Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


30. Talking.


Teagan POV

We were all having a nice relaxing girls day and then everything turned bad. We were all relaxing waiting for the boys to get home when we heard the door open. That's weird I thought the boys weren't suppose to be home for like another hour. Then I heard Hayley scream that her dad was her. He came in and started to yell at Hayley I told him to stop but he slapped me and threw me to the ground. Then I saw Hayley being punched and hit in the head. I went over to help her but was stabbed in the stomach before he could hurt her or the babies. The cops and the boys came soon after. Hayley is passed out now. We both got to the hospital we were all worried about Hayley and the babies. I was bleeding quite a bit but I didn't care I wanted to be with Hayley. Harry and the dr. made me get looked at I needed stitches but I would be fine in a week. I got them and went to see Hayley I got there just in time to see what she was having! A girl and a boy!! We were all so happy. We could see how happy Liam and Hayley were they couldn't stop smiling I was so happy for them! I can't wait to see Taylor and Carson! We were able to leave that night because there was no extreme harm to either of us we both were really lucky. After we left the hospital we all went home and I went up to the bed room with Harry I just wanted to be alone with him for now. I got up stairs with help from Harry because it hurt to walk. We both layer down on the bed facing each other.
"So how are you feeling?"-Harry
"Okay just hurts a little..."-Me 
"Okay I wish I was here none if this would have happened to you."-Harry 
"It's fine neither of us got really hurt so it's fine."-Me 
"But you could have I don't know what I would have done if you did..."-Harry 
"Well I didn't so let's not talk about that I hate talking about stuff like that."-Me. He smiled. 
"So what do you want to talk about?"-Harry 
"College and our wedding!"-Me. He smiled and kissed me.
"Sounds good to me!"-Harry 
"Well me and Hayley have our tour of the college in a month! I can't believe that I'm in college already and engaged already!"-Me 
"Cool so now let's talk about the wedding!"-Harry
"Okay so I was thinking that Hayley would be my maid of honor... And the rest of the girls would be brides maids."-Me. Harry smirked.
"Really I thought Louis would be the maid of honor!"-Harry said very sarcastically and laughed. I hit his chest. "What was that for?!"He acted like it hurt. 
"For being a smart ass!"-Me
"Hey you called me smart!"-Harry he said with a smile. 
"I also called you an ass so..."-Me. We both laughed 
"Okay so back to the wedding... What colors?"-Harry 
"I was thinking orange and light green! What do you think?"-Me 
"That sound perfect babe!"-Harry. 
"So who will be your best man?"-Me 
"Umm I haven't really thought about it but more than likely Louis."-Harry
"No I thought it would be Hayley!"-Me
"Only I can do that it's not funny when you do it..."-Harry 
"Well then!"-Me. We both laughed.
"So when do you want the wedding?"-Harry 
"The fall!"-Me 
"Okay what month?"-Harry 
"You pick!"-Me 
"Okay ummm October?"-Harry 
"What year I don't want it to be to long I want to make you Mrs. Styles ASAP!"-Harry 
"Next year? And I like the sound of that!"-Me 
"Perfect! Future Mrs. Styles."-Harry. He leaned over and kissed me. 
"I'll be back I'm going to get some food for everyone!"-Harry 
"Okay get something good!"-Me
"No I'm going to get so something that taste horrible."-He said walking out of the room.
"SMART ASS!!!"-I yelled from the bedroom.
"She also called you and ass Harry!"-Louis yelled walking out of his bed room across the hall. 
"Shut up Lou!"-Harry. We all laughed. Louis walked into mine and Harry's room with Eleanor.
"So we heard you talking about your wedding!!"-Eleanor said hopping on the bed next to me.
"Yup. We already have some of it planned!"-Me
"Like what?"-Louis.
"Well Lou your my maid of honor!!"-I said with a smirk and me and Eleanor started to laugh.
"Really?! Does that mean I have to wear a dress?"-Louis.
"I'll pass sorry Tea I would never wear a dress and I think Hayley would kill me if she wasn't you maid of honor!"-Louis. We all laughed. We talked a little more about the wedding and then about college then Harry came back. He was hiding something behind his back...
"Where's dinner?"-Louis.
"Downstairs but don't tell Niall until we get down there there won't be any food left!"-Harry. We laughed and Louis and Eleanor left. Louis looked shock when he looked at what was in Harry's hands.
"Babe what''s behind you back?"-Me.
"What? Nothing"-He smirked
"The show me your hands..."-Me
"Your just like my mother why do you think I have something in my hands?"-Harry
"Because you do know what is it?"-Me.
"Oh nothing... just a kitten!"-Harry. He put his hands in front of him and there was the cutest black and white kitten in his hands. 
OMG IT'S SO CUTE!!!"-Me. He walked over and laid down next to me and put it down in between us.
"What's her name?"-Me
"I don't know you pick."-Harry
"What about Princess?"-Me.
"That's perfect baby!"-Harry. I leaned over and kissed Harry. We kissed for a while then we heard Niall.
"We better get down there and get some food..."-Harry we laughed. He picked me up and carried me downstairs. 
"Hey save some for us!"-Harry
"Well if you weren't in your room making out you wouldn't have to worry about me taking it..."-Niall
"We weren't making out we were playing with my kitten!"-Me I said holding out Princess.
"When did you get a kitten?"-Zayn
"Like 30 minutes ago when the food got here..."-Me
"The food was here 30 minutes ago and you didn't tell me!"-Niall
"Calm down Niall and save me some!"-Me. We laughed. I walked over next to Niall who was still putting food on his plate. I took it out of his hands.
"Thanks for getting me some!"-Me.
"Hey my food!"-Niall. Everyone laughed I started to eat it and Niall got more on another plate.
"If your weren't hurt I so would have fought you for that!"-Niall
"Okay Niall!"-I laughed. We all sat and watched tv. We played with Princess and Loki, Liam and Hayley's dog. They got along well. We watched tv and talked about mine and Harry's wedding which made Liam and Hayley talk about there's. We stayed up all night just talking and having fun like old times! I love everyone here and I can't wait to see what the future brings for us.

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