Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


19. Surprise!!!

Teagan's POV

It's been the longest 2 months of mine and Hayley's lives. School let out and everything has been good except for the fact neither of us can play volleyball, but we can still be captains. I get to play next week! Hayley can't play until like a month into the season I feel horrible for her. Whatever the boys are coming back today!!!! Hayley can't know because they are surprising her for Liam and her birthday... she thinks they come back next month. They are staying at my house for the night then she's coming over tomorrow. Hayley keeps asking if I want to go over and I keep telling her I can't. She is getting really upset and I don't know what to tell her. I was getting ready I had half my hair straightened and was in my sports bra and shorts when I heard the front door open. I ran down stairs scared to death I was halfway down the stairs when I heard the boys laughing. I looked over to the kitchen and saw them over there Harry was almost dying he was laughing so hard. 
"Guys!!!!" -I ran over to Harry so happy they were all still laughing. "What's so funny??" Then I heard a click. I looked and saw Harry with his phone taking a picture. I looked down and remembered what I was wearing and how my hair was. 
"TEAGAN ROSE GREY!!!" -He said mocking me. 
"Delete that picture!"-me 
"Why it's cute though...."-Harry 
"Pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!" I said giving him puppy dog eyes and pouting. 
"No I like it I think it's really cute."-Harry. He came  over and tried to give me a kiss. 
"Nope!" I said turning away. 
"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!"-I heard the rest of the boys say. 
"But why...."-Harry wined. 
"Cause you won't delete the picture. Once you delete it I will kiss you." -I turned and skipped up the stairs. 
"But baby!"-He wined. 
"Nope!"-I closed the door. About 10 minutes later I was changed and did my hair. I walked downstairs and saw the boys sitting on the couch. I walked over and hugged all of them except Harry... Haha. 
"Hey what about me?"- He pouted.
"Did you delete the picture?"-Me 
"Prove it!" He showed me his phone and it was gone. 
"Okay!" I walked over and sat on his lap and kissed him. I guess we were kissing for a while because we heard the boys laughing and then Louis said: 
"God breath!"
My face turned bright red and everyone laughed Harry just gave them a nasty look. 
"I haven't seen her in like 2 months..."-Harry said. My face still bright red. 
"Liam stop acting like you aren't going to do that when you see Hayley."-Me everyone laughed. 
"I'm not her parents will be there..."- Liam looked down at his feet. 
"No she's coming here."-Harry 
"Oh ok then probably."-Liam 
Everyone just laughed about what just happened. It was only like 1PM so we decided to order pizza and watch movies. We did that for the rest of the night. Later that night they decided to watch scary... Great!! I hid in Harry's chest the whole time. They just laughed. Then Harry kissed me again. We kissed for a while. Then we heard the boys laughing. 
"Guys get a room..."-Niall
"Fine."-Harry he picked me up and we went upstairs they all looked at each other confused and shocked that that just happened. We got up to my room. We kissed for a while then I said I was tired and we went to bed. 
The next morning I woke up at 11 and Hayley was coming at 12. I jumped out do bed and scared Harry. 
"What's wrong?!?!"-Harry he jumped out of the bed. 
"Nothing Hayley is coming in an hour..."-Me 
"Oh none of the boys are up they knew what time she was coming they would have woken us up. Let's wake them up..."- Harry. He started to walk out but I grabbed his arm.
"Let's wake them up by spraying them with water guns!!"-I smiled and he just laughed.
"Ok let's go!"- Harry.
We got the water guns but before that I took all of Zayn's hair stuff and hid it in my room. We went to my room were they were all sleeping. I don't know why I told them they could all just stay in the living room but whatever easier for us. We looked at each other and started to spray them. 
"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"- They all screamed at once. All look at me and Harry and looked like they wanted to kill us. I went over to Zayn and messed up his hair. 
"Not cool Teagan! The water wasn't ok but that was just evil!"-Zayn 
Everyone was laughing the other boys managed to get Harry on the ground and were spraying him with the water gun. I looked at them then at Harry they were laughing at Harry on the ground. I walked over and they stopped spraying him. I knew what was next. Louis grabbed me and held on to me so I couldn't go anywhere. Liam took my gun and Niall had Harry's they sat there for like 5 minutes spraying me Harry just laughed. Harry came over and started to tickle me.
"Guys.... S-s-stopp. Hayley will be here in like 30 minutes."-Me. Liam dropped the gun and ran out of the room to get ready haha. Everyone else started to get ready and left the guns. I picked them up and started to walk to my moms room to get ready. The boys were still in my room talking. Before I left I turned around and shot all four of them.
"AHHHHH TEAGAN!!!"-All. They all got up and started to chase me I made it to my moms room and locked the door. 
"Haha I have to guns!!!"-Me
"You have to leave when Hayley comes."-Harry. Shoot I didn't think of that. Everyone got ready and I went down stairs the boys were already down there except for Zayn.
"TEAGAN WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY HAIR STUFF!!!!!"- Zayn. He came running down the stairs. 
"I didn't do anything."-Me.
"Harry tell your girlfriend to give me back my hair stuff!"-Zayn whined like a little kid.
"Teagan... Give him back his hair stuff."-Harry.
"Fine..."-Me. Everyone was laughing except for Zayn. Then there was a knock on the door. I was already half way up the stairs. I ran back down. 
"My hair stuff!"-Zayn
"Hold on!!"-Me. I walk over and got the door it was Hayley. She walked in and saw the boys and ran over to Liam. I just laughed as they kissed. 
"Told you!!!"- Me. Everyone laughed Liam just gave me a nasty look. Zayn was still freaking out about his hair stuff so I told him where it was and he ran up stairs he came back about 20 minutes later. He needs some help about that. 
"You knew!?!?!"-Hayley asked looking at me. 
"Yes..."-Me. She just looked at me and smiled then kissed Liam again. 
"Is that what we were like?"-I asked Niall.
"Oh... Haha!"- Me I just looked at Harry and we both laughed. 
"Want to play games and watch movies?"-Louis
"Yes!!" We all said at once.
"Ok let's play TRUTH OR DARE!!!"-Niall. We all just laughed and started to play the game. 

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