Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


55. Make Up

Teagan's POV 

I woke up this morning and everyone was still asleep even the babies so I decided to shower. I walked into the bathroom and got into the shower. I took a quick shower and changed, I put on a pair of sweat pants and one of Harry's sweatshirts. I went back into the room and saw Harry holding my phone and looking pissed off. 
"What's wrong babe?" I asked walking over to the bed. He just looked at me. 
"I don't know ask you boyfriend!" He said. 
"My what? I just asked my fiancé!" I said confused as ever. 
"Your boyfriend. He just called asking if you were still going out tonight with him. Then he said this has been going on for a month. A fucking month really?!" He almost yelled but didn't realizing Aaron was still in the room. 
"I have no idea what your talking about. I don't even talk to any other guys besides the boys. And when would I possibly be able to leave to go on a date with you not knowing you are always with me or I'm with one of the boys or someone. It was probably Zach." 
"Really for all I know he could come to our house when I'm not there and no one else is. Why would you do that?" He yelled. 
"I didn't fucking do anything!" I yelled back. 
"Okay whatever you say." He said rolling his eyes. 
"It was probably fucking Zach! I never would cheat on you. I love you and Aaron! Why the hell would I cheat on you?" I yelled. 
"I have no idea! But whatever blame everything on Zach!" He yelled. 
"You know what I fucking done. I don't blame everything on him! Yesterday you almost killed him you see how I'm like if someone says his name let alone if I see him. You don't want to believe me fine! I'm done!" I screamed. Aaron started to cry. I walked over at picked him up. I took my engagement ring off and threw it at him. He just stood there shocked. "You can have that back!" I screamed. I grabbed Aaron's bag and my keys then walked out of the room and downstairs to the front door. 
"Teagan wait! I don't leave!" He yelled running down the stairs. I just walked out the door and went to mine and Harry's house to get some clothes for both me and Aaron. I called Hayley and she just told me to talk to him hell no! If he wants to fix this than he can not me! I told her I would be at the boys house because I knew Harry would come home because he had no reason to stay there except the boys are there but whatever. I had a key to the guys house so I went there and just cried in the living room because I was so upset he didn't believe me. I played with Aaron for a little while and kept ignoring Harry's phone calls and texts. Them Louis called me... 
Me: Hello
Lou:Tea where are you and Aaron? And why is Harry crying his eyes out right now.
Me: Because someone called my phone I'm guessing Zach and told Harry I had a date with him and I have been seeing him for a month. Then Harry got all mad and told me I was lying and why would I do that to him. He wouldn't believe one thing I said. So I took my ring off threw it at him and left with Aaron. 
Lou:Tea, you know he was just upset he does believe you trust me he is saying it now. Come back and talk to him. 
Me:Um no. He can come talk to me. I did nothing wrong he blamed me so he can come here. I'm at your guys house. 
Lou:Okay. He said he will be there soon. And remember you two are perfect for each other. 
Me:yea I got to go. Bye. Thanks. 
Lou:bye remember what I said. 
I hung up and just threw the phone on the couch. I started to play with Aaron. I thought about what I was going to say to Harry I love him so much I do, but I mean if he won't believe me should we really be together. Stop yes we should you love him and he loves you, he was just worried because of whoever called. I was zoning out while playing with Aaron en the door opened I didn't even bother looking at him. Then Aaron was picked up. I just looked up and saw Louis. I just looked at him confused then saw Harry standing behind him.
"I'm taking Aaron for now..." Louis said then ran out of the house. Harry just stood there looking at me tears forming in his eyes. I was trying not to cry too. 
"Teagan I'm so sorry I should have believed you. I was just upset and confused when he called." He said starting to cry a little. 
"I know but still why would you not believe me?" I said not being able to look him in the eyes knowing I would cry. 
"I told you I was upset and confused. It was a mistake. I'm sorry please forgive me!" He said coming up to me and hugging me. I couldn't stay mad at him. 
"It's fine. I just was upset you wouldn't believe me." I said hugging him back and crying into his arms. 
"Baby stop it's okay. We are fine. I'm sorry I believe you!" He said pulling away for the hug and giving me a kiss. I kissed back and started to calm down a little bit. He pulled away and looked me at me. "Teagan I love you so much. So here!" He said then pulled something out of his pocket, it was my ring. I just put on my hand out and he put it on my finger. I put my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. 
"I love you so much Harry. I don't know what I would do without you." I said. 
"Me either babe." He gave me a kiss in the check. "Now let's go back home and relax." He said. I just looked at him. 
"What about Aaron?" I asked. 
"I already talked to Louis he said he will watch him for he night!" He said smirking. I just smiled. 
"Okay!" He put his arm around me and we walked back to our house. It was nice and quiet without Aaron but it was weird at the same time. The day was spend cuddled up and the couch watching movies. I got a call from Hayley asking how everything was and I told her it was good and she was happy and just said told you everything would be fine. Me and Harry went out for dinner and them went back home to watch more movies. I love him so much. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I didn't have Harry, Aaron and everyone else. I love them all so much. I fell asleep all cuddled up to Harry on the couch. This was the perfect way to end a not so perfect day. 

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