Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


21. Prom.


I know we have been skipping a lot of time, it's just the ideas we have are later in time, and we have no ideas for now. Sorry if it's confusing, but we just wanted you to know why. Love you all<33 Tea &' Hay***** 

**9 Months Later**

Its finally senior prom! Teagan and I woke up at 8. at 9 we had nail appointments, at 12 hair appointments and the boys are getting us at 4.  I woke up and got dressed, Teagan was already awake talking to my parents about the plans for tonight. When I walked downstairs Teagan stood up. 

"Bye see you when we get back home. Love you both."-Me. We got in the car and drove to the nearest nail salon where we made our appointment at. When we walked in it was packed. We told them we were here for our appointment. We got in right away, we both got manis and pedis. We both got French tips, but I got a small light purple design and Teagan got a small peach colored design. Once we finished our nails we went for a short brunch. At 12 we got to the hair salon it was about a 5 minute wait. Once we finished our hair we went back to my house. It was 2:30.. we have only an hour and a half to get dressed and do our make-up.. oh god. I took out all of my make up and put on foundation first, followed by eye shadow. I did my eye shadow so it was a purple and silver smokey eye. I put eyeliner on both top and bottom eye lids. then mascara. I was very pleased with how i looked. I got in my dress Teagan came out and she looked absolutely stunning. She zipped up my dress and I zipped up hers. I put on my shoes and she put on hers. I grabbed my phone and we started taking selfies until  I heard my parents scream.

"Hales!! Tea!! They are here!!-Parents. I looked in the mirror and touched my scar. 

"Don't worry Hay you look beautiful."-Teagan I smiled and hugged her. We walked downstairs. The boys were waiting by the door and my parents by the bottom of the stairs. My mom gasped and basically started crying.  

"You look beautiful."-Mom.

"Please don't cry.. you did it last year too."-Me. She laughed and hugged me. My dad hugged me.

"You look amazing. You too Teagan."-Dad. I looked at Liam. He smiled and walked over to me. 

"You look absolutely beautiful."-Liam.

"Thanks. You look amazing too."-Me. He laughed. He gave me my corsage and I gave him the boutonniere my mom picked out for him.  He gave me a kiss and then my parents wanted pictures. First Teagan and I alone and together. We did a couple serious ones then of course the fun ones. Duck face, tongues out, and all those. Then Liam and I. Then Harry and Teagan. Then me and my parents. Then Harry Teagan Liam and I. I was sick of pictures.

"Okay, if we take any more pictures we will be late for prom."-Me. We left and then Liam and took his car and Teagan and Harry took Harry's. We got to the place and Liam opened my door and grabbed my hand and helped me out. 

"Yeah, these shoes hurt already."-Me. He laughed. 

"You can't even see your feet you should've worn like flip flops or something."-Liam.

"But I really like these."-Me. He just shook his head and laughed. We met up with Teagan and Harry once we got in. A few of my friends from volleyball came up to me and said hi. Then a few girls from softball. Then Alexa came up to us. 

"You two look amazing."-Alexa.

"Thanks. You look really pretty."-Me. She nodded and tried giving me a hug. I just backed away. Then looked at Liam. He grabbed my hand and we went to the dance floor. Midnight Memories came on. We both looked at the boys we all laughed. Teagan grabbed my arm and pulled me to the dance floor. We started dancing crazily. The guys were laughing at us. Once that song ended Fight For You by Jason Derulo came on. I walked to Liam.

"Come dance. I love this song!"-Me. He laughed and grabbed my hand. We both started crazily   dancing I saw Teagan and her and Harry were like making out and grinding it was very unpleasing to watch. Once that ended You &' I came on. Liam laughed and grabbed my waist. I put my arms around his neck. We were basically just swaying back and forth. He was singing it softly in my ear. I smiled to myself. I love him. This moment is perfect. I wish time would stop here and this moment would never end. Once the song ended Liam kissed me. When we pulled away we both smiled.

"I love you."-Liam.

"Love you too."-Me. International Love by Pitbull and Neyo came on. I loved that song. I have to admit there was a little grinding from me and Liam but not nearly as much as Harry and Teagan. We are who we are by Little Mix came on. I walked over to them. 

"Can I please dance with my best friend or do you guys want to make a baby right here I can come back later if you need me to."-Me. Liam laughed. Teagan just gave me a nasty look. I pulled her away from Harry. We started dancing again. I saw Alexa sitting alone. To be honest I felt bad. Its her senior prom. I walked to Liam and Harry. Teagan followed me. 

"I'll be right back. I have to do something."-Me. All three looked confused. I walked over to Alexa. 

'Come dance with me and Teagan. It's you senior prom you deserve to have fun. I'm willing to put everything that has ever happened between us behind me if you are willing to actually be our friend and no more games. Its senior year. We started high school as besties I want to end it that way too. I want to be able to walk across the stage graduation day and know that I did everything I could to make sure we were friends again. I want to see you at our high school reunion and be able to hug you and see your kids and tell them stories about how crazy we were in high school and I want the same for you with my children."-Me. She got up and hugged me. 

"Thank you Hayley. I want the same thing. I'm sorry about everything."-Alexa.

"Its all behind me remember?"-Me. I grabbed her hand and walked to the boys and Teagan. 


"Everything is all set. I'm putting everything behind me and Alexa is actually going to be our friend and no games this time. Trust me."-Me. Teagan nodded. Liam gave me a hug. Neon lights by Demi Lovato came on. Liam hid his face. I laughed. Teagan Alexa and I all danced but it was the kind where we just did random moves jumping around. She Doesn't Mind By Sean Paul came on. Oh god. Teagan once again grinding with Harry. Alexa, Liam and I just danced having a good time not trying to get pregnant like Teagan.. Half a Heart came on. 

"Dance with me."-Liam. 

"Of course."-Me. We started dancing then randomly Liam got on one knee. He pulled out a box. Oh my god 


"Hayley Elizabeth Scott from that first day at that concert when I saw you standing there front row, I knew you were special. We have faced many obstacles in the past year and we got through them all.  I love you with all my heart to infinity and beyond. This ring is not only for our marriage but for you to be my best friend, the love of my life, my wife, and my other half until we die. I know you're only 17 but age is just a number. So will you marry me?"-Liam. My heart was pounding and butterflies were swarming in my stomach. 

"Yes. I will marry you."-Me. He slid the ring on my finger and kissed me. He picked me up and spun me around. 

"I love you so much."-Me. 

"I love you too baby."-Liam. Half a Heart ended and Strong came on. Liam and I just danced. 

Stand By You came on and we once again slow danced and then lastly Don't Forget Where you Belong. Teagan saw the ring and flipped out. happily of course Harry gave me a hug and gave Liam a "Bro hug". Prom ended and I was honestly upset. That was my last dance in high school. Soon I'll be graduating. My dad thinks I'm sleeping at Teagan's tonight but my mom told me that Liam and I could stay at a hotel... thank god for my mom! Liam and I walked out of the place with Teagan and Harry.

"God Teagan, you might want to get a pregnancy test now.. you guys were pretty hardcore out there. I'll obviously be an aunty soon!"-Me Liam laughed and Teagan just blushed and hit my arm.

"OW! What was that for!?"-Me. 

"Being such a bitch!"-Teagan. I stuck my tongue out at her. We both laughed then walked to the cars. 

"I'm proud of you, for what you did with Alexa."-Liam. 

"What I told her was true. I wanted to be friends with her like when we first stepped into that high school and I wanted to make sure  I did everything  I could to get back the friendship we once had."-Me. He kissed my cheek and started driving to the hotel.  Once we got in the room I took my shoes off. 

"Did you ask my dad about marrying me?"-Me.

"No.. I asked your mom and she told me not to ask your dad... so I didn't"-Liam. I grabbed my pajamas out of my bag. 

"Liam can you unzip my dress please?"-Me. I felt his fingers fumble with the zipper and suddenly felt the cold air hit my warm back. I stepped out of the dress and was about to put my pajamas on but Liam kissed me with so much passion and lust. We started making out and then Liam lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I undid his tux, so I was in my bra and underwear and Liam was in his pants, but no shirt. He laid me on the bed, our lips still connected. I bet you can guess what happened next.. and just so you know that wasn't our first time 'doing it'. Once we finished we cuddled up and fell asleep. 


I woke up before Liam. I got dressed into my clothes and went to the living room area. Last night was amazing at prom and at the hotel. I was just watching TV when I felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and started puking... from what though?? But then it popped in my head.. oh my god. I put on slippers and ran to Teagan's room. I knocked on the door. Harry opened.

"Hayley? You okay?"-Harry. 

"Can I talk to Teagan alone please? Its really important.."-Me. He nodded and walked to my room. Teagan was on the couch I closed the door and sat next to her. I just started crying in her arms. 

"Oh my god. Whats wrong?-Teagan.

"I think I'm p-pregnant.."-Me.

"What!? You need to tell Liam.."-Teagan.

"Tell me what? Hayley are you okay?"-Liam. He came over to me.

"Wait, how are you even sure?"-Teagan. I looked at her and put my finger in my mouth basically telling her I puked. 

"What's going on? Hayley what's wrong?"-Liam.

"I think... I'm pregnant."-Me.  I started crying again and he just hugged me. 

"Want me to go get you tests?"-Teagan. I nodded. 

"And you said I needed the tests!"-Teagan. I just gave her a nasty look along with Liam, Harry was laughing. 

"Way too soon!"-Me. She shrugged and walked out. 

"Wow... engaged and pregnant all in one night..-Harry. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. Teagan came back in 10 minutes. She literally pulled me off of Liam and dragged me to the bathroom. She gave me the three tests she bought me.. I went in the bathroom and took them. I let Teagan back in for the longest 2 minutes of my life. When they all clicked I couldn't look so I made Teagan.

"Hayley, your a mom.."-Teagan. I started crying. This couldn't be happening! She let Liam in and told him. He just hugged me as I cried in his chest. 

"My parents are going to kill me"-Me. 

"Shh. Calm down baby. It will all be okay."-Liam.

"I'm only 17! I'm pregnant!"-Me. We left the hotel after an hour of getting ready and the three of them calming me down. When we pulled into my driveway I felt like telling Liam to turn around and drive back. But I couldn't. We walked inside and my parents were talking to the other boys. 

"Hayley, have you been crying?"-Dad.

"Nope. I forgot to take off my make up last night so my eyes are all red."-Me. He nodded my parents stayed downstairs for not too much longer just asking us about how everything was. My mom saw my ring and smiled, luckily my dad didn't see it. When the went back upstairs Niall came over to Liam and I.

"So why were you crying?"-Niall. 

"If I tell you guys you can't tell my parents.. I have to tell them when I'm ready."-Me. They nodded.

"Okay... I'm pregnant."-Me. Their mouths dropped. They said congrats. 

"I'm so happy that I'm an aunt!"'-Teagan. 

"What? An aunt?"-Dad. Shit. Liam and I looked at Teagan and she mouthed sorry. They got up to leave. I grabbed Liam and pulled him back down on the couch. 

"CLAIRE GET DOWN HERE!"-Dad. My mom rushed downstairs and sat next to my dad.


"Mom, Dad, I'm- Um... I'm.. pregnant."-Me. 

"Hayley... are you sure"-Mom.

"I took 3 tests this morning.. they were all positive. I'm so sorry dad I'm so sorry mom."-Me. My mom came over and hugged me. I cried into her chest for about 2 minutes. 


"How irresponsible can you be!? Trust me Hayley I've never been so disappointed in you. And I see that ring on your finger I know exactly what's going on!"-Dad. 

"I'm sorry."-Me.

"Kurt, I knew about the engagement.. I said yes. I told Liam not to ask you. You can't blame her for that. But pregnant Hayley? I'll help you I do whatever you need. I'm sure your father feels the same way."-Mom.

"I don't though. I'm not helping you with that mistake! You are such a disgrace, I thought we raised you better than this Hayley!"-Dad.

"GOOD! I don't want you to be apart of my child's life anyways! All you do is bash on me and Liam and I'm done with all of it! You don't want to be in my baby's life? Don't be but just so you know you won't be apart of mine either. Thank you mom. I appreciate it. I love you."-Me. She nodded. My dad stayed silent. I got up and walked out of the house.. Liam came after me. I walked to the front door when I opened the door the guys and Teagan were talking. I just started crying into Liam again. 

"What happened?"-Teagan. 

"What do you think? My mom was fine but my dad flipped out. He doesn't want to be apart of the baby's life so i told him that he isn't apart of mine either.. remember when I said don't tell my parents, I will when I'm ready? Well I wasn't ready yet. So thank you Teagan thanks a whole bunch!"-Me. I walked to my car and just sat inside it. Liam sat in the seat next to me.

"Please calm down. Teagan feels really bad about it. Just talk to her.-Liam. I nodded. Liam got out and Teagan got in the car . 

"Im sorry I didn't mean it. I feel terrible."-Me. She accepted and said sorry herself. Im so scared right now.. its not even funny. This is not how I imagined the end of senior year.. 

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