Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


28. Leaving


Teagan's POV

Graduation was last night! It was amazing I'm the valedictorian, my speech went amazing... most important I'm engaged! Harry asked me before graduation so all graduation all I did was stare at my ring. There was drama between Hayley and her dad and Brittany but thats not a surprise. Whatever that is now done and over with. Bye bye high school hello London! Hayley's mom stayed at my house last night since we had to leave the house at like 6 because the plane 8. We got up that morning with every ready to go. It was like 430 in the morning when Hayley started to jump on my bed.
"Noooo! We agreed we were getting up at 5 now leave!"-Me.
"Noooo we have to look good for the paparazzi!"-Hayley
"Fine!"-Me. We got up and Harry started to get ready so we woke the rest of the boys up besides Liam. We ran down the hallway into the living and started to yell to wake the boys up. Hayley decided to bang on the stairs to make it sound like she fell. 
All the boys woke up and ran over to Hayley. Liam went to run down the stairs to check on Hayley when he tripped and fell down the stairs. Hayley jumped up to get out of the way and we both started to laugh. Everyone was so confused. Liam got up and looked so lost. 
"Owww that really hurt!"-Liam
"Maybe you shouldn't have ran down the stairs!"-Hayley
"I thought you fell why would you do that!?"-Liam
"Because we knew that was the only way to wake the boys up!"-Me
"Very funny now you have an hour to get ready before we have to leave can you get ready in that much time?"-Liam
"Yes we can but I don't know about Zayn he has to do his hair you know!"-Me. Everyone laughed.
"I'll be fine now lets go get ready!"-Zayn. 
We all got up and started to get ready. I wore a pair of skinny jeans and a cute tank top. Hayley wore sweats and one of Liam's sweatshirts... so much for looking nice. We said good bye to our moms and left for the airport. We got to the airport and saw tons of fans and paparazzi. We got out of the car grabbed our bags and Harry grabbed on to my waist Liam did the same to Hayley to make sure we didn't get hurt. The boys signed a few autographs while the paparazzi were yelling questions at us. People were calling Hayley names so the boys decided it was time to go inside. We went through all the things we needed to and had a half and hour until the flight left. I decided that I was going to sleep so I laid on Harry's shoulder and we both fell asleep. I woke up to someone grabbing my arm. I saw it was my dad... and just sat there in shock. Hayley tried to make him leave. 
"Shut up Hayley! This isn't any of you business."-My dad.
"Actually it is my business! You have no right to be here!"-Hayley. I just sat there then my dad grabbed my arm and tried to pull me away from Harry.
"What do you want dad go away!"-Me
"You're not going with them you are staying here!"-My dad
"Yes I am! I'm 18 I can leave if I want to! And since when did you care about me!"-Me. I started to cry as my dad tightened his grip on my arm.
"Don't touch her!"-Harry
"Oh look Teagan it's your little boyfriend trying to stand up for you say goodbye to him because this is the last time you'll see him."-My dad. He pulled me off my chair and I fell on the ground. I just sat there in shock as all the memories came back.
"Stop you're not doing this to her again!"-Hayley
"What do you mean again?!?!"-Harry
"Nothing she didn't mean to say that!"-My dad. Security started to come over and took him away. 
"This isn't the end! You'll pay for this!"-My dad. He yelled as he was being taken away. I just sat on the floor crying because of all the memories that came back. The flight got called and we had to board the plane. 
"Babe what did Hayley mean when she said you won't do this again?"-Harry
"I'll just tell everyone on the plane."-Me
We got on the plane and I was still crying. Everyone wanted to know what happened before so I had to tell them.
"Can you tell us now."-Harry
"Yes. When I was little my dad use to always fight with my mom and hit her. He never did that to me until I was about 8. Everyday he would hit me and abuse me for one reason or another. I wasn't even allowed to talk to anyone outside of school. One night when I was 10 I snuck out to go to Hayley's. I got back home and my dad found out the next morning. That morning after I woke up he beat me so much that I was hospitalized for a week and he was sent to jail. That's when my parents got a divorce and he has been in jail until now. I never thought I would see him again."-Me. I just started to cry even harder into Harry's chest. 
"Baby why didn't you tell me?"-Harry
"Because I try to forget about all that... I don't really like thinking about my past."-Me
"I'm sorry babe. I will never let anything happen to you. I promise."-Harry
"Trust us he will never come near you again."-Louis. The rest of the boys nodded in agreement. 
"Thanks guys I don't know what I would do without you."-Me
We talked for a little while but we were all still really tired so I cuddled up next to Harry and fell asleep. I was trying not to think about my dad. So I fell asleep thinking about my future with Harry. I woke up to Hayley shaking me...
"Get up where here!"-Hayley yelled! I woke up and me and Hayley both started to freak out (a good freak out). The plane landed and we all got off the plane there were so many fans and paparazzi more than in America. The boys signed some autographs and Liam and Hayley answered some questions about the babies... Yes now they know there are twins. They asked me and Harry some questions about our engagement. After a while we got our luggage and left for the house. We got there and me and Hayley were in shock the house was huge. 
"Come on babe let's go see your new house!"-Harry. 
"Okay!"-I said. I grabbed Harry and Hayley grabbed Liam and we ran into the house. All the boys were laughing at us but we didn't care. We walked in and the house was huge... Harry and Liam were both laughing at us because we just stood there in shock. We finally came back to reality and they showed us the rest of the house. I put my stuff in mine and Harry's room. I went back down stairs and everyone was in the living room. 
"So I take it you girls liked the house from your reactions earlier..."-Harry. Everyone laughed. 
"Yes I love it!"-Me and Hayley said at the same time.
We talked more about the house and what us girls should do tomorrow. Louis and Zayn said that they would invite El and Perrie over and we could all hang out. We agreed! Another girls day!!! We all just watched TV until we all got tired. I went upstairs to bed. I fell asleep in Harry's arms thinking about how amazing it is to be here and how I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. We were away from all the drama of old friends and family members and that's all that mattered! 

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