Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


44. Thanksgiving.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 MONTHS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hayley's POV
Today is Thanksgiving. My mom and Teagan's mom are coming in about an hour and in 3 hours the boys' families are coming with El, Perrie, and the rest of little mix. After we got back from Liam's parents Teagan and I decided that we were going to open a preschool after college. We already started. Liam's helped out a ton and I'm so thankful for that. The babies are due in a few weeks Liam and I bought a house, we just need to finish the nurseries. We have them picked out and everything.  Liam and I were helping the boys' clean their house since it was bigger and had a bigger kitchen and dining room. I got dressed into a sweater and jeans, the ones that fit me.. I was getting bigger everyday and it is horrible. Liam tries telling me that I'm beautiful and that it's supposed to happen, but it's still bad I'm like a hot air balloon! Teagan and I went to the kitchen and got some things that we needed out. Then the doorbell rang Liam opened the door and greeted our moms. I walked over to my mom and gave her a hug. Then I gave Teas mom a hug too. The guys all said hello. Our moms went to the kitchen. I sat on the couch hoping they wouldn't make me help them. I was cuddled up to Liam. 
"Shouldn't you be helping?"-Liam. He smirked at me. 
"Shh.. I'm hoping they wouldn't notice. I don't want to help cook."-Me. He laughed. 
"HAYLEY ELIZABETH GET IN HERE NOW!"-Mom. The guys laughed. I got up and walked into the kitchen. 
"Why aren't you in here helping?"-Mom. 
 "I didn't want to get in your way. Why aren't the guys in here helping again?"-Me. 
"Bullshit and because they wanted to eat it all remember?"-Amy. We were close to finishing all the food when there was a knock on the door. I heard Liam say he got it. I heard his sisters talking. I wiped my hands and walked out. They gave me a hug and then his parents did the same. Karen joined us in the kitchen. She loved to bake.  The food was pretty much finished when Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall's families all came. 5 minutes later El and Perrie walked in with Little. Mix. I made Liam help set the table. He groaned. 
"Don't groan!"-Me. He laughed. Once we finished everyone was getting ready to get settled at the table. My mom pulled me aside. 
"What's up?"-Me. She pulled out a necklace. 
"I'm so proud of you, you have grown up so fast and I love you so much. This necklace was your grandmothers. She gave it to me once I graduated high school. I forgot to give it to you before you left, so I'm giving it to you now, so you can still have a piece of her."-Mom. 
"Mom, you don't need to give me that, she gave it to you."-Me. 
"Yes I do."-Mom. She put it on me and gave me a huge hug. She started crying. 
"I wanted to go through today with out crying, but that's not happening obviously."-Mom. I laughed we walked back into the dining room and I sat down next to Liam and my mom. We were all eating and joking around. 
"When's that Luke Bryan concert?"-Mom. Teagan and I started laughing. 
"Next year."-Me. 
"Yeah Liam and Harry are going too."-Teagan. Everyone laughed. 
"Liam, you're going to see Luke Bryan?"-Nicola. 
"Yeah he is front row! But I only think he wants to go because Leona Lewis is the opening act!"-Me. 
"LEONA LEWIS IS THE OPENING ACT!?"-Liam. I just face palmed. 
"She's obviously Liam's Woman Crush Wednesday!"-Jade. I laughed and nodded. 
"I think so too."-Me. 
"Who is yours?"-Ruth. 
"My woman crush Wednesday hmm....Selena Gomez. She's gorgeous!"-Me Liam just laughed. We all were just fooling around. Louis' sisters are so cute! Zayns sisters are so pretty and Harry's is too! And Theo is fucking adorable! We were finished eating and all went to the living room. I stayed in the kitchen with Teagan and our moms. Then Karen, Maura, Anne, Johannah and Tricia helped us clean up. 
"Girls go with the boys. You need to rest."-Tricia. 
"No we are fine."-Me. 
"So when are the twins do?"-Maura. 
"Next month sometime. Hopefully my mom will still be here for it."-Me. My mom nodded. We talked more and then went out to everyone else. I sat next to Liam and Niall was on my other side. 
"What are we doing now?"-Me. Liam shrugged. 
"What do you want to do?"-Liam. 
"I don't know."-Me. 
"You should get me something though.."-Me. 
"Liam Starbucks sounds great!"-Eleanor. 
"Please? The babies really want it!"-Me. 
"Fine.."-Liam. I smiled and kissed his cheek. He got everyone's orders and then left. 
"My brother is sooo whipped!"-Ruth. 
"Isn't he!?"-Perrie. I laughed. 
"That's my charm!"-Me. Everyone was laughing and talking when Liam called me. 
Me: Do you need help?
Liam: Yeah.. 
Me: Ill have Niall come help. 
Liam: Okay haha love you. 
Me: love you too.
"Niall can you please go help Liam?"-Me. 
"Niall! Please!"-Me. I gave him the puppy face and then he sighed and walked outside. 
"Damn you got them all whipped!"-Jesy I nodded.
"I can't wait until the babies are born so I get can Niall and Liam to so some diapers!"-me. They walked in. Liam gave me my coffee he sat next to me. I gave him a kiss and said thank you. 
"We should do karaoke!"-Anne. Everyone agreed. The boys all went first. Then little mix. My mom and Teas got up. 
"Mom please don't!"-me. 
"Yeah seriously please don't."-Teagan. The boys laughed. Once our moms finished my mom walked over to me. 
"Your turn Hales."-mom. 
"No no no."-Me. 
"Come on hay! Don't disappoint your mother!"-Teagan. 
"Oh you too."-Amy. 
"No no no no no."-Teagan. 
"Come on Tea don't disappoint your mother!"-Louis. I laughed. 
"Mom I'm not singing."-Me. 
"Come on Hayley!"-Niall. 
"Not happening. I'm pregnant and tired."-Me. 
"Not working this time."-El. 
"You cant say anything El I haven't seen you sing yet."-Me. 
"I'll do it. Only if Hayley does it with me."-Teagan. 
"just go."-Liam. I glared at him. I got up and we decide To sing some luke Bryan. Everyone laughed except for Liam and Harry. When we finished everyone was quiet. 
"Were we that bad?"-Teagan. 
"Speak for yourself I was fantastic!"-Me. She just laughed. 
"You guys are really good."-El. Once we finished talking about it we decided to watch a movie. Everyone left except for my mom and the boys of course. The movie ended and Liam and I decided to go home. 
"We are going now. Mom come on. I'll see you guys tomorrow."-Me. We all got up. I gave them all a hug and then we left. We got home Liam and I went to bed. 
"Goodnight baby. I love you."-Liam. 
"I love you too."-me. I cuddled up to him and fell asleep. Tomorrow we are finishing decorating the nurseries it's going to be a looooonnng day. 

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