Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


18. Not Again....

Liam's POV

When I heard Hayley's voice in the hospital room, I thought I was just dreaming. But when everyone said her name and I saw her eyes open I knew it was real. I rushed to her side, she was shocked and obviously didn't expect to see me. Once her dad came in I just backed away from her and stood there awkwardly with the others. The most shocking thing ever was when Hayley pushed her dad away. I didn't think she was awake during that. The doctor walked in. 

"Hi. Sorry if I was interrupting anything, but as you know you can go home tonight, but as always there are something things you must do. Since you have such a severe concussion, you can can sleep, but keep away from loud music or noises, fighting, and sports and Definitely technology like texting and television. You can probably watch like an hour and a half and then that's it. But you shouldn't use your phone or laptop. And for your cuts, change the bandages every couple hours. Don't itch or pick at it. Just let it scar on its own. And sadly they both will scar since they were so deep. But don't sleep to much. You as very lucky that those boys got there when they did or you probably would have bled out and wouldn't be here right now."-Doctor. Hayley just nodded and smiled towards the end. The doctor left. Hayley tried getting up to get changed but her leg was hurting. I ran to her and picked her up. I brought her to the bathroom and gave her the new clothes. I closed the door and waited for her to let me know she was done. Her parents and the boys and Teagan all left the room to sign papers and just wait. She came out of the bathroom hopping. I helped her. She gave me a hug and a kiss. 

"Thank you. I love you."-Hayley. 

"That's my job. I love you too."-Me. I helped her out the nurse came with a wheelchair. She sat in the wheelchair. Her parents finished the paperwork. I wheeled her out then we got to the cars.Hayley's mom said she could ride with the boys and me. Hayley and I rode with Teagan and Harry. The rest took Louis rental car. Hayley and I were in the back. 

"Do you remember everything?"-Harry. 

"I remember mostly all of it. I just don't remember all the little details, and I obviously don't

remember what happened after I passed out."-Hayley. 

"What even happened?"-Me. Teagan looked at her telling her to say it. 

"Well, Teagan left my house to get something, I was in my room when I heard someone walk in and then he screamed my name I think and started breaking everything. Then I called Liam and hid somewhere I think my closet. I guess he found me and then he grabbed me out and flung me into my drawers. He smashed my phone and then locked the doors. He took out the knife..."-Hayley. 

"Then what?"-Harry. 

"I remember him slappingTeagan. Then he said that he was the only person I needed then I don't remember what I said. But that's when he cut me first my neck to my chest then my thigh. Then.. He stood me up and threw me against the wall and I remember hearing Teagan scream my name, then hearing her scream.. Then I don't remember anything after that until the door opened, I remember seeing Louis and Liam. They were saying something but I couldn't hear them only see their lips moving. After that, I heard Nick scream and then Liam said something , but I don't really remember it.."-Hayley. I kissed her temple. 

Hayley's POV

We got to my house and Liam got out then helped me. I can't believe he came. We got inside and watched a movie. Liam and I cuddled up the most uncomfortable way, but so I didn't hurt anything. He's so sweet. I fell asleep then I felt someone lift me up and then I got passed back to Liam, I could tell by the way he held me. I could tell we were going to my room. Soon I was laying in my bed. I fell asleep, I guess I rolled over on my arm because I woke up to a sharp pain in my arm. I bolted up. I guess I woke Liam up because he sat up. 

"Baby,you okay?"-Liam. 

"No, I just rolled on my arm. It hurts so bad."-Me. I started crying. The doctor told me that I would be having mood swings and more emotional. Liam hugged me, trying not to hurt me at all. I just cried. 

"God I hate this!"-Me. 

"I know baby, I know. Shh.. Come on baby please stop crying."-Liam. 

"I can't. I don't know why!"-Me. 

"Come on, baby go back to sleep."-Liam. I nodded. I cuddled up to him and fell asleep, he protectively wrapped his arms around me. I woke up to my parents walking in.

"Are you going to school today?"-Mom. Liam was up on his phone already. 

"When are you leaving again?"-Me. 

"It's Tuesday so... Friday. But don't stay home from school because of me.. School is more important."-Liam. 

"fine I'll try school. But if anything happens I'm leaving."-Me. My parents nodded. I got up slowly and put on sweatpants after I changed my bandages. I put on a tank top then a sweatshirt. I left my hair down so it would hopefully cover the bandage. I put on foundation and cover up to try and cover up the bruises on my face. It kind if worked. I went downstairs and saw Tegan waiting for me. I took my medicines and then grabbed my backpack with my left hand. We walked to Teagan's car, and she drove us to school. Once we walked in and everyone saw me, they all stared trying to get a reaction out if me. It was working. Usually I don't care , but I'm more emotional right now, and I have major mood swings. We went to first class, and throughout the day people would come up to me and ask me what happened. It was lunch time and I didn't want to be in the lunch room. Teagan and I were walking to my locker when I saw Alexa out her foot out. I fell on my arm, and then landed on my leg. I just stayed there for a minute. I saw Teagan take her phone out and call someone. Luckily I didn't hit my head on the ground I stopped myself before that could happen. I couldn't move my leg was killing me and I couldn't lift myself up because my arm was hurting. I wouldn't be surprised if my stitches opened up. Teagan helped me up and brought me to my locker. Alexa came over with Nick. I kinda just froze up. Teagan and Alexa started fighting. Then Nick came over to me. He looked at the bandage on my neck. 

"Looks like I'll always be apart of you. Forever and Always."-Nick. He started touching my bandages and I slapped his hand away. 

"Don't touch me. Stay away from me."-Me. 

"I am so happy Alexa told me to go over your house. Or none of that would have happened."-Nick.

"you're such a douchebag! I hate you so much!"-Me. Nick grabbed my neck and held me against a locker choking me. 

"what did you say?"-Nick. 

""-Me. All of a sudden I could breathe. I fell into someone's arms and soon found out it was Zayn. I looked towards Nick and saw him and Liam fighting. Liam obviously winning. I just cried into Zayn. Then Liam came over to me. He pulled me into a hug. I couldn't stop crying.  We went to see the principle. We told her everything. She expelled Nick and called the police on him, and then suspended Alexa. Sucks for her. 

"Come on baby lets get you home."-Liam. I nodded. We walked to the car and I just sat there silently. 

"You didn't have to come."-me. 

"If I didn't he would have killed you."-Liam. 

"Thank you."-Me. 

"Don't thank me. I should be thanking you. I've wanted to beat the shit out of him since your prom."-Liam. We both laughed. I swear Liam can make anything better. We got to my house and my dad looked at me.  

"Why are you home?"-Me. 

"Alexa tripped me, I landed on my arm and leg. Then Nick basically strangled me. But luckily Liam came when Teagan called him."-Me. My dad came over to us. 

"Thank you Liam. You saved my little girls life twice now. If it wasn't for you we all would have lost her."-Dad. 

"I'll do anything for her."-Liam. Liam and I went upstairs. We cuddled up and watched movies for the rest of the day. I wish I could spend bye rest of my life like this. I love this boy so much. More than ever imaginable. 


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