Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


2. It all begins.

Teagan's POV

Why are we back here? This is crazy I can't believe this is happening. Liam is holding Hayley's hand and Harry is holding mine. What is going on right now!?! As we walk backstage everything goes silent. Until Louis comes up to us.

"So it's nice to finally see who these boys have been staring at all concert."-Louis. Harry gives Louis the nastiest look ever. 

"Oh..Kay" I said with a laugh. "I'm Teagan and that's Hayley." 

"Well obviously you know who we are."-Harry. 

"And Louis is yet again saying something he shouldn't be."-Liam. 

"It's not my fault you brought them back here!"-Louis. 

"Umm.. What's going on?"-Hayley. 

"We can't let them go anywhere without one of them finding a new friend they are like a lost puppy."-Niall. 

"Guys..stop.."-Harry said with a clenched jaw. 

"Well that was awkward."Louis says under his breath. 

"Why don't we go sit down."-Harry. He started walking to the couch and I followed. Not long after that we were all talking and laughing. All of a sudden Hayley's phone starts ringing. I was talking to Harry and I felt Hayley hit my arm. I turned to look at her and her eyes are wide.

"My dad's calling.. I'll be right back."-Hayley. She gets up and runs out of the room. I just turn and talk to Harry again like nothing happened. 

"What's wrong?"-Harry. 

"Umm her dad's calling. I think we might have to leave."-Me. Hayley came out and gave me a look.  

"We really have to leave now."-Me. 

"Why so soon?"-Harry. 

"My dad is here. We really need to leave."-Hayley. We start to leave, but Harry and Liam grabs our wrists.                                                          

"You can't leave so soon."-Liam. 

"We really have to."-Me. 

"Well at least give us your numbers first.-Harry. Then randomly in the background we hear Louis, Niall and Zayn singing 'Call Me Maybe.' 

"Well I guess if I have to."-Me. 

"Well no need to play hard to get."-Harry. After we give them our numbers Harry grabs me and kisses me. Liam did the same to Hayley. As Niall is in the background whistling. 

My phone starts to ring so I turn away from Harry grab Hayley and run out the door.  We get to the front door only to find out we have a 45 minute wait until her dad actually, is up here. 

Hayley's POV 

We sat on the bench closest to the door for about 15 minutes. I was texting Liam the whole time. I read a text saying; Harry is texting Teagan and she's not getting back. Do you know what's going on? 

I replied saying: Yeah.. She's kind of falling asleep. 

Liam: You are already at your hotel? 

Me: Nope. Still here waiting. 

Liam: Oh we'll come meet you. 

Me: You don't have to. 

"Too late."-Liam. I jumped and looked behind me. 

"You weren't kidding when you said she fell asleep."-Harry. 

"Nope. I'll wake her up."-Me. Teagan was up against my legs. 

"You don't have t.."-Harry. 

"Too late."-Me. I move my legs around and she falls off the bench on to the ground. 

"What the hell!? Why did you do that Hayley!?!!?!??!!?"-Teagan. 

"Harry told me to!"-Me. 

"Harry's not..."-Teagan. 

"I didn't say that."-Harry. As Harry helps Teagan up. Liam leans in to kiss me when Teagan smacks me right in the head... Really hard!! 

"Umm... Teagan and Harry are leaving."-Liam. As I rub my head I see Teagan and Harry walking away. Teagan turned around and yelled. 

"Text me when your dad gets here!"-Teagan. 

"I thought you said she was tired."-Liam. 

"I think it was the floor."-Me. My phone rings and I take it out of my pocket. My dad is calling. I look at Liam and make sure he is quiet. 


Me: Hello?

Dad: I'll be up front in 10 minutes. If you're not out there I'm coming in.

Me: Okay we will. Bye. 


"I have to be outside in 10 minutes. Plus I need to find Teagan."-Me. Liam gets his phone out and I get mine out. I try calling Teagan and Liam tries calling Harry. No answer for either. 

"Crap! Do you have any idea where they are?"-Me. 

"Nope. I called the other guys and they haven't seen them."-Liam. Liam and I get up and start looking for them. We go into the concert area and find them kissing on the stage. We both run up and smack them. 

"What was that for!?"-Harry and Teagan said at the same time. 

"We need to leave. NOW."-Me. 

"5 minutes please?"-Teagan.  

"In like 2 minutes my dad will be in here dragging us out and knowing EVERYTHING!"-Me. She sighs and gets up. We were about to leave when they once again grabbed us. 

"I didn't want to make it this quick but, will you go out with me?"-Liam. 

"Yes, but I need to go."-Me. He gave me a kiss and then I turned to Teagan and Harry.

Of course they were making out. I grabbed her arm and literally dragged her away from him. I don't know what he said to her but I guess it worked. We ran to the front with the boys not far behind. My dad was at the door. He saw us and got back in the car. I started to walk out and soon realized Teagan wasn't so close behind me. She was still talking to them. I told my dad to wait one second and ran inside. 

"What are you doing!? We need to go!"- Me. 

"I had to answer Harry's question..."-Teagan. Then we bolted to the car. 

We got into the car and started texting about what had happened that night. 

"This is crazy! What did he say to you  on the stage?!?!-Teagan

"He asked me out! But we could have got into a lot of trouble if we didn't find you to."-Me

"Sorry I didn't mean for that to happen but that's so cool that he asked you out!"-Teagan

" Yea so what's going on between you and Harry? We saw what was going on so spill!"-Me

She was on her phone obviously texting Harry so I knew she was barely paying attention to what I was saying. 

" What? Oh yea nothing really"-Teagan said with a smirk.

I knew what was going on... 

"You really want to know ok. So after you hit me we just walked away and started talking and laughing. We went to the stage and we're just talking... Then he was like I need to ask you a question. I was like ok... He goes I really like you like a lot. I didn't what to say so I just like looked away he was like oh so you don't really like me so I just kinda..."Teagan

"Kinda what?!?!?!"-Me. I was getting pissed off. 

"I kinda kissed him! He was like oh so you do like me I just blushed and turned away so he just laughed and kissed me again that when you came in looking for us."-Teagan

"Ok and the second time?"-Me 

"Oh yea we'll he was like I need to ask you another question. I just looked at him like ok go ahead? He looked at me and said well I wanted to ask you this before they came in but I know you have to leave so would you go out with me? I said yes and then he just grabbed me and kissed me and then you came over and pulled me away!!"-Teagan

"Well what did you want me to do? Have my dad find us..."-Me

"Well no but still..." -Teagan. After about 5 more minutes of texting, she stopped texting me and only texted Harry. Then randomly I got a text after me trying to make her tell me more. 

"Stop texting me! I'm turning 17 in a month no need for all these questions. Plus, i'm talking to someone more important."-Teagan. Are you kidding me right now!? I texted Liam and told him what was going on. He was surprised that she actually said that. We got to the hotel and I still haven't talked to her. I got out of the car and slammed the door and walked up to the hotel room. I'm definitely not talking to someone i've known forever and says her boyfriend that she met like 2 hours ago is more important than me.. 

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