Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


3. The Fight

Teagan's POV

I think Hayley is really mad at me she hasn't talked to me since that text message. I told her I was just joking around but she doesn't want to listen. I feel horrible. Harry says don't worry about it... it will be fine she knows you were joking. I don't know about that though we've never ever been in a fight like this. At least I have Harry to talk to. I tried to get him to find out whats going on with Hayley from Liam, but he won't say anything to him I guess he's mad at me to. I don't know what to do. I feel horrible and her parents know that something is going on because we are both on our phones texting and upset but not talking to each other. This has never happened I don't know what to do! 


"Shut up!" -Hayley

"Sorry but what did I do that was so wrong???"

"We where having so much fun until you left and said I wasn't important and didn't even want to talk to me." 

"Well I was joking about not talking to you I feel bad about it. Ask Harry I've been texting him about it."

"Of course you were instead of actually talking to me you text him!"

" That's not the point! You know what I was saying. I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that." 

" You left...and left me and Liam looking for you guys for five minutes... if we didn't find you we would be dead right now." 

" I'm sorry I shouldn't have left. I mean I figured it would be fine because you would call when we had to leave."

"Both me and Liam called both of you and neither of you answered... Maybe if you weren't leaving to go make out with him you would have heard your phone." 

" We weren't making out, most of the time we were talking."

"We called you for 5 minutes straight." 

"Oh we'll maybe we weren't talking then."

"Wow I could of told you that. You meet him and all of a sudden you forget who your best friend is ok I see how it is." 

"Thats not true I know you are my best friend. But right now I have to go Harry is calling to see if we are talking yet." 

I turn to leave the room and go to the hallway and I hear Hayley go: "Oh now you answer your phone..." 

As I close the door the first thing I do is sit on the ground and start to cry and talk to Harry on the phone. I feel horrible for what I did. I feel even worse that Harry has to listen to me upset.  

"You know it's not your fault. We just didn't hear our phones no big deal relax." 

"I guess but now she won't even talk to me with out saying how much she's upset at me and that I forgot who my best friend is."

" Well I think she knows that's not true she's just upset that you are dating me now so you guys aren't always talking like you use to."

"Well apparently it's ok for her to text Liam the whole time I'm trying to fix things. I'm so upset i just don't even want to back in the room."

"Liam is just trying to be there for her. I think they are both taking things the wrong way." 

"Yea I guess."

"How about this. I'll come meet you at your hotel and we can just go and walk around New York City." 

"I don't know what if Hayley or her parents find out." 

"I'll talk to Liam to see if he can talk to Hayley about not telling her parents."

"I guess, I do need to just get away from her right now."

"Okay I'll leave now and I'll text you when I'm outside you hotel." 

We got off the phone I had about 10 minutes to get ready so I rushed in to the room grabbed a pair of jeans and one of my nice shirts with my new shoes. Grabbed my makeup and ran to the bathroom. The whole time I was doing that Hayley was on her phone texting and staring at me. I knew it had to be Liam it was 1 AM who else would she be texting. I'm finishing up putting my makeup when Hayley walks into the bathroom. 

"I know what's going on and it's not cool. I'm going to tell my parents." She said with the nastiest look on her face.

"Really what's going on then?" I knew I gave it away when I came in to get ready but I didn't think she would tell her parents.

"Your going to sneak out and go see Harry... you can't even stay here for one night with me. I'm going to tell my parents that your leaving." 

"Go ahead tell your parents how we met them at the concert and how I'm dating Harry and your dating Liam. Ruin it for BOTH of us." 

"They wouldn't need to know about me."

"You might not tell them but I will." My phone started to go off so I knew I should go. 

"Fine!" She said as she started to text again.

"Okay look. It's a little after 1 now I promise I'll be back by 4." 

"Okay but by 4 or I'm going to find you!" 

I gave her a hug and ran out the door. I mean I guess that's good because we have each other's backs again! I finally make it down the stairs I see Harry standing outside. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him standing there. 

"So you were able to leave without her knowing?" 

"No I had to tell her or else she was going to tell her parents. I told her if she did that then I would tell her parents about her and Liam." 

"Wow well at least she let you leave."

"Yea can we not talk about her right now."


We walked around New York until probably 3 then we went to Central Park and just sat under the stars and talked. I was so happy to just be with him for more than an hour. We were sitting and laughing until Harry gets a text says that I should text Hayley because she said that she was coming to look for me. It was only 315! I called her and told her I would be there a 4 and to stay there and she agreed. By the time that was done it was 330 and we needed to start walking back to the hotel by 345. I went to get up so we could start walking but Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the ground. 

"Why do you always do that?" I asked with a laugh.

"Because you always seem to leave to soon. Just stay a little longer." He said with a smile.

I just turned and looked at him agreed to stay. We sat there just talking for a few minutes and then he put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I just sat there in his arms I couldn't have moved even if I wanted to. It just felt so right to be there with him. We sat and then we started talking about what are going to do since he's going on tour. I didn't know what to say so I just sat there while he held me in his arms. I didn't want to think about not being with him and i think he knew that. He pulled me closer and we kissed. When we stopped I looked at the time and it was 10 of 4. We both just jumped up and ran. We laughed but we were both worried someone would find out about us. We got to the hotel at 3:55. We both stopped out of breath and laughed. He pulled me close and gave me a kiss before I ran into the hotel. I got into the room at exactly 4. Hayley was still texting but looked up and stopped. I could tell my best friend was back. We both just laughed and I told everything that happened that night. 

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