Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


47. New Years Eve

Teagan's POV 

It's New Years Eve today! We are all going over to the boys house to celebrate. I'm due in two months and I can't wait! Me and Hayley agreed that we are going to make Harry watch the babies a lot so he will know what to so when Aaron comes but we have plenty of time before that! Tonight should be fun it's all the boys, me, Hayley, Perrie, El, and Liam's parents.    I woke up this morning and saw Harry just staring off into space. 
"You okay?" I said rolling over to face him. 
"Huh oh yea fine." He said sounding upset. 
"Babe what's wrong?" I asked as he still looked off in to Lala land.
"Nothing."He rolled over and looked at me and I could still tell something is wrong. 
"Babe please tell me." I said giving him puppy dog eyes. 
"What if I'm a horrible father..." He said looking right at me and I could tell it was really bothering him.
"What do you mean? Your going to be a great father! Why would you think you wouldn't be a great dad?" I said smiling. He still looked upset.
"Because Taylor and Carson scream every time I hold them. I don't know a single thing about a baby. I don't know how to change a diaper or how to rock it to sleep." He looked like he was about to cry. 
"Babe stop. Your going to be a great dad. Don't worry about that a lot of people don't know a lot about babies and you still have two months to practice changing diapers and all that before Aaron comes." I said. He smiled and didn't look as upset. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. 
"You hungry?" He asked as he pulled away from the kiss. 
"Yes!" I yelled and I started to laugh. 
"What?" He asked confused as he got out of bed. 
"That was a stupid question... I'm always hungry I'm pregnant!" I laughed again and so did he. We both got out of bed and went downstairs and he made pancakes! We finished eating and went up to Aaron's sports themed room and did the finishing touches of hanging stuff up for him. I know it's early but I wanted to make sure I could help decorate it so we did it now. For the rest of the day we just relaxed until it was time to go to he boys house. 
***Later that night****
"GUYS ITS ALMOST MIDNIGHT!!!!" Niall yelled as he walked back into the living room after getting more food. We were all in the living room playing games and watching tv. Liam's mom and dad took Taylor and Carson back to their house so they could relax and spend time with us. We all waited until the ball dropped on the tv and screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Harry gave me a kiss and then I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. Then something didn't feel right I felt water to down my leg... what the hell? Oh shit my water just broke I screamed. 
"HARRY!!!! GET IN HERE NOW!!!!!" I started to cry. I saw him and the others come running in. 
"Babe what's wrong?!?" He said running over to me I was bawling my eyes out. 
"M-m-my w-w-water just broke...." I didn't know what to do I just held on to Harry and cried. 
"What... You aren't do for two months you!" Louis said. I just nodded. Harry started to freak out. Hayley stood there in shock and left the room with Liam he was on the phone. 
"We need to get to the hospital now!" Harry yelled. He picked me up and drove me to the hospital as fast he could. We got there and a nurse came running over. 
"What's going on?" She asked looking from me to Harry. 
"Her water just broke she isn't due for another two months though." He said as a tear slipped from his eye. I was rushed into a room and changed into a gown. 
"So you are very early and we need to do a c-section on you immediately." The doctor said. I just nodded and so did Harry. I was rushed into the operating room. 
**Later On*
I was laying in a room holding Harry's we still haven't seen Aaron. We are both really worried and scared. It's been about and hour since Aaron was born then the doctor walked in. Both me and Harry just stared at her waiting for her to talk. 
"Okay so Aaron is doing great for being a premie. The only thing is that since he was born so early you will have to stay here for about 3 days to make sure he can do everything that is necessary to survive. Right now he is showing that he can but he will still need to stay so we can just be sure." She smiled at us and we both smiled. 
"When do we get to see him?" I asked. 
"You can see him now I'll have a nurse bring him in." She smiled and left the room. Harry gave me a hug and a kiss then the nurse walked in. 
"You are very lucky. He is developed the skills to eat already. Most of the time they don't this early so they can't come into the rooms yet." She smiled at us. "Oh well here's everything you will need formula and diapers. For now if you need more just let me know." I nodded and she left the room. Me and Harry both just smiled and looked at Aaron in aww. He was so tiny. He was sleeping then his eyes fluttered open. He looks a lot like Harry. He had green eyes and curly hair but he looked like me too he has blond hair like me. He looked at Harry and smiled. Oh how cute! Harry smiled at me. 
"I told you he would like you!" I said smiling. Harry carefully picked him up. Aaron smiled even more this made Harry smile. Harry's phone started to go off so he handed Aaron to me. Aaron started to smile again. He is such a happy baby! Harry came back in the room and was smiling. 
"Who was that?" I asked. 
"Louis. He wanted to know how everything was and wanted to know if they could come later today to see us." I smiled and looked down at Aaron. I started to get tired so I gave Aaron back to Harry. Aaron started to cry and Harry gave me a worried look. 
"Your fine he's probably hungry." I said. He nodded and made him a bottle. I was watching Harry feed Aaron and play with his fingers when I started to fall asleep. I heard Harry talking to Aaron. 
"Hi Aaron I'm your daddy. I love you so much. Mommy is over there and she loves you a lot too. We are both so happy you are here." I smiled and thought about Harry and Aaron. Harry is going to be a great dad I can already tell. 

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