Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


42. Meeting The Payne's

Hayley's POV
I woke up to Liam poking my face. I opened my eyes and looked confused. 
"Can I help you?"-Me. He laughed. 
"Time to get up."-Liam. I pulled the blankets over my head and put the pillow over my face. 
"Come on get up."-Liam. He pulled the blankets off of me and I just curled up into a ball with the pillow over my face still. He ripped the pillow off of my head and I just covered my face with my hands. 
"Get up."-Liam. 
"Are you 5?"-Liam. 
"No? I'm 6."-Me. We both laughed and I sat up. He put the pillow and blankets back on the bed, I was tempted to put them back over me, but I didn't. 
"What time are we leaving?"-Me. 
"Umm... 11, so we'll get there around 1 or 2."-Liam. I nodded. I checked my phone and saw my mom texted me. She keeps asking when she could visit. I called her. 
Mom: Hello?
Me: Hi. When do you want to visit.. You can visit whenever you want, you know that right?
Mom: yes I know. But when are you free?
Me: Anytime, except for this week. 
Mom: Okay.
Me: Why don't you come near Thanksgiving? Teagan and I are making the boys do thanksgiving and you can stay as long as you want. 
Mom: Really? 
Me: Yes mom. You can leave a couple days after Christmas or something. 
Mom: That sounds great. 
Me: Okay, I have to go. Love you. 
Mom: Love you too. 
"What was that about?"-Liam. 
"She's been nonstop asking me when she can come see me so I told her near the holidays. Hopefully the babies will be born before she leaves so she can at least see them."-Me. He nodded. I got up and took a shower. All I could think about was meeting Liam's family. What if they didn't like me? God I need to stop thinking about this. I must have been in the shower for a while because Liam came in asking if I was okay. I got out of the shower and got changed. I put on a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. I didn't put on any make up because I didn't feel like it. Liam and I said bye to everyone then left around 9:30 so we could stop for breakfast. We went to a little diner down the road. Once we got on our way Liam turned the radio on. Nothing good was on so he took my phone and plugged it in. He kept looking at my phone then back at the road so he wouldn't get into a car accident. He put on mirrors by Justin Timberlake. He was obsessed with Justin Timberlake. He put my phone down and grabbed my hand, with the one not on the steering wheel. Once that song ended 'That's My Kind of Night' came on I started laughing. Liam just shook his head. I grabbed my phone and changed it to Cannonball by Lea Michele. I loved this song. The concept was amazing. I was still holding onto Liam's hand but also looking out the window. I drifted off into a sleep for the next hour. I woke up and we had about 45 minutes left. FU by Miley Cyrus just ended and Fight For You by Jason Derulo came on. Once we got to his house we got to the door. Liam knocked then walked in. He put our bags on the floor and yelled. 
"MOM DAD IM HOME!"-Liam I saw a dog running out and jumping up at Liam. Brit. Then Nicola and Ruth walked out of the kitchen they gave me a hug and then gave one to Liam. We all talked until his parents came out. They gave Liam a hug and then his mom started talking to me. 
"I'm Karen. It's nice to finally meet you Liam here talks about you all the time on the phone."-Karen. I laughed and looked at Liam. He just looked away. 
"Don't be embarrassed Liam."-Me. He just started petting Brit again. I laughed. Then his dad came over. 
"I'm Geoff. I'm glad I finally got to meet you."-Geoff. I nodded. 
"Liam take everything to your room."-Karen. He nodded and grabbed everything. I took a bag from his hands he grabbed it away. 
"No I'm carrying them."-Liam. I just shook my head. We walked to his room I sat on his bed while he cleaned up a little. He sat next to me and we just started talking. He stood up and grabbed my hand we walked downstairs and sat on the couches talking to his parents and sisters. 
"Do you guys know the gender of the babies!?"-Ruth. I nodded.
"A girl and a boy."-Liam. Nicola and Ruth were freaking out. I couldn't help but laugh. Neither could Liam. Karen and Geoff said congratulations. They were asking me questions about everything. 
"Are you planning on going to college?"-Karen.
"I'm not going to college but I'm doing it online so I can stay with the babies but also get my education done."-Me. She nodded. We decided to watch movies. Liam picked Toy Story and Nicola picked out The Purge everyone said purge and Liam pouted. 
"Stop it you big baby."-Me. 
"Then stop pouting over a movie."-Me. I laughed along with Nicola and Ruth Liam's parents just smiled. I cuddled up to Liam and every time someone popped up I hid my face in his chest. Liam's mom and sister screamed a couple times which made me jump. I even felt Liam jump a couple times when that movie ended his parents went to bed but the rest of us watched Ted. That movie was amazing. We went to bed right after. We got in his bed and he gave me a kiss. 
"My parents like you a lot."-Liam. 
"I like them too."-Me. He laughed. I fell asleep a few minutes after. I love Liam so much and I'm so happy his family likes me. 

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