam said. 
"That's good to hear. Here's your pain medicine and your all set to go whenever after you fill out this paper work." The doctor said and then walked out. 
"Alright well let's go then! I want to get I of here!" Liam said slowly getting out of bed and handed Taylor back to Niall. He went into the bathroom and got changed and then went to leave the room. We all laughed. 
"Hey Liam! You have to fill the paper work out." Zayn laughed. Liam turned back around and sat on the bed and started to fill it out. 
"What's the date?" He asked. 
"Umm. May 4th." Louis said. Liam smiled when he heard that. He looked up at Hayley. 
"Three years baby!" He smiled and gave her a kiss which made Hayley smile. Harry didn't notice but it's fine he probably has something planned for later. He finished all the paper work and we all left the hospital and went to Harry and my house. We got there and all went into the living room and decided to have a lazy day since we couldn't really do anything. The babies were sleeping so we put them upstairs in Aaron's room. We have two portable play pens in the house so when Taylor and Carson are over and we just keep them in Aaron's room. We decided to watch movies since we had nothing better to do. 
"What movie should we watch?" El asked.
"Disney movies!" I said. All the guys rolled their eyes at me except Liam. 
"I agree!" Liam laughed. 
"I'll watch Disney just not Toy Story!" Perrie said. 
"Same!" El and Hayley said at the same time. 
"You guys are worse than kids!" Niall laughed. I then went and got a bunch of Disney movies. We watched Disney movies all day. We played with the kids and Taylor loved the Disney movies especially 'The Little Mermaid', which is also me and Hayley's favorite Princess. While Carson and Aaron seemed to like 'Cars'. Harry still hasn't said a thing about our anniversary. The girls started to notice that I was being kind of upset and not really talking to Harry a lot. It was like 6 when I decided this was going to be the final decision if he remembered or not. 
"What are we all doing for dinner?" I asked. All girls got the hint and all said I don't know. Harry didn't...
"I don't know we can all order pizza and watch more movies." He said while feeding Aaron. 
"Sure." I said after I took a second to calm down a little and not cry. He forgot! After we all had pizza and everything the babies fell asleep again so they were all upstairs and Hayley decided to try and have Harry realize why I was upset. 
"Liam can you believe it's been three years!" She said. Everyone just looked at her knowing what she was doing, Harry on the other hand had no clue. 
"I know it's been three years since we met I can't believe it!" Liam said hinting even more to Harry, who still had no clue. 
"Harry can you believe that! Hayley and Liam met three years ago!" El said. 
"Yea that's crazy it doesn't seem like that long." Harry replied. I was tapping my nails in the back of my phone to try and not get upset.
"Yea Harry it doesn't.. I can see that that was three years I wasted." I said and stood up and started to walk up the stairs. 
"What are you...Oh my god! Teagan!" He said standing up to come after me. 
"Don't!" I said half way up the stairs. 
"But Teagan I'm sorry!" He said starting to walk after me. 
"Whatever Harry! Liam remembered and he was drugged up! Don't talk to me right now!" I said and then went into our room. I just laid on the bed and started to cry. I heard a knock on the door and then it open. 
"If it's Harry leave." I said not even moving. 
"No it's just us." I heard El say. I sat up and looked at them. 
"Teagan. First off you handled that a lot better than I would have." Hayley said sitting down next to me giving me a hug. 
"Second trust us he feels really really horrible that he forgot." El said. 
"And third the guys are defiantly giving him hell right now since he forgot and making him feel worse." Perrie said. I started to cry again. 
"Tea everything will be okay." Hayley said. I just nodded my head. The girls talked to me for a little. They got me to laugh and smile then there was a knock in the door. It opened and I saw Harry standing there I could tell he felt bad. 
"Teagan I'm sor-" he started I just rolled my eyes and walked over to my bed and started to talk to Hayley again. Harry just stayed in the doorway. Hayley just looked between me and Harry. 
"Tea I'm going to take Aaron and watch him for the night." Hayley said, I nodded and then  they all got up and left to get Aaron ready to go to Hayley's. Harry walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed. I just looked at him. 
"Teagan I'm so sorry I forgot about our anniversary. I love you so much and I really am sorry, I promise I will make this up to you."  He said. 
"It's not about making it up to me Harry." I said rolling my eyes. 
"I feel horrible though. How about tomorrow we have a day to ourselves. I'm sure one of the guys will watch Aaron and we can go out shopping and go to dinner. I'll make it up to you I promise." He said as he walked up to me trying to give me a hug. Just put my arms out and pushed him away. He just looked at me shocked. 
"You don't fucking get it do you? It's not about getting me something or make it up to me! It's the fact that you forgot about it in the first place! And the fact tomorrow's not our anniversary." I said as I walked away from him. 
"But baby I'm sorry. I forgot I promise I will never forget something like this again." He said. 
"Harry how am I suppose to rely on you to remember our wedding anniversary, or Aaron's birthday, or if we have another kid their birthday and other important times in our lives!" I yelled. 
"Teagan it was a mistake. I forgot it once! I've never forgotten anything with our relationship until now." He yelled back at me. 
"Harry! Liam fucking remembered and he was drugged up this morning! And their married already! So it wouldn't have been a huge deal if he forgot! And that's a IF he forgot!" I said while walking away from him into the bathroom. 
"Okay my god! I forgot one thing and you freak out. Are you going to talk to me or just fucking ignore me?" He yelled from the bed room. I didn't answer I just changed into my pajamas and walked out and saw Harry laying on the bed. I just looked at him. "Are you the going to come to bed or are you just going to stand there?" He snapped at me.
"I'm planning on it when you leave." I said still standing there.
"Are you kicking me out of my house?" He said sitting up quickly in the bed. 
"I'll tell you that if you tell me if I wasted the last three years of my life with you!" 
"You didn't waste the last three years! Think about it honestly do you think it was a waste? I don't! I wouldn't be marrying the love of my life in 5 months. I wouldn't have an amazing child that I love. I honestly don't know where I would be!" He said looking right at me, he knew that got to me. I couldn't say anything. The last three years wasn't a waste. I feel the exact same way he does, but he can't know that. I'm still mad at him for forgetting this. He just looked at me and had a slight smile realizing that what he said was the truth. "I know you don't want to be around me so I'll go, but we are going to talk about this tomorrow. If you need me I'll be at Hayley's with Aaron." He said as he slowly got and walked out of the room. I slowly walked to bed. I just laid down and pulled the covers over my body. I knew Harry didn't leave yet because his phone was still in the room. I pulled the covers over my head and started to fall asleep hoping that this will relax me. I heard the door open and Harry walk I and get his phone. I felt him lean on the bed. 
"I know your not asleep and I know your pissed at me so you don't have to answer me. But just know I love you and nothing will ever change that." He whispered and them kissed my forehead. I heard him walk out of the room and then out of the house. I honestly can't say that it was a waste of three years. I love him and I know he loves me and truly does care but right now I just need some some space from him. 

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