Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


34. Planning

Hayley's POV
When Teagan and the boys walked out of the house. I did feel guilty. I didn't want her to leave, but I can't just forgive her she was being such a bitch! 
"Hayley, that was uncalled for. She's leaving now.. She apologized and you just denied it and basically told her to leave."-Liam. 
"I know I know. It's not like I meant to say that. It just came out of my mouth!"-Me. 
"Well now Teagan is leaving."-Liam. 
"I know! It's not like I want her to leave."-Me. 
"Well then go to the airport and make sure you make up then she might not even leave."-Liam. 
"Good. I love you."-Liam.
"Love you too."-Me. We rushed out of the house and Liam drove to the airport. Once we got there Teagan was about to board her flight. 
"Wait!"-Me. She turned around as did everyone else and I could see her face brighten a bit. Once we talked and she told me she was still going. It hurt. We started walking out and Liam grabbed my hand. It didn't really matter anymore that Teagan wasn't coming I knew I had Liam and the boys. We started getting into our cars and Teagan yelled. She came over and Harry and I ran up to her and gave her a hug. When they started making out I went to Liam. We all drove home, when we got there I guess it was already pretty late because everyone went to bed. Liam and I went to the couch and cuddled while watching movies. We soon fell asleep. I felt myself being lifted of the couch and into Liam and i's room. He put me on the bed and then was about to get into bed. 
"What baby?"-Liam. 
"Can you get me pajamas?"-me. 
"Of course."-Liam. I heard my drawers being opened and closed and then he handed me them. I looked at him and smiled. 
"Can you put them on me? Please."-Me. 
"Sure."-Liam. He took off my jeans and slid on my fuzzy cheetah print pajama pants. Then he took off the shirt I was wearing I was watching him. I started laughing. 
"What's so funny?"-Liam.
"What about me?"-Liam. He was smirking his amazing smirk that made my heart melt. 
"Oh yeah?"-Liam. I nodded. He started touching my sides making me laugh (note he still hasn't put on my shirt yet) He kept tickling me. 
"STOOPP! Liiiaaaammm"-Me. After 5 more minutes of torturing me. He stopped. He put a big sweater on me and then took of his shirt and then put on a pair of sweats. He got in bed next to me. He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. I gave him a kiss and then put one of my arms on his shoulder and my other arm on his other arms bicep. Then I put my head in the crook of his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist. He started singing Little Things quietly in my ear and I fell asleep happier than ever. 
I woke up still in Liam's grasp. I didn't want to move and wake him so I just stayed there until his eyes fluttered open. 
"Morning beautiful."-Liam. I gave him a kiss. 
"Lets get up."-Liam.
"But I don't want to!"-Me. He laughed and moved me off of him. I just laughed. He got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower go on. I grabbed my phone and was looking through my pictures when I got a phone call from my mom. 
Me: Hello?
Mom: Hi, I haven't heard from you in a while.
Me: I know I'm sorry. 
Mom: It's fine sweetheart. I heard about your father. I'm very sorry. I hope everything is okay with the babies and everything. 
Me: Everything is fine. (Liam just walked in)
Mom: Good. I miss you so much. 
Me: I miss you too mom. 
Mom: Well I got to go. Bye love you. 
Me: Love you too.
"What was that about?"-Liam. 
"I don't even know.. She just randomly called."-Me. He shrugged and got dressed. We walked downstairs and saw everyone talking. 
"What you guys talking bout?"-Me. 
"Nice pants Hayley."-Teagan. 
"Hey don't judge! I know you have ones just like it except pink!"-Me. She stuck her tongue out. 
"So what's going on with them?"-Liam. 
"Those two are trying to find a wedding song."-Zayn. I laughed. 
"Good luck with that one Harry. I bet all Teagan is saying is one direction songs she likes."-Me. 
"Pretty much."-Harry. 
"Not true!! I chose just a kiss and I'll stand by you but Harry decided to say you and I."-Teagan. Everyone laughed. I sat on the couch next to Liam. 
"What's your song going to be?"-Louis. He looked at me and Liam. 
"No idea....."-Liam. I took my phone out and started going through songs. Liam got his laptop out. I came across a Luke Bryan song that Tea and I loved
 but mostly just when he shakes his hips during it. 
"Hey Tea, what about this one?"-Me. I started playing 'That's My Kind Of Night' she laughed. 
"What's so funny?"-Liam. I took his laptop. Eleanor and Perrie walked in. The boys filled them in on what was going on. Teagan and I were laughing so hard. I went on youtube and started watching his performance on the AMAs. All us girls were basically drooling over him. Once it ended all the guys were confused. 
"Seriously? Luke Bryan? What's so good about him?"-Liam. 
"Have you seen him shake his hips? God he's fine."-Me. All the girls nodded in agreement. 
"He's married."-Liam. 
"And I'm engaged!! Soo what?"-Me. 
"We shake our hips!"-Harry. 
"Not enough obviously!"-Eleanor
"That's not what you said the other day..."-Liam
"The other day? YOU WISH! I'm pregnant remember."-Me
"Ohhh rejected!!"-Louis
"And those words would never come out of my mouth..."-Me 
"We should go to a Luke Bryan concert!!"-Teagan
"No!"-Both Liam and Harry said at once. 
"You can't control us!"-Both me and Teagan.
"Where are you guys going to get the money from..."-Liam
"I have my ways..."-Me "What's mine is yours right!" Liam just looked at the ground and everyone laughed.
"What about you Teagan?"-Liam
"Hey Harry..."-Teagan 
"No I will not get you tickets."-Harry 
"But babe please! I will stop talking about Luke Bryan...but Hayley has to come with me!"-Teagan 
"Hayley has to agree to not talking about him. Then maybe."-Liam. 
"Fine, but it only depends on the seats we get."-Me. 
"Front row."-Harry. 
"Deal!"-Teagan and I. He took his laptop away from me and bought tickets. Louis makes a whip noise. We all laughed except for Harry and Liam. 
"But anyways... Now that that's all over back to songs!"-Me. 
"Sounds good to me!"- Liam. I laughed. We were sitting on the couch he was laying across it and I was in between his legs, he put his laptop on my lap and was typing in songs on youtube. We got like 10 songs, and finally narrowed it down to two."Amazed" by lonestar and "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. 
"Which one do you want?"-Liam. 
"I don't know. You pick."-Me. 
"It's your wedding. You pick."-Liam. 
"It's your wedding too."-Me. 
"I'm not picking. You're pregnant and moody and I'll pick the wrong one."-Liam 
"Wow rude much!"-Me.
"Love you baby!"-Liam
"Sure ya do..."-Me.
"Seriously you pick..."-Liam
"No I don't know! You pick!"-Me 
"What's the big deal? It's just a song..."-Liam
"Liam stop don't go there! It's not just a song!"-Harry 
"Liam stop!!!"-All the boys 
"Just a song Liam..."-Me
"That's not what I meant!"-Liam
"Of course you didn't."-Me 
"I just don't understand!"-Liam 
"It's the first song. It's our song. The first song we will slow dance to as a married couple."-Me 
"Okay sorry what was the song I proposed to you at prom?"-Liam
"It was one of your songs Liam.. I'm glad you remembered that."-Me. I rolled my eyes at him.
"I got it!"-Harry 
"What!?!"-Everyone said at once. 
"Teagan I think we should do I'll Stand By You! It was the first slow song we ever danced to together!"-Harry
"I love that babe. Maybe you are actually smart..."-Teagan. She leaned over and kissed him. 
"Uhhh kill me now!! Gross!!!"-Me 
"That's disgusting!"-Liam
"Oh like you don't kiss Hayley!"-Harry 
"We kiss but it's gross seeing you two kiss!"-Me. 
"I don't even care, I'm just surprised I outsmarted the valedictorian."-Harry. I pout. 
"We all already talked about this. This is an off limit topic!"-Liam. I swat his hands away from the laptop. 
"Ow! What was that for?!"-Liam. 
"I have something to look up."-Me. 
"Not Luke Bryan!!"-Liam. 
"It's not. It's my GPA I want to see how the hell Teagan was valedictorian! Especially since Spanish!"-Me. 
"Rude much!? At least you know one Spanish word."-Me. 
"She called me a bitch."-Me. 
"Wow two that's a record."-Me. 
"What are you talking about?"-Harry. 
"Say something in Spanish to her."-Me. 
"Te amo."-Harry. 
"Tea, you just told him you didn't love him."-Me.
"Oh. I mean Te amo tres."-Teagan. 
"What? I said I love you too."-Teagan. 
"You said I love you three."-Harry. 
"No? I'm positive tres is two."-Teagan. 
"Teagan, uno, dos, tres."-Liam. 
"Yeah, zero one two."-Teagan. 
"If we counted zero it would be cero, uno, dos,tres!!!"-Niall. 
"Oh."-Teagan. I went to my grades and calculated my GPA it was 95.6. 
"So Teagan what was your GPA?"-Me. 
"Oh god."-Liam. 
"Mine..was. 95.6!!!!"-Me. 
"Ooh.. Kill um!!"-Teagan. 
"Close to it."-Me. 
"Harry save me!!"-Teagan. She put her head in Harry's chest. 
"Back to the songs, I'll pick."-Liam. 
"Would you want to see her kill Teagan?"-Liam. 
"I would love to see how that played out, but nah."-Zayn. 
"You don't say that Zayn! You think it!"-Perrie. 
"Oooh kill um!!!!"-Me. 
"Well then!"-Teagan. 
"Anyways, wedding songs! I chose amazed!"-Liam. 
"Sounds good."-Me. He kissed my cheek. 
"Tomorrow, let's go shopping for bridesmaids dresses!"-Teagan. 
"Teagan I can't get mine, and you can't get yours."-Me. 
"We're pregnant. The sizes would be off."-Me. 
"Oh yeah, but we can still find the dresses we want and get El and Perrie their dresses."-Teagan. I nodded. 
"Oh yeah, what color Liam?"-Me. 
"I dont know you pick."-Liam. 
"Purple?"-Me. He nodded. 
"Sounds great."-Liam. 
"Can we please get coffee?"-Me. 
"You know how to say please?"-Zayn. 
"Shut up!"-Me. 
"There she is!"-Niall. 
"Can we just go get coffee now?"-Teagan. 
"Now she's acting like Hayley!"-Louis. 
"What's wrong with that?! I'm amazing!"-Me. 
"Full of yourself much?"-Teagan. 
"There is nothing wrong with being full of yourself."-Zayn. 
"Yes! Zayn you are my favorite now!"-Me. 
"I wasn't before!?"-Zayn. 
"You were all tied for second."-Me. 
"Who was first?"-Louis. 
"No.. It was Liam."-Me. 
"Can we just go get coffee?"-Teagan. We all drove to the coffee shop and got to Starbucks. We all ordered, and sat down. We were all laughing until I saw Teagan go pale. I looked in her direction and saw them. Zack and Damien.... I thought I was going to pass out. I just looked at Liam and grabbed his arm. I was shaking. He just looked at me worried. They started walking over.. Oh god this isn't going to be fun...

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