Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


58. This Can't Be Happening!

Hayley's POV

I woke up to three babies crying. Ugh this is going to take time to get used to again. Liam wasn't next to me anymore and I heard one cry stop. He obviously grabbed Taylor or Carson. I got up and went into the nurseries. I saw Liam holding Carson and then saw Harry getting Aaron. I went into Taylor's and grabbed her. I changed her diaper and then changed her. She was all smiles and giggles. I missed her and Carson so much. I walked downstairs with her and Liam gave me a bottle. He gave me a kiss and then we fed the babies waiting for everyone else to wake up. They finally did and we all ate breakfast. Taylor and Carson were playing with their toys and rattles and Harry had Aaron. We decided to just hang out and watch TV and movies all day. The babies weren't paying attention so we just watched a movie. The movie was '21 Jump Street' CHANNING TATUM!! El and Perrie came back half at through the movie and were gushing about him. All of us girls were. Liam leaned over once and whispered in my ear. 
"You're married you know." I giggled at his comment. He laughed. Throughout the whole movie he was making stupid remarks about Channing Tatum and how I'm married and all that fun stuff. We finished the movie and decided to watch random TV shows. I saw that Mickey Mouse was on so I just put it on for the kids. It was now 1:00. We all ate lunch and we fed the children. Once we finished that, it was about 1:45. We all decided to put the kids down for a nap. We put on 'Ridiculousness' and were just watching TV and talking about random stuff. All of a sudden a news alert came on. 
"Kurt Scott, father of singer Liam Payne's wife has escaped prison. He is very dangerous. If anyone sees him call the police immediately. This is a picture of him." The News person said. I was frozen. 
"This cannot be happening." I said. Liam rubbed my back. I could feel the tension in the room. 
"Someone needs to go get the kids. He wants mine dead.. We need to keep a very close eye on them at all times until he is found." Liam said. I nodded in agreement. Zayn Louis and Harry all went and got them. Louis handed me Taylor and Zayn gave Liam Carson. All of a sudden the my phone went off. Oh no. Please no please no. It was my mom. 
Me: Hello?
Mom: Did you hear about your father?
Mom: you need to stay safe. Make sure the kids are all okay and make sure all doors and windows are locked. 
The doorbell went of I looked at Liam. He looked out the window without being too noticeable. He nodded and looked straight at me. 
Me:Mom he's here. He is outside. What do I do?!
Mom: stay calm and be safe. I'll let you go to call the police. I love you very much. Call me once he is gone okay?
Me: O-Okay. Love you too. 
The boys were all talking. Liam came over to me. 
"Listen to me. You need to go upstairs with the kids and the girls and hide in one of the rooms." Liam said. 
"Liam no! I'm not leaving you down here with him! He could have a weapon or something!" I said. 
"Hayley.. Listen to me please. Just go." He said. 
"Liam no." I said. Then I heard banging on the door and yelling from the other side. 
"HAYLEY!!" My dad yelled from the other side of the door. I froze. I couldn't do anything. 
"Look at me Hayley. Everything will be okay. I love you now go upstairs and lock the door." He said.
"Liam no. Don't even let him in! Someone is going to get hurt!" I said. 
"Baby I love you please go for me and Carson and Taylor." 
 I nodded in defeat. 
"I love you too." I said. He kissed my cheek and all of us girls walked upstairs with the babies. Then Niall came up and stayed in the room with us. 
"Niall what if Liam gets hurt?" I asked. 
"He will be okay." Niall said. I was waiting for a good 20 minutes. And then the babies started crying. Niall grabbed Taylor quick and the girls grabbed the other babies. Perrie gave me a don't go look. I heard a yell again. 
"DONT CALL HER THAT! She isn't a slut! She isn't even your daughter!" I heard Liam scream. I hurriedly walked down the stairs. I got down there and my dad smirked. 
"Hello Princess." He said. Liam turned around and gave me a look. He came over to me and stood in front of me. My dad started walking towards me. I grabbed the back of liams shirt scared. 
"Where are your mistakes?" My dad asked. 
"What mistakes? Last I checked I had children and why do you care? It's not like your a father to me anyways. You disowned me remember?" I said. He came closer and Liam put his arms behind him holding on to me. All the boys made a guard around me. 
"Come on Liam let me see my daughter." He said. 
"No way in hell." Liam said. I saw my dad pull out a knife. 
"Li-Liam. Stop Liam don't do anything pleaassee."I said. Liam froze a little. 
"Now let me see my daughter." My dad commanded. Liam didn't move all of a sudden I heard Liam groan and he dropped to the floor. All the guys stood in front of me. I collapsed next to Liam putting pressure on his wound. 
"Oh my god. Liam!" I said. He was groaning and moaning and in so much pain. The guys were trying to keep me surrounded while making sure my dad didn't do anything. 
"NIALL!!" I screamed. Niall came running down he ran to Liam and I. 
"Liam, babe stay awake come on please Liam." I said. He grabbed my hand. His heart beat was getting slower and slower. 
"Baby, please. Liam stay awake! I love you. Don't leave me!" I said. My dad was laughing. 
"Liam! Come on talk to me. Say something say anything! Don't close your eyes. I can't be without you Liam. Please." I said. Then I suddenly heard Liam say something. 
"Baby, remember I love you. To infinity and beyond." Then he shut his eyes. I was hysterical. I fell into Niall's arms. 
"Liam! Liam!" I was bawling. He still had a heartbeat but barely. Niall was holding me tightly. I was crying and shaking terribly. I couldn't breath. I couldn't believe this right now. The love of my life just got stabbed. Then the cops came in and took my dad once again. The girls came running down with the babies. All the boys came over to Liam. Harry pulled me away from him. The paramedics took Liam to the ambulance. The boys didn't want me going just incase something happened.  We were in the car driving right behind the ambulance. Everyone was upset. I was still hysterical. Niall had to hold me in his arms because I was shaking so terribly. I still can't function the events that just happened. We got to the hospital and I saw Liam being rushed into surgery. My whole body was numb a Teagan came up to me and just hugged me. She sat down next to me and I just cried into her. Harry came over. 
"I called Liam's parents and your mom. She said that she is getting on the next flight here. And Liam's parents will be here as soon as they can. Which will be soon. His sisters are coming as well." He said. 
"Thanks." I croaked. I stopped crying because all my tears were gone. I was just shaking. Louis went into the ambulance so Louis knew what was going on. He came over to me. 
"The paramedics told me that the wound isn't bad, he just lost a lot of blood. There is a good chance he will make it, but there is always that little chance he won't. Liam's a fighter he will make it through this. Okay?" Louis said. I nodded. Taylor started crying and Niall grabbed her for me. Then Liam's parents walked in with Nicola and Ruth. They walked over to me. I gave them all a hug. Zayn informed them on what was going on. I couldn't help but feel this was all my fault. After an hour or two the doctor came out. 
"Are you all here for Liam Payne?" We all nodded. 
"He is unconscious still but is in the room. He is functioning pretty well considering the circumstances. But sadly well isn't good for him right now. He is basically in one of those small comas. We don't know when he will wake up but within the next few days he should be up. His room is the second one on the left. You may go visit him." Everyone got up. We all walked to his room. Nicola and Ruth were walking with me. 
"You guys can go in first if you want." I said to his family..our family? Weird. But they nodded and walked into his room. After about 20 minutes. They all walked out. 
"Hayley, can we talk to you quick?" Karen asked. I nodded and walked with them. 
"So what exactly happened again? Zayn didn't really explain it well." Karen said with a small smile. 
"So my dad was in jail as you all know... And I guess he escaped. He came to the house.. And Liam made me go upstairs with the kids and the girls. He let him in the house and they started arguing. I ended up going down because I couldn't stand not knowing what was happening and I knew my dad would have some sort of defense weapon and I told Liam that.. Then I was down there and my dad wanted me.. Liam wouldn't let him see me so he took out a knife. I told Liam to not do anything and just to listen to him because my dad was capable of anything. He told Liam to move so he could see me and Liam didn't move he was frozen next thing I know Liam is on the floor bleeding and my dad is laughing.. I was trying so hard to keep him awake.. Niall tried helping but nothing worked.. He just couldn't.." I said reliving the events that had happened a few hours ago. Karen gave me a hug and she calmed me down a little. 
"Hayley you did everything you could. Liam was being Liam. It's not your fault.. And I can tell you think it is. Don't. It isn't it's your dad's. If you even want to call him that. Listen to me you helped Liam so much, and you kept him awake longer than any of the guys could have kept him awake if you weren't there when this happened. We all need to go. We want to stay but we can't. Call me if you need us or anything at all happens. We'll be here as fast as we can." Karen said. I nodded. I gave them all a hug bye and then walked to Liam's room. Niall was in there. Harry and Teagan already went I guess. Once Niall came out Zayn and Perrie went to see him and then Louis and Eleanor. My turn now.. I walked in and saw him hooked up to machines and the look on his face wasn't peaceful at all. It was discomfort. I hated it. Tears started once again. I sat by his bed and grabbed his hand. 
"I-Li-" I didn't even know what to say. 
"Don't leave me Liam. You can't leave me. You can't leave our family. We just got married. I love you so much babe. You are my everything. And I mean everything I would be nothing without you. I would be lost I wouldn't know what to do. You're my rock. You've helped me so much and I can't stand it. You've done too much for me. I'm not worth you almost losing your life. I don't deserve you and my own father does this too you. I can't lose you Liam, I can't. Carson and Taylor can't. I know you can fight. You need to. Just wake up please. Please Liam. I love you so much it kills me. To infinity and beyond." I said. I just sat there looking at him. Watching his chest move up and down indicating he was still breathing. After a while everyone came in. I was still by his bed holding his hand. Perrie was holding Carson and Niall was holding Taylor. Carson looked at me and looked confused. Then he looked at Liam and his face dropped even more. 
"Dada." Carson said. 
"What?" I asked him. 
"Dada." He pointed to Liam's bed. He just said his first word and Liam missed it and it was for him! I felt pressure on my hand. He squeezed my hand. I looked at him and his eyes opened. 
"Did Carson say what I thought?" Liam asked. 
"Yeah." I said weakly. Louis went and got the doctor. 
"Liam, glad to see you're awake. How are you feeling?" The doctor asked. 
"My stomach hurts." Liam answered. 
"Well that makes sense since that's where the wound is. You have stitches on it so don't touch it or put pressure on it." Liam nodded. The doctor said a couple things and then left the room and the nurse came in giving Liam pain killers. 
"Hayley, she's here." Harry said. I nodded and walked into the waiting room and saw her standing there. My mom rushed to me. I gave her a hug. 
"Is he okay?" She asked. 
"He woke up to Carson saying Dada. Mom he looked terrible. He just collapsed to the ground and dad just laughed! He was laughing while Liam was bleeding and basically dying on the floor!" I said crying into her. 
"But he's all better. He's awake and talking! Come on let's go see him." She said. I nodded. We walked into the room and Liam was talking to Louis. Liam talked to everyone I didn't say anything unless someone asked me something and I would just answer with a one word answer or 'I don't know'. Everyone left and my mom is staying at my house. Everyone said that I should stay the night in the hospital. Once they all left Liam just looked at me. 
"How are you feeling?" I asked him. 
"Okay." He said. Tears started coming once again. 
"Hey.. Why are you crying? I'm alright." He said soothingly. He grabbed my hand and it reminded me of when he grabbed my hand after my dad had stabbed him. 
"No you aren't." I said. 
"Hayley I am fine." Liam said. 
"You're in the hospital you aren't fine. You just got stabbed by my dad!" I said. 
"Hayley listen to me. I am fine! The doctors said it. I can go home tomorrow." He said. 
"It's still my fault." I said. 
"How is what your dad did your fault?" Liam asked. 
"Because for some reason my dad didn't like you so if I wasn't a terrible daughter and I actually listened to my dad and didn't date you my dad never would have been able to stab you in the first place." I said in one long breath. Liam chuckled. 
"This isn't funny."I said. 
"You're adorable you know that? This isn't your fault. Okay? You didn't do anything. And if we never dated then we wouldn't be married or have Carson and Taylor." Liam said. He leaned over and gave me a kiss. 
"You need to sleep."I said. 
"You do too."He said. He moved over. I just looked at him. He just stared at me. I rolled my eyes and laid next to him. I cuddled up to him as much as possible without hurting him. Once I knew he was asleep I just stared at him. As much as he says it wasn't we both know what happened today was my fault. I fell asleep not too long after still worrying about Liam. 

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