Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


46. Oh God

Hayley's POV 

It's been a couple days since the babies were born. I get to leave the hospital today. Thank god! Liam is already such an amazing father. Liam's family came to see us, well mostly the babies. My mom leaves tomorrow. She is so upset about that. But I told her she would get a new picture of them everyday. I woke up and saw Liam holding Taylor. He was playing with her tiny fingers. I gave him a kiss. 
"Morning." I said. I grabbed one of her hands she squeezed back and smiled big. I laughed. Carson started fussing so I grabbed him. I was playing around with him. He was smiling like crazy. Seeing his toothless gums. Liam was laughing. The nurse came in. 
"You can leave whenever you want." The nurse smiled at the babies and then left. 
"Well this is one Christmas we both can never forget." I said with a laugh. He nodded. We grabbed the car seat carriers and put the babies in them. Niall and Zayn walked in. The gave me a hug. I was about to pick up Taylor's but Niall grabbed it. I went to the desk an checked out. We all walked out of the hospital and Liam but his hands around my waist. Zayn wanted to take Carson. I put my hands over his. We put them in the car and then we got in the car. We got home and told Niall and Zayn we would be over in a few minutes. We walked into our room and I laid on the bed. 
"God I missed an actual bed!"-Me. Liam just laughed. I took Carson out of his seat and I changed him. Liam changed Taylor. We put them back in and walked out the door. We got mobbed. Liam had one hand holding the carrier and the other one wrapped around my waist. We got through and put them in the car. Once we got in the car we drove two house down and up the boys' loooonngg driveway. Once we got to the house, everyone met us outside. Teagan gave me a hug. My mom told me she needed to leave, there was a change of plans and she needed to leave today. She gave me a hug and said bye to the boys and the babies. We all walked inside. It was really cold. Once I got it. I unbuckled Taylor and took off her coat and hat. Then I put them into the carrier and Liam did the same to Carson. 
"So Harry, did you really think I peed?" I asked with a laugh. Everyone laughed. 
"STOP!" Harry was blushing. 
"Fine since you know so much about babies want to watch Carson quick so I can make them both a bottle?" I asked him. He nodded. I gave Taylor to Liam as Liam gave Carson to Harry. I gave him a kiss and grabbed the formula and stuff. I walked into the kitchen and heard Carson cry. I finished the bottles and he was screaming. Perrie looked annoyed. 
"Give me my godson!" Perrie took him and he stopped. I gave her the bottle and she was feeding him. 
"Want to try holding Taylor?" Liam asked him. He nodded and Liam gave him Taylor. I laughed when she started crying I handed him the bottle. He tried feeding her but it wouldn't work. She wouldn't stop. Liam took her and she stopped. 
"AWW they don't like me!" Harry was upset.
"Hopefully your kid will." Louis joked. We all laughed. 
"So how do you feel Hayley?" Niall asked.
"Good. I'm not carrying around two babies plus I didn't have to actually deliver them which helps." They all nodded. My phone started going off. It was Alexa. I went into the kitchen and answered. 
Me: Hello?
Alexa: Hey! Congratulations on your babies! I heard they were born a couple days ago. 
Me: Thanks. They are adorable. I'll send you pictures  
Alexa: Good! Well I got to go. Bye.
I walked back out and saw both of my babies sleeping. 
"Who was that?" Liam whispered. 
"Alexa." He shrugged. Once the babies woke up I needed to  go get them clothes. 
"Can you guys watch them quick I need to run back to the house quick." I asked. Liam and I decided to just walk since it was two houses down the only reason why we drove in the first place was for the babies. We were walking down the boys driveway. 
"Damn this is long!" I cursed. Liam just laughed. Once we got to our house I went into Taylor's princess room and picked out a cute little outfit. And Liam went into Carson's batman room and picked out his outfit. I was fixing a couple things in Taylor's room when Liam came in. I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss. We walked outside and once again we were mobbed. Liam had a little bags with the clothes. We started walking with questions being thrown at us. I held Liam's hand and put my head on his bicep. His fingers were playing with the rings on my finger. I'm wearing the engagement obviously and the promise ring he gave me. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back. 
"Do you think Carson will be a mommys boy?" Liam asked me. 
"I hope so." He laughed. We got to the boys house and I heard Carson crying. Oh boy. We walked in and saw Harry freaking out because he wouldn't stop. 
"Did you try changing his diaper?" Liam asked Harry. 
"No... I will now though." I face palmed. I threw Harry a diaper and wipes and then I handed him the clothes. Harry started trying to change him but was failing. Liam went over and helped him out. Then Teagan changed Taylor. Carson started laughing at Harry. Liam just laughed. 
"Harry you better be better than this when our baby is born." Teagan said. 
"Tea he has three months to learn let's hope he's okay by then." I answered back to her. Harry handed me Carson and I brought him upstairs into our old room. I rocked him to sleep and laid him in the bed with pillows surrounding him. Then Liam came in with a sleeping Taylor. He put her next to Carson. I put a little blanket on them. Liam gave me a kiss and then we joined everyone downstairs. We all made fun of Harry and just enjoyed each others company. I love my family. Every single one of them. Nothing will ever change that. 

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