Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


11. Please Forgive Me!!

Teagan POV 
 Harry is being such a jerk! Like really your going to believe that stupid picture Alexa took... The one who said she will brake us up. I mean really your going to believe her and not your girlfriend. I sat in room from the time I got home to the time Hayley got home. Then I came back up here because Harry was still not believing me no matter what anyone said. This is ridiculous! I'm up in my room and Harry is outside my door and won't leave me alone! 
"Teagan please! I'm sorry I overreacted..."-Harry 
"I don't care! Go away!"-Me 
"Give me five minutes to talk to you please." -Harry 
"NO! Go away... I don't want to see you!"-Me. It didn't matter he opened the door an came in. I just looked at him I could tell he was upset and sorry. I didn't care though, he was being such a jerk! 
"Get out." - I said as I was crying. 
"No I need to talk to you this is important. I can't stand seeing my girlfriend cry because of how stupid I was not to believe her." 
"Ex"-Me. It hurt me so much to say that. I could see it hurt him to to her me say that. 
"What??"-Harry it looked like he was about to cry.
"I said EX girlfriend."-Me I was now crying. Great now he knows that I'm really upset about saying that.
"What I'm sorry. Come on baby don't be like this I love you!"-Harry. Did he just say he loves me? Yes he did, but I can't just forgive him because of that he freaked out on me.
"Why should I believe what your says if you wouldn't believe me?"-Me. He looked so broken. I think I just broke his heart great!
"Baby please I'm sorry!" He started to cry. Now I feel really guilty.
"I knew this wasn't going to work I was so stupid... Alexa was right!"-Me I was bawling my eyes out by now.
"No she wasn't... it will work out if you just listen to me."-Harry
"Why should I if you didn't want to listen to me..."-I felt horrible.
"Because I was being stupid. I feel horrible. And I will never let that happen again."-He just looked at me and I started to cry more seeing him like this. Great what do I do now. 
Harry's POV
Why did I have to do that? I should have just believed her. Now I told her I loved her and all she said was why should I believe you? Great I mess everything up! I should have just believed her. 
"Baby please forgive me. I feel horrible about all this."-Me. She just turned away and put her face in a pillow.
"Iloveyouto."-She said very quickly.
"You what??"-I asked even though I knew what she said.She turned and looked at me again.
"I said I Love You!"-She smiled and started to blush. I pulled her closer to me and we kissed. She pulled away and just looked at me.
"What's wrong babe?"-Me. She smiled. 
"I have to ask you a question..."-Teagan
"Do you want to go to prom with me?"-Teagan she started to blush again. I loved how she always blushed. 
"Umm I don't know I'll have to think about it..."-Me I was trying not to smile.
"WHAT?!?"-Teagan she looked like she was going to start crying again.
"I'm kidding of course I will!" I looked at her and she had the biggest smile on her face. I pulled her closer to me again and we kissed. Then I pulled away. She just looked at me.
"Now I have to ask you a  question."-Me
"Would you be my girlfriend again?"-Me
"Ummm yes!!!"-Teagan she just smiled at me and we kissed again for a while. We heard Hayley and Liam downstairs talking so they made up. Teagan moved closer to me put her head on my chest and fell asleep. I'm so happy she forgave me I don't what I would have done if she didn't. I will never be so stupid again. I love her and she loves me and I will never let anything change that.    

**** AUTHORS NOTE*****

What does everyone think??? Comment any suggestions below and we will try and put them in the book!

-Teagan & Hayley

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